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Donors are not investing in a resilient civil society in Latin America, but philanthropy bodies stand out

26 December 2019
Clara Bosco

These last years have marked the tipping point of a growing disconnect between citizens and public institutions in Latin America. There is a wide array of reasons for this: almost 65% of Latin Americans live in poverty or vulnerability with inequality rising in the region. In the meantime, education, health care and justice institutions, to mention a few, are weakening, deteriorating basic social services; corruption remains a big challenge and extremist and anti-rights movements are gaining power. Popular discontent has manifested …


We tried to see whether charities’ admin costs correlate to their effectiveness, and you won’t believe what happened next

16 December 2019
Caroline Fiennes and Shruti Patel

Many people believe that charities waste money on ‘administration’, and hence that the best charities spend little on administration. Some people even take a strong form of this view, that the best charities are by definition those which spend least on administration, i.e., you can tell how good a charity is just by looking at their admin costs. It’s nonsense. As Michael Green, co-author of Philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save The World says: ‘A bad …


Is philanthropic crowdfunding a growing industry?

5 December 2019
Claire van Teunenbroek

What are the characteristics and recent developments of crowdfunding worldwide? Crowdfunding markets have experienced a severe growth in recent years; …


An elegant blueprint: How an ecological paradigm can advance transformative justice

14 November 2019
Kiley Arroyo

‘People normally cut reality into compartments, and so are unable to see the interdependence of all phenomena. To see one …


FOCUS: Philanthropy – A snap shot of how foundations across Europe create positive stories in people’s lives

1 October 2019
Hanna Stähle

‘I don’t look like most Slovak women, but my otherness is not essential. What is important is what kind of …


Philanthropy’s social compact in a changing world

12 September 2019
Olga Tarasov

Trust in philanthropy is eroding. Widening inequality is contributing to public fears and anxiety about the roles various types of …


Map 13: A guide to chart the future course of philanthropy

5 August 2019
Pedro Portela

In his 2012 book, ‘A History of the World in Twelve Maps’, Jerry Brotton takes the reader through a tour …


The UK’s super rich are shunning philanthropy

30 July 2019
Luke Michael

Just one in 10 of the UK’s wealthiest people are regularly giving to charity, according to new research. A report from the …


Diversity in foundations: experiences from both sides of the 2027 programme

20 July 2019
Katie Boswell and Fatima Asif

Katie Boswell, NPC’s Deputy Head of Funders When I first heard about the 2027 programme, it sounded truly exciting (if …


Shifting the power: when it comes to women’s rights it’s not (just) what you fund, it’s how and who you fund

12 June 2019
Rebecca Hanshaw and Claire Hickson

Against a backdrop of growing global threats to women’s rights, we are also witnessing a profound moment for progress. Women …


Socrates’ recipe for systems change: know thyself

15 April 2019
Priscilla Boiardi and Alessia Gianoncelli

Systems change calls for more collaboration among public, private and civil society actors. But how can you collaborate if you’re …