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What’s ahead? Predictions for philanthropy in 2022 and beyond

25 January 2022
Rhodri Davies

It feels, right now, as if the only real certainty is uncertainty. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to think about the future. Once we abandon the idea of rigid predictions and focus instead on identifying key existing trends and drawing upon weak signals at the edges of current practice, it is possible to extrapolate to a wide range of possible futures. And it is vital that we do so, as 2022 sees philanthropy …


Data and insight-driven global philanthropy has never been more important

6 January 2022
Ted Hart

As we approach the end of 2021 and the two-year anniversary of the first Covid-19 lockdowns, it’s difficult not to recognize the dramatic changes the philanthropy community has undergone. In a short period, we have seen charities around the world meet the moment with determination and resilience. As a leader of an international philanthropic organization, one of the most optimistic changes I have personally witnessed is the increased collaboration and mobilization among what were once …


Neo-colonial philanthropy in the UK

23 December 2021
Fozia Irfan

Philanthropic foundations are at a critical crossroads, facing greater scrutiny and questions in relation to how they are addressing racial injustice. But philanthropy does not function in isolation from historical, social or political influences. What has not been as evident is a reckoning with the philanthropic history of the formation and wealth of many foundations or a deeper conversation as to the source of the inequality of many communities within the UK.  Two key elements …


Foundation Practice Rating: early analysis on diversity, transparency, communication

3 December 2021
Jake Furby and Sylvia McLain

The Foundation Practice Rating has launched! Following the July 2021 article in Alliance, the initiative to research and rate UK grant-making foundations on their accountability, transparency and diversity is now in the field. The Foundation Practice Rating research is being undertaken by Giving Evidence who have reviewed about 100 UK trusts and foundations. Here are some of the themes that are emerging from the research so far: Diversity plans: the good and bad news The …


Time for Nigeria’s ultra-wealthy to get behind climate change philanthropy

29 November 2021
Adetokunbo Abiola

Nigeria ranks as the fifty-eighth most vulnerable and the twenty-second least ready nation to adapt to the threats of climate …


Demanding healthy, sustainable and just food environments

18 November 2021
Chris Gee

How could our food system transform to maximise planetary, human, and animal wellbeing? The problem. Our food system is incompatible …


Fighting factory farming with new approaches to producing and using research

10 November 2021
Caroline Fiennes

Moving to a sustainable and fair food system is a giant challenge, and the organisations driving it are small compared …


The impact ecosystem is at a turning point

5 November 2021
Roberta Bosurgi

In the early days of EVPA’s existence at the beginning of the 21st century, venture philanthropy was a term known …


Philanthropy’s tax blind spot

5 October 2021
Michael Jarvis and Savior Mwambwa

This is the moment to shake up the world of tax. Will funders rally to the moment? Philanthropy has paid …


Exploring community-led philanthropy, together

4 August 2021
Alison Carlman

This article is the first in a series of articles about Community Led Philanthropy, co-hosted by GlobalGiving. The conversation explores …


Everyone is funding oxygen. This is a problem.

24 May 2021
Smarinita Shetty

Media attention on Covid-19 deaths due to a lack of oxygen in big cities has skewed donor priorities. This is …


How has global philanthropy changed month by month? Looking back at spring 2020

30 April 2021
Social Innovation Exchange

Throughout 2021, SIX will be sharing our tracking and interrogation of how the discourse around philanthropy has shifted, or not, …


Creating the culture of giving in Ukraine

21 March 2021
Eugenia Mazurenko

Ukrainian social and charitable projects have made giant leaps over the past decade. Since 2014, Ukrainians have built a robust …