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Dr Bhekinosi Moyo appointed director of the Africa Centre for Philanthropy at Wits Business School

19 August 2018
Alliance magazine

Dr Bhekinkosi Moyo has been appointed as Adjunct Professor at Wits Business School, tasked with establishing a new Africa Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment (ACPSI). ‘In Africa, it is uniquely befitting that philanthropy be studied alongside social investment,’ says Dr Moyo. ‘The private sector is a key player as an engine for economic growth and as is normally the case, philanthropy gets its financial muscle from this sector. It will be the role of …


The (continuing) enigma of Kaspar Hauser

18 August 2018
Andrew Milner

Most of us (by ‘us’ I loosely mean those who are steadily employed in the philanthropy sector) are not poor, but we write and talk about poverty. Many of us are middle-aged or beyond, but we write and talk about young people. We cudgel our brains to understand social movements and how to reach them, while our thought processes and behaviour patterns were formed by, and are attuned to, the structure of institutions. No wonder …

What could your grantees do with a full-time person for 6 months?

17 August 2018
Chris Man

In calls for proposals from donors it is not uncommon to see application forms ask questions like; ‘Describe how you …


Alliance magazine launch blog dedicated to practical advice

16 August 2018
Alliance magazine

Do you have tips, guidance or knowledge which philanthropy practitioners and organisations could use to maximise their impact? Alliance magazine …

How philanthropy can support the growth of data for social good

15 August 2018
Kendra Schreiner and Jordan Junge

We often hear about the potential (and actual) perils of big data and emerging technologies – large privacy breaches, public …


New report shares insights on global giving by U.S Foundations

14 August 2018
Alliance magazine

A new report released today by the Council on Foundations and Foundation Center reveals that global giving by U.S. foundations …


What surprised us (and what didn’t) about U.S. Foundations’ Global Giving

14 August 2018
Natalie Ross, Lauren Bradford and Inga Ingulfsen

Today the Council on Foundations and Foundation Center launched, The State of Global Giving by US Foundations: 2011-2015, featuring a …


Creating pathways for philanthropy in the SDGs: Perspectives from Ghana

13 August 2018
Isaac Ofosu Debrah

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent an unrivalled opportunity to deliver high quality development results and philanthropy is already playing …


World’s first Development Impact Bond to improve quality education in India surpasses targets

12 August 2018
Alliance magazine

The world’s first Development Impact Bond (DIB) to support the enrolment out-of-school girls and improve quality education in remote, rural …


Is money evil? A social integration story without money

11 August 2018
Rana Kotan

In Turkish philanthropy, a few foundations (among more than five thousand) managed to go beyond charity by channeling their philanthropic …


Philanthropy needs all the help it can get

10 August 2018
Barry Knight

It is good to see that the Alliance Special Feature on ‘Philanthropy’s Developers’ pays homage to some of the pioneers …