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Frank Aswani announced as new CEO of AVPA

Alliance magazine 5 October 2019

Frank Aswani has assumed his position as the new African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA) CEO.  Aswani is expected to bring considerable social and private sector experience to AVPA. His experience includes serving as vice president …

Rockefeller Foundation forms new commission to end energy poverty

Alliance magazine 19 September 2019

Rockefeller Foundation announced the launch of ‘The Global Commission to End Energy Poverty’ (GCEEP), to address the lack of access to electricity for almost a billion people across the world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. The …

Power of partnerships to propel philanthropy in Nigeria

Alliance magazine 7 September 2019

Oluwatoyin (Toyin) Adegbite-Moore, of the African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA), discussed Nigeria’s foundation and philanthropy sector in an interview conducted by the Association of German Foundations. Oluwatoyin described the state of the sector as fragmented and disconnected within thematic …

Transitional justice: what funders need to know

Abdul Tejan-Cole 3 September 2019 For Subscribers

The mechanisms are often flawed, but many of those flaws can be corrected if the need for accountability is effectively balanced with the need to build a stable society and sustainable peace In the past …

How to create gender justice in Africa

Ndana Bofu-Tawamba 3 September 2019 For Subscribers

Building movements is the key to supporting women’s rights across the continent and giving power to community activists Founded in 2001, Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF-Africa) is a pan-African and feminist fund which uses a rapid-response …

GPC Members Dinner in South Africa

Alliance magazine 15 August 2019

Learning Journey to Southern Africa

Alliance magazine 15 August 2019

Bless your heart and soul African philanthropist

Tony K Ansah Jr 29 July 2019

We often hear the saying or see the story about giving back to our African community. To each its own on that notion. It is easier said than done! The reality is some give and …

Healing is the work

Dennis van Wanrooij 18 July 2019

Religious conservatism, closing spaces for civil society, the global gag rule and pushbacks against ‘gender ideology’. These are some – but certainly not all – of the barriers experienced by LGBTI people and sex workers …

‘#LiftUp’ twitter chat points way ahead for African philanthropy

Alliance magazine 17 July 2019

More research, democratisation of philanthropy, sharing of best practice and collaboration. These were the four key messages that came out of a Twitter chat in June that brought together a number of African philanthropic network …