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Navigating the challenges of funding in and around the global commercial sex industry

27 June 2022
Emily Nielsen Jones

Is the sex industry an empowering human right to be legalised and mainstreamed? Or patriarchal sexual exploitation? About ten years ago, I went on one of my first donor trips with a group of women to Turkey. I stumbled upon an issue I’d hoped might fade away – an enthusiastic celebration of commercial ‘sex work’ framed as empowerment and a fundamental human right that should be normalized, mainstreamed, and fully legalised. As a feminist, mother …


In parched Zimbabwe, experts fear that new PVO law will curtail food aid

23 June 2022
Andrew Mambondiyani

Zimbabwe is grappling with severe droughts that have left millions of people food insecure, forcing many farmers to depend on both local and international philanthropic organisations for food. The country has suffered from numerous serious climate change droughts in the past decade, with the most recent drought stretching from 2018 through 2020 leaving more than half of the country’s population in need of food aid. However, while the droughts have created a significant need for …


Fintech is part of Africa’s green transition

17 May 2022
Christina Luke

As Africa prepares for some of the worst effects of climate change, could innovations that merge fintech and climate solutions help the continent accelerate to its sustainable development goals? Time is no one’s friend in the fight against climate change, especially not Africa. As the continent continues to warm faster than the rest of the world, Africa’s poverty reduction rate remains the slowest globally, magnifying economic vulnerabilities for millions of Africans in the coming years.  …


Philanthropy in Latin America and the Caribbean: engaging with governments and including new voices

16 May 2022
Maria Eugenia Páez G. and Naira Bonila

Philanthropy in Latin America and the Caribbean is at a critical juncture: while local philanthropy is consolidated as a key actor to achieve the common good in society, civic space and the enabling environment for philanthropy and the non-profit sector is being reduced. If the non-profit sector does not have an enabling environment that allows its operation, the work we do in different sectors such as philanthropy and international cooperation, among others, will not have …


Green growth: Environmental philanthropy in China

2 May 2022
Angel Chiang

While China has achieved momentous success in expanding its economy and generating wealth over the last decade, this has come …


Village to global village: Making sense of impact, ESG, and other ‘good’ ideas

18 April 2022
Farahnaz Karim

Impact at the village level In my first ‘field posting’ as a United Nations Volunteer, I remember (as if it …


Intersectional environmentalism: How foundations simultaneously address race and climate

4 April 2022
Jake Safane

Conserving natural spaces. Cleaning up waterways. Reducing the use of fossil fuels. At first glance, all of these areas may …


An unexpected impact from Russia’s Ukraine offensive? Philanthropy’s football moment

4 March 2022
Charles Keidan

News from the football world spilled over into philanthropy last week when Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich announced that ‘stewardship and …


Philanthropy with Chinese characteristics: through the lens of health

24 February 2022
Ruth Shapiro and Vincent Cheng

China is rapidly becoming one of the most philanthropic nations in the world. While it is impossible to know with …


Zimbabwe philanthropists urged to invest more in resilience to severe droughts

22 February 2022
Andrew Mambondiyani

Over the past two decades, rain-fed agriculture has increasingly become unattainable in Zimbabwe as frequent and severe droughts continue to …


Are funders overlooking incarcerated women and girls?

7 February 2022
Sabrina Mahtani

Over one million women are controlled by the criminal justice system and over 741,000 women are in prison worldwide. Globally, …


What’s ahead? Predictions for philanthropy in 2022 and beyond

25 January 2022
Rhodri Davies

It feels, right now, as if the only real certainty is uncertainty. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to …


Data and insight-driven global philanthropy has never been more important

6 January 2022
Ted Hart

As we approach the end of 2021 and the two-year anniversary of the first Covid-19 lockdowns, it’s difficult not to …