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Integrating evidence and experience

26 September 2022
Robbie Gregorowski, Zand Craig, Ly Nguyen and Savi Mull

How a new approach to monitoring and evaluation can make sense of complex projects Building the foundation for results, sense-making and learning ‘Demonstrating real world impact can be an elusive holy grail for most NGO programme monitoring. Collaboration with Sophoi to develop the #BuildingLife RSL system has taken us a big step forward in our journey to achieving that.’ The more we draw from evidence and experience, the better we can understand and refine our …


Porn is an un-recognised link in the harm chain of the commercial sex industry

23 September 2022
Gail Dines

There has been a highly successful public relations campaign by the porn industry to dissociate itself from other aspects of the commercial sex industry, especially trafficking and prostitution. The goal of creating this (false) distinction is to legitimize the pornography industry as a law-abiding enterprise that is not only respectable but even glamorous and empowering for women. This disguises what it really is: filmed prostitution that is often coercive and abusive for the female performers, …


Philanthropy is a model of preservation, not transformation. Here’s how to change that

8 September 2022
Derek A Bardowell

When entrepreneur Yvonne Field, founder of the Ubele Initiative, told me where her grounding as an activist came from, two things stood out. First, she learned from her elders, like campaigner Mavis Best, and she was involved in the Anti-Apartheid Movement. Through this, Yvonne discovered, among many things, the importance of communities taking the lead, sacrifice, laughter and joy, and belief. Imagine if institutional philanthropy (charitable trusts, corporate foundations, etc.) adopted similar principles. Imagine if …


People showed they care. Where do we go from here?

25 July 2022
Birce Altay

For the first time in 16 years, the amount donated to organizations in Turkey, including CSOs, surpassed all other donations, according to the results of the Individual Giving and Philanthropy in Turkey 2021 Report. This is major change is telling – but it also brings an important question to the table: how do we transform this change into a consistent choice? Individual giving has always been an important part of the philanthropic practices in Turkey, …


Navigating the challenges of funding in and around the global commercial sex industry

27 June 2022
Emily Nielsen Jones

Is the sex industry an empowering human right to be legalised and mainstreamed? Or patriarchal sexual exploitation? About ten years …


In parched Zimbabwe, experts fear that new PVO law will curtail food aid

23 June 2022
Andrew Mambondiyani

Zimbabwe is grappling with severe droughts that have left millions of people food insecure, forcing many farmers to depend on …


Fintech is part of Africa’s green transition

17 May 2022
Christina Luke

As Africa prepares for some of the worst effects of climate change, could innovations that merge fintech and climate solutions …


Philanthropy in Latin America and the Caribbean: engaging with governments and including new voices

16 May 2022
Maria Eugenia Páez G. and Naira Bonila

Philanthropy in Latin America and the Caribbean is at a critical juncture: while local philanthropy is consolidated as a key …


Green growth: Environmental philanthropy in China

2 May 2022
Angel Chiang

While China has achieved momentous success in expanding its economy and generating wealth over the last decade, this has come …


Village to global village: Making sense of impact, ESG, and other ‘good’ ideas

18 April 2022
Farahnaz Karim

Impact at the village level In my first ‘field posting’ as a United Nations Volunteer, I remember (as if it …


Intersectional environmentalism: How foundations simultaneously address race and climate

4 April 2022
Jake Safane

Conserving natural spaces. Cleaning up waterways. Reducing the use of fossil fuels. At first glance, all of these areas may …


An unexpected impact from Russia’s Ukraine offensive? Philanthropy’s football moment

4 March 2022
Charles Keidan

News from the football world spilled over into philanthropy last week when Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich announced that ‘stewardship and …


Philanthropy with Chinese characteristics: through the lens of health

24 February 2022
Ruth Shapiro and Vincent Cheng

China is rapidly becoming one of the most philanthropic nations in the world. While it is impossible to know with …