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Fintech is part of Africa’s green transition

17 May 2022
Christina Luke

As Africa prepares for some of the worst effects of climate change, could innovations that merge fintech and climate solutions help the continent accelerate to its sustainable development goals? Time is no one’s friend in the fight against climate change, especially not Africa. As the continent continues to warm faster than the rest of the world, Africa’s poverty reduction rate remains the slowest globally, magnifying economic vulnerabilities for millions of Africans in the coming years.  …


Philanthropy in Latin America and the Caribbean: engaging with governments and including new voices

16 May 2022
Maria Eugenia Páez G. and Naira Bonila

Philanthropy in Latin America and the Caribbean is at a critical juncture: while local philanthropy is consolidated as a key actor to achieve the common good in society, civic space and the enabling environment for philanthropy and the non-profit sector is being reduced. If the non-profit sector does not have an enabling environment that allows its operation, the work we do in different sectors such as philanthropy and international cooperation, among others, will not have …


Africa only halfway to achieving SDGs by 2030

15 May 2022
Alliance magazine

According to the just-released Africa Sustainable Development Report, Africa is only halfway towards achieving the SDG goals and targets by 2030. Policymakers and civil society must recalibrate policies and programs if the Global SDGs are to be achieved by 2030 or Africa to meet the goals of Agenda 2063. The crises of the last several years, including the pandemic as well as conflict and climate disasters, have had an outsize impact on progress – a recent …


CAF America appoints new board chair

14 May 2022
Alliance magazine

As philanthropic leaders and donors gathered to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CAF America, the organisation announced Char Mollison as the new board chair. ‘Char steps into her new role at a pivotal time in CAF America’s history; with 30 years of cross-border giving under our belt and reaching the milestone of granting over $2.5 billion in donor funds since the beginning of our organization, her leadership is going to position us for record successes …

Conference reports

In praise of philanthropy

13 May 2022
Stephanie Koopmann

Before we criticize active funders for their imperfect philanthropy, let us also activate those amongst us who care about issues …

Conference reports

Clarity, convergence, voice: philanthropy’s emerging after-war paradigm

12 May 2022
Maximilian Martin

On 25-28 April, Fondation de France and the University of Geneva, Centre for Philanthropy, hosted a three-day seminar, titled ‘a …


Report: How donors can help Ukrainian refugees who are at increased trafficking risk

11 May 2022
Alliance magazine

People fleeing the war in Ukraine, mainly women and children, are extremely vulnerable to an increased risk of sexual and …


What practicing corporate law taught me about philanthropy

10 May 2022
Conniel Malek

I walked away from the corporate world after a decade of practicing law at a multinational business, and I never …


Funders and charities should be equal players in a collective effort

9 May 2022
Ben Cairns and Kamna Muralidharan

In response to recent exchanges in Alliance magazine about the nature and efficacy of trust based philanthropy, we join the …


Business of Philanthropy: Shayma Al Sabah

8 May 2022
Alliance magazine

In a recent episode of the Business of Philanthropy, Badr Jafar, Emirati philanthropist and Founding Patron of the Centre for …


Call to funders: Support democracy by investing $6bn in feminist movements

7 May 2022
Alliance magazine

A new report from Shake the Table and The Bridgespan Group has highlighted the untapped potential of feminist movements, calling …


Chronicle of Philanthropy to become nonprofit organisation

6 May 2022
Alliance magazine

Chronicle of Philanthropy, a publication that reports on the American philanthropy sector, has announced plans to become an independent nonprofit …


Funding programme will support feminist, community activists in Latin America

5 May 2022
Alliance magazine

Community, feminist, and transgender-led NGOs based in Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru, working to respond to risks and challenges …