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Innovative new intermediaries add to the picture of philanthropy in Brazil

3 September 2018
Leonardo Letelier and Luiza Serpa

‘Caroline, I think you missed a couple of things in your last working paper …’ ‘Oh, did I? Good, excellent opportunity for you to address it – like, in a blog post!’ ‘Oh dear, what did I get myself into …’ That is more or less how this post was born. Leonardo was savouring Caroline Hartnell and Andrew Milner’s Philanthropy in Brazil paper and thought that it could use some extra spice. Let us start off by stating …


Partnering with Latin American civil society to make an impact

29 August 2018
Gastón Chillier

A few weeks ago, the latest edition of The State of Global Giving by U.S. Foundations was released. The report reveals that global giving by U.S. foundations increased by 29 per cent from 2011 to 2015, with international giving reaching an all-time high of $9.3 billion in 2015. Latin America, however, did not benefit substantially from that generosity. The region received just 7.7 per cent of international grant dollars in that five-year period and data …


US Foundations’ Global Giving: Implications for Latin America’s development sector and philanthropy?

28 August 2018
Guayana Paez-Acosta

Earlier this month the Council on Foundations and Foundation Center launched The State of Global Giving by US Foundations: 2011-2015 …


Research highlights untapped potential of diaspora philanthropy

27 August 2018
Maggie Coggan

Charities need to form stronger and ‘better relationships’ with multicultural diaspora groups, in order to unlock their philanthropic potential, a …


What surprised us (and what didn’t) about U.S. Foundations’ Global Giving

14 August 2018
Natalie Ross, Lauren Bradford and Inga Ingulfsen

Today the Council on Foundations and Foundation Center launched, The State of Global Giving by US Foundations: 2011-2015, featuring a …


Philanthropy needs all the help it can get

10 August 2018
Barry Knight

It is good to see that the Alliance Special Feature on ‘Philanthropy’s Developers’ pays homage to some of the pioneers …


The Future of Philanthropy part three: a growing philanthropic oligarchy

2 August 2018
James Alexander

In terms of creating more philanthropic impact, two cross-cutting ideas surfaced repeatedly in the Future of Philanthropy report – digital …


The Future of Philanthropy part two: The rise in south-south and faith-based giving

26 July 2018
James Alexander

In part one of my blog series on the Future of Philanthropy report I discussed the three interconnected drivers of …


The Future of Philanthropy part one: Power, Knowledge and Trust

18 July 2018
James Alexander

No one can predict the future, but we can all become better informed about it. Doing so enables us to …


Brazil, philanthropy and inequality

11 July 2018
Fernando Rossetti

A foundation leader once approached me proposing that we invite Bill Gates to launch the Giving Pledge in Brazil. I told him …


Awakening the beast: US non-profits eye FARA legislation with concern

6 July 2018
Andrew Milner

A long-dormant piece of US legislation is threatening cross-border giving and causing anxiety in the non-profit sector. The Foreign Agents …