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Middle East

Alwaleed Philanthropies invests $5 million to mitigate disease in impoverished cities around the world

Alliance magazine 5 September 2019

Alwaleed Philanthropies has made a new $5 million investment, in their partnership with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, in a proposed commitment to further prevent the spread of disease in low-income urban areas in which additional …

Philanthropy must say no to ‘no-go’ zones

Krystian Seibert 3 September 2019 For Subscribers

I read Charles Keidan’s editorial (Alliance, June 2019) with great interest. As his visit to Gaza occurred only a few months after the end of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead and given Hamas’ stance in relation …

Human rights in refugee camps has everything to do with businesses

Rola El Chami 30 August 2019

We live in a world where we see a vicious cycle being recreated where history repeats itself and more civilians are left harmed as a result of the higher powers. The Middle East and North Africa region …

Bridging the gap between the impact boardroom and communities

8 Rola El Chami 23 August 2019

I recently attended an executive programme where I held a session on Impact & refugee camps in the Middle East. The session focused on community feedback and the impact made on the ground. Part of …

Synergos Network Visit to Turkey

Alliance magazine 15 August 2019

Community philanthropy – the best hope for women’s rights in Nepal…and for all of us

Rita Thapa 31 July 2019

PSJP’s recently published paper on Individual giving in India, Russia, the Arab region and Brazil is a timely reflection for us in Nepal. Individual giving has always been a part of Nepali communities mainly through our religious …

When peace is a dirty word

Rasha Sansur 4 June 2019 For Subscribers

Experience of the peace process in the Middle East has encouraged Palestinians to draw on their own resources, rather than relying on those from outside If you go to a conference in Palestine, and one …

How to unlock a just peace

Melanie Meinzer 4 June 2019 For Subscribers

Solidarity donors are key to reclaiming peace-building in Palestine as international aid has undermined Palestinian identity As my taxi rounded the hairpin turns of the Wadi al-Nar highway between Bethlehem and Ramallah, I spotted one …

UNHCR unveils Refugee Zakat Fund

Alliance magazine 11 May 2019

The United Nations Refugee Agency has launched a new global structure that transforms UNHCR’s existing Zakat programme into a global fund aimed at aiding the most vulnerable displaced populations while meeting the needs of Islamic …

Death of Saudi philanthropist and non-profit sector champion

Alliance magazine 30 April 2019

Princess Banderi bint Abdulrahman AlFaisal, CEO of King Khalid Foundation (KKF) and a pioneer of Saudi philanthropy, died in March. Perhaps most notable among her achievements, she steered KKF through the ‘No More Abuse’ campaign, …