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Alliance magazine 13 January 2022

Responding to the climate crisis is an investment in Africa’s development

2 Saliem Fakir 13 January 2022

With a vision of securing a vibrant, climate-resilient Africa, the African Climate Foundation (ACF) is part of a relatively new ecosystem of locally-led climate-change organisations in the global south. This ecosystem is designed to enable …

Resourcing for incarcerated women and girls ‘desperately underfunded’

Alliance magazine 12 January 2022

Even donors that identify as women’s rights or feminist funders aren’t resourcing incarcerated women and girls. That is one of the bleak findings of Forgotten by Funders, a report from the movement-building platform Women Beyond …

New $1.5m commitment to 9 organisations by African Visionary Fund

1 Alliance magazine 31 December 2021

The African Visionary Fund is welcoming more high impact partners to their portfolio with a new $1.5 million commitment to support nine organisations over three years. This announcement comes after the Fund’s February 2020 announcement, …

Community voices need to be a part of the climate crisis response

Humphrey Nabimanya and Stephanie Heckman 14 December 2021

We would like to respond to the learnings and discussions that we have heard recently from COP26 and the Global Philanthropy Forum. As the world’s challenges become more and more pressing due to the disproportionate …

Global South environmental and justice funders join together to launch Fundos del Sur

Alliance magazine 11 December 2021

A group of Global South funders have joined together in a new initiative to direct resources to local grassroots organisations working on the frontlines of the climate crisis. The new fund, called Alianza Socioambiental Fondos …

Transforming philanthropy with feminist principles

Ndana Bofu-Tawamba, Virisila Buadramo, Vinita Sahasranaman, Lorena Medina, Terry de Vries, Laura Carvajal and Kate Kroeger 10 December 2021

We are living through transformative times. As the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis accentuate systemic economic, racial, and global inequalities, as human rights and democracies are under siege, and as social movements call attention …

A moment between then and now

Ruth Richardson 30 November 2021

We must take the opportunity offered by events to reconfigure the world’s food systems – and that involves seeing them as systems When we first sat down to conceptualise this issue, we thought about the …

How can we do the most good?

Hannan Ali 30 November 2021 For Subscribers

I was one of the fortunate individuals who attended the #AllianceAt25 event at the Aga Khan Centre in London. As we discussed how philanthropy had changed and where it was headed, one thought was running …

Time for Nigeria’s ultra-wealthy to get behind climate change philanthropy

Adetokunbo Abiola 29 November 2021

Nigeria ranks as the fifty-eighth most vulnerable and the twenty-second least ready nation to adapt to the threats of climate change, a degree of unpreparedness which was already in evidence in the confusion following the …