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Time for Nigeria’s ultra-wealthy to get behind climate change philanthropy

29 November 2021
Adetokunbo Abiola

Nigeria ranks as the fifty-eighth most vulnerable and the twenty-second least ready nation to adapt to the threats of climate change, a degree of unpreparedness which was already in evidence in the confusion following the drying up of Lake Chad, which shrank to 1,500 square kilometres from over 40,000 square kilometres four decades ago. While many Nigerians recognise this – and while a number of philanthropic organisations are engaged in climate change activities – wealthy …


Smaller foundations have structural advantage in some areas, finds report

27 November 2021
Alliance magazine

While smaller foundations may be constrained by limited resources, capacity, or time – they have an advantage when it comes to pursuing ambitious practice because they can be more agile. This finding was published in a new report, out this week, from the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), which focused on the benefits of small foundations when it comes to pursuing ambitious and effective practice and achieving impact in pursuit of their mission. Smaller foundations can …

Conference reports

Calls for global approaches grow louder, but how can we unlock them?

26 November 2021
Zibran Choudhury

During EVPA Impact Month, the impact community came together to learn, share and connect with other players across the globe to maximise their social impact. Alliance magazine attended a discussion examining how four philanthropy networks in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America have come together to provide the opportunity for investors to drive change across borders. Carolina Suarez of Latimpacto, Naina Batra of AVPN, Frank Aswani of AVPA and Roberta Bosurgi of EVPA shared practical …

Conference reports

Philanthropy is no longer a corporate tick-box

26 November 2021
Mapaseka Mokwele

Philanthropy has always been treated as a ‘nice to have’ and not so much a ‘must have’. Many corporates have done their social responsibility interventions mostly as a ‘tick-box’ within their family or corporate foundations (and or disciplines) and not so much an essential, conscientious response to the societal challenges around them. This has been evident mostly where certain donations, be they monetary or in assets, have either been underutilised or completely deemed off the …

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How unrestricted should funding be?

25 November 2021
Hugh Davidson

INGOs prefer unrestricted funds, often for good reasons. For funders this can feel like: ‘Just give us the money and …


How can endowments and foundations protect portfolios against rising inflation?

24 November 2021
Texas Hemmaplardh

This article is advertiser content paid for by Mercer, © 2021 Mercer LLC. All rights reserved. Inflation is a great …


Reasonably expecting more from philanthropy

23 November 2021
Dumiso Gatsha

There are days when I find myself crying for no reason. I would normally have difficulty breathing, trying to gather …


Corporate giving in Pakistan increased by 15% during pandemic, finds report

22 November 2021
Alliance magazine

A new report from the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy found that between 2019-20, donations from the corporate sector increased by …


Community-scale missions need all sectors working together

21 November 2021
Cassie Robinson

At the end of June this year, we announced a new funding and support programme – a pilot partnership between …


Solidarity for Palestinian civil society from 100+ global philanthropies

20 November 2021
Alliance magazine

In an open letter, more than 100 global foundations and donors have expressed solidarity with Palestinian civil society, after six …


Putting a stop to child sexual abuse before it occurs

19 November 2021
Seán Coughlan and Douglas Griffiths

The Covid-19 pandemic has put many children at risk of sexual abuse. School closures and lockdown measures confined some with …


Demanding healthy, sustainable and just food environments

18 November 2021
Chris Gee

How could our food system transform to maximise planetary, human, and animal wellbeing? The problem. Our food system is incompatible …


UK foundation giving to environmental causes is on the up, but still a drop in the ocean

17 November 2021
Florence Miller and Patricia Cremona

After years of little change, annual giving from UK foundations for environmental work nearly doubled between 2015/16 and 2018/19, a …