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Everyone is funding oxygen. This is a problem.

24 May 2021
Smarinita Shetty

Media attention on Covid-19 deaths due to a lack of oxygen in big cities has skewed donor priorities. This is impacting relief efforts on the ground. As the second wave of Covid-19 rages through the country, media and global donor attention is focused on the supply of oxygen in its various forms—even as the country grapples with extreme hunger, poverty, and loss of livelihoods. The question today is, why aren’t global, institutional funders—many of whom …


How has global philanthropy changed month by month? Looking back at spring 2020

30 April 2021
Social Innovation Exchange

Throughout 2021, SIX will be sharing our tracking and interrogation of how the discourse around philanthropy has shifted, or not, after the profoundly impactful events of 2020. We are looking for themes that have been lost in the noise, and trends that have become louder; we are searching for signals about what has already gained, and what may still gain, traction and attention. We are examining, in a light-touch way, what the implications of this …


Creating the culture of giving in Ukraine

21 March 2021
Eugenia Mazurenko

Ukrainian social and charitable projects have made giant leaps over the past decade. Since 2014, Ukrainians have built a robust system of volunteer networks and charitable organizations that help the army, relieve poverty, and provide medical help. Still, most charitable giving in Ukraine goes to ‘firefighting’ – solving the most urgent problems of the day, from helping the troops to providing medical assistance amid the pandemic. While incredibly important, humanitarian causes are often one-time solutions, …


Big tech giants are the new polluters

14 March 2021
Rien van Gendt

Sustainability is what we want to achieve as investment funds, right? If so, shouldn’t we be leaving BigTech stocks – companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google – out of our portfolios? We surely need to look beyond excluding controversial weapons and tobacco or protecting the environment and even contributing to a better climate. Shouldn’t we actively protect the quality of information and the public debate as well? Shouldn’t we strive to protect freedom of …


How has global philanthropy changed month by month?

3 March 2021
Social Innovation Exchange

Over the coming months, SIX will be sharing our tracking and interrogation of how the discourse around philanthropy has shifted, …


What big liberal philanthropy can no longer afford to ignore

20 January 2021
Eric K. Ward

How will big liberal philanthropy react to the 6 January attack on the U.S. Capitol? The following day Ryan Schlegel …


What Donors Want – Exploring politics and philanthropy with David Simas, CEO of the Obama Foundation

15 January 2021
Rachel Stephenson Sheff

Podcast listeners – a new episode of What Donors Want is out! We had the honour of speaking with David …


The square, the tower, and the circle

28 December 2020
Pedro Portela and Bernadette Wesley

The blind spot in the stewardship of locally led systems change networks The plight of the social activist Many social …


Governments cannot squander lessons of Covid-19 in working with civil society

23 December 2020
Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed many flaws in government policies and relationships around the world, from the underfunding of health …


Civil society fights back as smears and vilification intensify

27 November 2020
Andrew Firmin and Ines Pousadela

The pattern is now clear. In country after country, those who seek to limit rights attack civil society. Alongside tactics …


Covid-19 and the unfinished funding agenda in Southeast Asia

19 November 2020
Rosalia Sciortino

Since the beginning of the pandemic, philanthropists and private foundations have invested their resources to control the Covid-19 epidemic and …


What is preventing the development of giving in Ukraine and what can we do about it

27 September 2020
Eugenia Mazurenko

What’s deterring the development of giving in Ukraine? Whose fault is it? Well, there are a few factors, which deter …


The Aotearoa COVID-19 experience

26 September 2020
Sue McCabe

This is the third article in a global series about philanthropic responses to COVID-19 and its effects, co-hosted by the Social Innovation Exchange and …