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HIV drugmaker provides a case study in philanthropic whitewashing

6 February 2024
Shafi Musaddique

In October Funders Concerned About AIDS, a philanthropic body that describes itself as one to take ‘bold actions and push philanthropy to respond to HIV and AIDS’, recognised Gilead as being the number one philanthropic funder of HIV-related programs.  The research has been accompanied by accusations from critics that the pharma company engages in business practices that are harming poor and minoritized communities, especially in the US. With $27 billion in revenue in 2022, Gilead …


What’s possible when infrastructure has infrastructure? PEX as a container to practice the future of philanthropy

22 January 2024
Birce Altay, Alina Porumb, Hanna Stähle, Olga Tarasov, Vinzenz Himmighofen, Alexandra Stef, Francesca Mereta and Alina Shenfeldt

“What if?” is the guiding question for visionary communities to take organisations, sectors and societies forward. This question took European philanthropy infrastructure organisations on a journey of prototyping an infrastructure for philanthropy networks – can it be well-connected and act collectively? Three years in, we have championed the climate philanthropy movement, engaged in “What if? Reimagining philanthropy” conversations and reached the community milestone – the PEXforum in Istanbul in 2022, hosted by Philea and TUSEV, …


Corporate philanthropy: a pathway to strengthening healthcare in low and middle-income countries.

17 January 2024
Tom Achoki

Health systems encompass the institutions, organizations, and resources (physical, financial, and human) assembled to deliver healthcare services that meet population needs. In many low- and middle-income countries, health systems are faced with a huge burden of disease, and decision-makers have to make difficult choices to expand public health within the constraints of limited resources and competing health priorities. COVID-19 revealed stark health inequalities between and within countries and focused the attention of decision-makers on the …


System change is both a marathon and a team sport

11 December 2023
Jesper Nygård

Three things are important if foundations want to solve wicked problems and drive real system change: binding cross-sector collaborations, experimenting with new solutions, and exercising patience. And, above all, you need to build trust. Homelessness, urgent climate challenges and continuing lack of social mobility among children and young people. These are just a few examples of the complex problems, that many countries face in varying degrees right now. Problems, that can only be solved by …


De-NGOsation: the re-foundation of the heart of civil society

4 December 2023
Florencia Roitstein

‘We do not want to be part of the system that has generated social injustice, the climate crisis, and violence …


Multisolving allows us to address climate and other societal challenges

1 December 2023
Active Philanthropy

A climate science workshop series by Active Philanthropy: Episode 7 The start of the annual UN Climate Change Conference serves …


Participatory grant making is key to shifting the power

28 November 2023
Deborah Doane

What’s the best prescription for achieving the SDG’s? For international NGOs and funders to cede power and control over decision-making …


We must adapt to and reduce sea level rise 

24 November 2023
Active Philanthropy

 A climate science workshop series by Active Philanthropy: Episode 6  In the sixth episode of our climate science series, Dr. …


Voice for Social Good – Hong Kong initiative for full-funding principle for NGOs

21 November 2023
Pia Wong, Victoria Wisniewski Otero and Angelyn Lim

Have you ever wondered: how much of my donation to a charity goes to those in need? It’s tempting to …


The transformative potential of listening

20 November 2023
Alex Ross

Listening and responding to people’s views and voices and centring them in decision making are key ingredients for shifting power. …


The Earth is a complex connected system 

10 November 2023
Active Philanthropy

A climate science workshop series by Active Philanthropy: Episode 4  What happens in one part of our planet, doesn’t stay …


Philanthropy’s role enhancing early childhood education in Sub-Saharan Africa

1 November 2023
Vignesh Shankar

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, faces significant challenges in providing access to quality early …


Unpacking the post-pandemic funding landscape: A closer look at global aid and philanthropy

31 October 2023
Jenny Lah

In the wake of the pandemic, what has been the impact on global aid and philanthropy? Has civil society funding …