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The impact of MacKenzie Scott’s resourcing of women’s funds

19 September 2023
Leila Hessini

MacKenzie Scott’s commitment to give away all her wealth is particularly important in a context where philanthropic institutions are eradicating …


How use of a ‘Ripple Effects Framework‘ can be used for property purchases

12 September 2023
Ise Bosch

Civic spaces for marginalised communities keep shrinking. From LGBTQIA* free zones in Poland to Uganda’s anti-LGBTQIA* laws and Florida’s “don’t …


Philanthropists must not turn their back on the planet now

11 September 2023
Marianne Kleiberg

Up to one million species are now threatened with extinction, marking a rapid and serious decline in the health of …


Lankelly Chase: what do leading industry figures make of its decision to redistribute assets? 

6 September 2023
Shafi Musaddique

The decision by Lankelly Chase to redistribute its assets and close within a five-year timeframe, after 60 years of operations, …


The SDG Fund: Empowering Local Communities to Achieve the SDGs

6 September 2023
Lisa Maria Castro and Anna Thompson-Quaye

Reaching the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals will require regional and local development actors to take a leading role in implementation. …


Leadership changes and layoffs by Soros remind us that – like the Gates Foundation – OSF is family philanthropy

7 July 2023
Charles Keidan

What’s happening at the Open Society Foundations? That’s a question likely to be on the minds of people in the …


Regaining balance from corporate farms: community gardens and agriculture philanthropy go hand-in-hand

3 July 2023
Peggy Chen

Agriculture has long been a contributor to the global climate crisis, and it’s intrinsic to how industrial agriculture operates today. …


What role for philanthropy in India’s digital financial revolution?

23 May 2023
Abhishek Modi and Asawari Luthra

Philanthropy can democratise credit for India’s 60 million micro-enterprises by supporting a new digital tool. The Open Credit Enablement Network …


From passion to pressure: Understanding burnout in the charity sector

19 May 2023
Alyona Tsybulska

In the last couple of years the media has been abuzz about burnout. The curiosity spread across countries and professional …


A funder’s journey

19 May 2023
Hugh Davidson

1. A heated argument about unrestricted funding Early one morning some years ago, my wife Sandra and I were marooned …


The missing billion, payouts wanted

18 May 2023
Charles Keidan

An Alliance magazine and Civil Society Media analysis suggests philanthropists could be giving £1.3 billion more to UK charities. But …


Moving money to girls

10 May 2023
Annemarieke Murthi and Rosa Bransky

Since the very first days of Purposeful, we have known that to build power with girls and their allies is …