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Small initiatives can create huge impact

14 October 2018
Jasper Snoek

What would you do without your smartphone these days? We depend on it for so many activities. But not everyone is aware of how their smartphone is produced. Our phones hold a complex story of the hundreds of people who helped make it. Fairphone wants to tell that story, and positively impact the way phones are made, used and recycled. More than a smartphone, the Fairphone is a global campaign for fair materials, good working …


Britain has lost the EU but its foundations may yet find a role

13 October 2018
Max Rutherford

This week, at a meeting in the European Parliament between national foundation associations from across Europe, MEPs and officials from the European Committee, philanthropy was rightly described as ‘civil society’s treasure’. Philanthropy, it was said, has an important role to play in any number of fields, including research, conservation, the arts, fostering social harmony, promote justice and democratic inclusion. The meeting sought to engage senior figures within the EU with concepts of institutional philanthropy (principally …


Does franchising belong in social enterprise?

12 October 2018
Décio Emanuel

As social entrepreneurs, we’ve all been guilty of believing that our idea, business model, and social impact model are unique. …


TUSEV calls for tax and legal changes to stimulate third sector growth

11 October 2018
Alliance magazine

The existing tax system ‘makes it difficult for foundations and associations to operate and grow; discourages establishment of new organizations …

Ten things that need to happen for social investment to thrive in Central and Eastern Europe

10 October 2018
Nicole Etchart and Roxana Damaschin-Tecu

It has been 21 years since NESsT was launched in Budapest, Hungary. Our value proposition was that socially driven enterprises …


Legal entity status signals new era for DAFNE

9 October 2018
Alliance magazine

The Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) has become an international non-profit association or AISBL in Belgium. The move …


Income for development sector grows 59 per cent in ten years

8 October 2018
Alliance magazine

A report launched today by Bond, has found that overall income for 305 of its members grew by 59 per …


New report on how funders can engage in participatory grantmaking

7 October 2018
Alliance magazine

New research released by GrantCraft, a free service of Foundation Center, explores how funders can cede decision-making power about funding …


Not all social enterprises are the same

6 October 2018
Andrew Milner

In Amitabh Behar’s recent Philanthropy Thinker column, he sees – and deplores – the rise of a new form of …


Chandler Foundation appoints Tim Hanstad as CEO

5 October 2018
Alliance magazine

The Chandler Foundation has announced the appointment of award winning social entrepreneur Tim Hanstad as its CEO. Tim Hanstad, will …


European Edition of Global Philanthropy Environment Index released

4 October 2018
Alliance magazine

To celebrate the European Day of Foundations and Donors 2018, the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy in collaboration …