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Stand with leaders shifting the power (even from you)

21 February 2020
John Hecklinger

It’s critical we learn how to truly engage and work with leaders flipping power dynamics even if it means dismantling our own systems of power. Yesterday in Tijuana, Mexico, we kicked off a major conference on Gender, Childhood, and Youth on the Move in collaboration with Espacio Migrante, Fondo Semillas, Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres, the Seattle International Foundation, and the International Community Foundation. The opening panel featured voices of powerful migrant women mobilizing for justice …


African Development Bank approves $1 million grant to stem Ebola transmission in Uganda

20 February 2020
Alliance magazine

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has released a $1 million grant to help tackle an outbreak of the Ebola virus in Uganda. The grant to support Uganda’s National Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) Preparedness and Response Plan, was approved in January. Funds have been disbursed through the World Health Organization (WHO), which is the implementing agency. The grant follows a request by the Government of Uganda to the African Development Bank to support the country’s efforts …


Jeff Bezos launches $10 billion Earth Fund to fight climate change

19 February 2020
Alliance magazine

Jeff Bezos has pledged $10 billion in grants through the ‘Bezos Earth Fund’ initiative to fight the impacts of climate …


Register to attend the next Alliance Breakfast Club: #IndigenousPhilanthropy

18 February 2020
Alliance magazine

Alliance magazine will be hosting our next Breakfast Club at the Museum of London to discuss Indigenous Philanthropy. Indigenous Peoples …


Lloyds Bank Foundation announce three new appointments to the board

17 February 2020
Alliance magazine

Lloyds Bank Foundation has appointed three new charity leaders as trustees – Darren Knight Chief Executive at Bolton CVS, Kamran …

Conference reports

Let’s tell the story, not whisper it

16 February 2020
Polina Nyukhina

In January 2020 I was honoured to represent Ukraine in PEXForum 2020 – 30 hours of interaction with like-minded people, …

Conference reports

Break free of the philanthropy echo-chamber to shine a light on invisible power

15 February 2020
Gabriela Cervera

Like many people, I feel most comfortable with numbers and objective analysis, I like simple yes and no questions, and …

Conference reports

Curation helps us make sense of the world, but not without its challenges

14 February 2020
Alisha Miranda

Curation has become ubiquitous in our lives, reaching its conceptual tentacles far outside the gallery walls: Our music choices are …


Could communities for impact be the game-changer in creating system change?

13 February 2020
Anne Merkle

Communities, networks and movements working toward social and environmental impact are stepping into the spotlight more and more. From the …

Conference reports

How can power-shifting philanthropy learn from power-shifting programmes?

12 February 2020
Gemma Graham

When a philanthropist takes a power-shifting approach to deciding who, when and how to donate then the impact of that …


We all need to breathe: how philanthropy can act now to tackle air pollution

11 February 2020
Liz McKeon

Last week, I took part in an air quality meeting in Delhi co-hosted by the newly launched India Climate Collaborative …