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Beth Breeze

Conference reports Beth Breeze 13 September 2022

Thinking beyond ourselves at Philanthropy Australia

‘It’s not like most conferences I’ve been to’ said Arminé Nalbandian, CEO of the Centre for Social Impact, speaking in her role as one of three Keynote Listeners who provided a meaningful voice for the …

Analysis Beth Breeze 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Don’t shoot the philanthropist

It is time to disentangle critiques of philanthropy from critiques of wealth and inequality When the Dutch historian Rutger Bregman talked about ‘stupid philanthropy schemes’ during his now-famous appearance at Davos in 2019, he was …

Opinion Beth Breeze and Genevieve Shaker 17 May 2021

Bill and Melinda Gates: philanthropy caught in the crosshairs of society’s obsession with celebrity

When does an extremely normal event become global headline news, and when does an ‘historic achievement for humanity’ fail to create much of a ripple in the news cycle? When the key players in both …

Book review Beth Breeze 1 September 2006

Creative Philanthropy: Towards a new philanthropy for the 21st century – Helmut Anheier and Diana Leat

Anheier and Leat set themselves the dual task of chronicling the development of creative philanthropy and making the case for it to become the dominant model for foundation activity. This book is therefore a curious, …