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Does your philanthropy suffer from a scarcity mindset?

24 July 2021
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Take this short quiz to find out. It’s philanthropy’s Achilles heel. Foundation leaders, donors, professional athletes, corporate executives – all philanthropists – want to be good caretakers of their charitable wealth. They want their assets and profits to grow, so there’s more wealth to give. They also want to reduce their philanthropic costs and save money, so there’s more left to give to the causes they care about. Seems good, right? Wrong. In their altruistic …


Awards recognise innovative work responding to natural disasters in Asia

23 July 2021
Alliance magazine

A Singapore-based organisation, EcoWorth Tech, and the Simson Center from the United States have been announced as winners of the 2021 SAFE STEPS Disaster Tech Awards. The Awards, organised by the Prudence Foundation and the International Federation of Red Cross, recognise the essential role that technology plays in protecting and saving lives before, during, and after natural disaster events. The innovative oil spill recovery programme and dam water level monitoring solutions have each received a …

Practical advice

Grantmaking reform is up for grabs; here’s how to make it stick

21 July 2021
Gemma Bull and Tom Steinberg

The cat is out of the bag, and the horse has long since bolted. The fact that the profession of grantmaking needs reform is now no longer a secret whispered at the edges of conferences – it’s an open secret.  The question now is ‘What needs to be done?’  To answer this, we spoke with many inspiring grantmakers while developing our new book Modern Grantmaking. People getting their funding organisations to take issues like power …


‘Sustainability’ in the time of climate crisis

20 July 2021
Anna Wallich

Sustainability has always been central to the Maanch message. As an organisation, we’ve been deep in thought about building back better from Covid-19, the climate crisis and its wider implications and COP26. But it’s not just us who are paying attention. Recent events, most topically US President Biden’s recent Earth Day Climate Summit and ambitious climate pledge seem to signify a real turning point in attitudes towards climate action and sustainable living. What with wildfires in Australia and America, the Amazon rainforest burning, David Attenborough’s A …

Conference reports

The sector that cried wolf?!

19 July 2021
Lev Fejes

It is the understatement of the year to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on our …


Business of Philanthropy: The Tony Elumelu Foundation founder Tony O. Elumelu

18 July 2021
Alliance magazine

In a recent episode of the Business of Philanthropy, Badr Jafar, Emirati philanthropist and Founding Patron of the Centre for …


Heading for the Exit? 5 considerations for funders from collective conversations

17 July 2021
Sharon Bissell, Michael Jarvis and Richard Christel

Funder exits are inevitable – whether as a result of a foundation’s strategic realignment, a shift in priority countries, budget …


£50m for Black, minority communities in new partnership

16 July 2021
Alliance magazine

The National Lottery Community Fund and The Ubele Initiative, on behalf of The Phoenix Way Partners, announced a new £50 …


We need nothing short of an overhaul to our global health system: Priti Krishtel on vaccine equity

15 July 2021
Alliance magazine

Priti Krishtel (@pritikrishtel) is a co-founder and a co-executive director of the Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge (@IMAKGlobal). She …


Incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into work with charities, philanthropists, and funders

15 July 2021
Angela Kail

As many charities have done, at NPC we have been thinking about how to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) …


Philanthropy must act to transform global food systems

14 July 2021
Alliance magazine

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has launched a report calling the philanthropy community to action when it …


Fundación Santa María la Real on reducing their carbon footprint in Spain

13 July 2021
Alliance magazine and International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change

People, landscape and heritage are the pillars that inform the work of Fundación Santa María la Real in Spain. Created …


Act now or the future will be artless

12 July 2021
Laura Merage

I don’t remember art hanging on the walls of my childhood home in Iran. I learned later in life that …