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An uneven climate crisis and the case for reparations: What we can learn from Pakistan

3 November 2022
Aina Marzia

The news of Pakistan’s ongoing climate catastrophe has crowded out the headlines, but the long-term and actual effects of Pakistan’s …


Elections in Brazil: what is the relationship between philanthropy and democracy?

28 October 2022
Graciela Hopstein

We are just days away from the second round of elections in Brazil (on 30 October) that will choose a …


How can we build a new future for journalism that belongs to all of us?

16 October 2022
Sameer Padania

In recent years, while policymakers, investors, and, yes, funders have often had warm words to say about the value of …


What should philanthropy be doing about monarchical power?

13 October 2022
Alliance magazine

When Alliance magazine published its issue on decolonising philanthropy in early September 2022 – we had no idea it would …


A dramatic change in Ukraine’s culture of giving: the impact of Russia’s invasion

5 October 2022
Eugenia Mazurenko

The culture of giving in Ukraine – the focus of Zagoriy Foundation – has changed dramatically since Russia’s full-scale invasion. …


How Arab philanthropic organisations can catch-up on climate change

4 October 2022
Habib Maalouf

In the Arab region, among development actors who will be crucial frontline responders to the upcoming disasters and consequences of …


Integrating evidence and experience

26 September 2022
Robbie Gregorowski, Zand Craig, Ly Nguyen and Savi Mull

How a new approach to monitoring and evaluation can make sense of complex projects Building the foundation for results, sense-making …


Porn is an un-recognised link in the harm chain of the commercial sex industry

23 September 2022
Gail Dines

There has been a highly successful public relations campaign by the porn industry to dissociate itself from other aspects of …


Philanthropy is a model of preservation, not transformation. Here’s how to change that

8 September 2022
Derek A Bardowell

When entrepreneur Yvonne Field, founder of the Ubele Initiative, told me where her grounding as an activist came from, two …


People showed they care. Where do we go from here?

25 July 2022
Birce Altay

For the first time in 16 years, the amount donated to organizations in Turkey, including CSOs, surpassed all other donations, …


Navigating the challenges of funding in and around the global commercial sex industry

27 June 2022
Emily Nielsen Jones

Is the sex industry an empowering human right to be legalised and mainstreamed? Or patriarchal sexual exploitation? About ten years …


In parched Zimbabwe, experts fear that new PVO law will curtail food aid

23 June 2022
Andrew Mambondiyani

Zimbabwe is grappling with severe droughts that have left millions of people food insecure, forcing many farmers to depend on …