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New study reveals the word’s mose philanthropic billionaires

11 December 2018
Alliance magazine’s latest study reveals who the world’s most charitable billionaires are, comparing metrics such as their net worth, the amount donated and the percentage of earnings that have been given away over a lifetime. Warren Buffet came out on top with $46 billion donated, $5 billion more than Bill Gates came who came second and donated 46 per cent of his net worth. All billionaires and net worth values are taken from Forbes’ World’s Billionaires …


Investing in Central and Eastern Europe could strengthen entire European economy

10 December 2018
Alliance magazine

The Social Investment Leveraging Index, which was launched at the 14th EVPA conference in Warsaw, indicates that the average budget for venture philanthropy and social investment funds in 2017 was €10.7 million – nine per cent more than the previous year. Only seven per cent of money allocated for this purpose went to Central and Eastern Europe, although it two years ago it was only two percent. While this signals strong social investment potential, this …


Devorah Mayman Patt appointed CEO of Israel Venture Network

9 December 2018
Alliance magazine

The Israel Venture Network (IVN) has announced the appointment of Devorah Mayman Patt as their new CEO. Before joining IVN, Patt …

Practical advice

Support comes in many forms

8 December 2018

FundAction has a few donors. (Too few! Anyone who wants to support European activists, get in touch!) One of these, …


Alliance magazine distribution is now plastic free

7 December 2018
Alliance magazine

Thanks to support from the European Climate Foundation we are happy to announce we have now removed all the plastic …


Unearthing solutions: using data to reach children left behind in the AIDS response

6 December 2018
Corinna Csáky and Jennifer Carpenter

After nearly 40 years of tireless activism, advocacy, funding and research, HIV is no longer the devastating death sentence it …


New report looks at funding against LGBTI communities around the world

5 December 2018
Alliance magazine

A new report by the Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) ‘Religious Conservatism on the Global Stage: Threats and Challenges for LGBTI …


Will Brazilian philanthropy leapfrog the ‘grantmaking phase’ and move directly to an impact investing model?

4 December 2018
Jessica Sklair

In conversation with a foundation director after a recent event on the philanthropy circuit in São Paulo, I mentioned the …

Conference reports

Finding our way to participatory capitalism

3 December 2018
Laura Boyle

Jaqueline Novogratz at the EVPA conference in Warsaw painted a picture of a year key to Poland and beyond. It …


Philanthropy in Canada: A new generation of donors, and social investors

2 December 2018
Association of German Foundations

Interview with Hilary Pearson, President & CEO, Philanthropic Foundations of Canada and Michael Alberg-Seberich, Managing Director, Beyond Philanthropy   Hilary …

Conference reports

Corporate foundations consider risks and opportunities

1 December 2018
James Magowan

DAFNE held its third European Corporate Foundations Knowledge Exchange, in association this year with Assifero, in Italy, hosted by Fondazione Sicilia. …