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Endowments and foundations embrace ESG investing

3 December 2022
Sponsored by Mercer and Mark Longbottom

But not-for-profit investors face a range of additional considerations For trustees of endowments and foundations, constructing a portfolio that delivers on objectives while enduring the ups and downs of financial markets is a task requiring a clear focus on long-term investment horizons. Increasingly, trustees are turning to the opportunities presented by sustainable investment strategies, aligning the ethos of long-term investing with the wills and ambitions of the endowment or foundation. Today more than ever, not-for-profit …


Too little, too late? The growing urgency for philanthropic leadership

2 December 2022
Leslie Johnston

Last year, in the wake of COP26, I recognized the fact that it was philanthropy’s ‘extraordinary moment‘. And indeed, we saw a number of pledges being made, where philanthropy was a quiet catalyst (as with the launch of the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance) or a more active driver (as with the Global Methane Pledge). A year later, I fear we, as a sector, have not risen to the challenge. To exacerbate the situation, our job …


Reimagining how we see ourselves: decolonisation and the arts

1 December 2022
Alison Guzmán

What is the role of art and cultural heritage when it comes to decolonizing philanthropy? Why is it important to freely access our cultural patrimony in these changing times? The public is increasingly learning online and interfacing with digital forms of cultural heritage. Hundreds and thousands of images are saved and downloaded for safekeeping, telling stories, and sharing collections. As access to digital products become readily available, the question remains at hand: How should the …


7 habits of highly participatory donors & NGOs

30 November 2022
Emily Sullivan, YET4H, We Trust You(th), Copper Rose Zambia, CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality, Green Girls Platform, IYAFP and ¿Y yo, por qué no? por qué no?

Ready to improve your work with young people? This is for you! Many donors and NGOs have the intention of working more collaboratively with young people. These intentions have been demonstrated through consensus statements, challenges, research, tools, and pooled funding mechanisms. As young people running youth-led organizations and as ‘aged-out’ (over 30) youth partnership advisors, we’ve helped develop and promote these efforts. However, we know this isn’t the real work. At best, these are signs …

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Investing in innovation is worth the risk

29 November 2022
Katie Carrasco

The theme that stayed with me following this year’s Asia Philanthropy Congress was that of innovation’s pivotal role in driving …


What feminist collective leadership has to offer philanthropy in these times

29 November 2022
Sofía Marcía, Lorena Medina and Terry de Vries

These are not easy times to lead in our sector. From migration to climate to democracy, we face interconnected global …

Conference reports

Catalytic capital: the big picture

28 November 2022
Peter Cafferkey

At EVPA’s upcoming Brussels Impact Week (sadly now sold out!) we have a powerhouse panel representing 4 continents and over …


Seven years of CSR in India – disruptive yet evolutionary

28 November 2022
Srikrishna Sridhar Murthy

The CSR law in India has seen not only an increase in corporate giving but development in the strategic deployment …


Building power in communities

27 November 2022
Cassie Robinson

It feels like it’s been quiet in UK funder land in relation to tech. It may just be that I …


Fortify young minds; invest in youth mental health

25 November 2022
Theodoros Chronopoulos

Mental health is just as important as physical health. But it’s rarely treated that way. Particularly for young people – …


Flood relief and beyond: how to build and sustain communities amid a deepening climate crisis

24 November 2022
Murtaza Hashwani

Geo-political issues, rise in commodity and energy prices, exacerbating debt problems and finally the devastation of floods – the people …

Conference reports

The power of Philanthropies at COP27

23 November 2022
Alice Amorim

I arrived at COP27 with a lot of excitement and questions. Our goals there were very clear. We wanted to: …


Family businesses’ personal philanthropy is crucial to rebuilding India

23 November 2022
Deval Sanghavi

Despite progress over the last decade, many vulnerable groups continue to be trapped in the clutches of poverty, hunger, and …