AFE Colombia

The Association of Corporate and Family Foundations (AFE) gathers the most relevant corporate and family foundations in Colombia. AFE acts as the ambassador of its members promoting and encouraging the coordination, cooperation, social innovation, transparency and the sharing of good practices and knowledge among members and, government and other civil society actors.

African Philanthropy Forum

The African Philanthropy Forum (APF) is a vibrant community of philanthropists and social investors who through their strategic investments, partnerships, and influence, foster inclusive and sustainable development in Africa. APF provides educational programs and match-making services to inform and enhance the development impact of giving and investing across the African Continent.

Africa Philanthropy Network

The Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) is a member based continent wide network, which brings together 67 organizations serving different forms of African philanthropy in more than 50 African countries. APN envisions a strong philanthropic community through its work to reclaim the power and elevate practices of African philanthropy by providing leadership on the development of philanthropic agendas in the continent.

African Youth Philanthropy Network

The African Youth Philanthropy Network (AYPN) is a membership-based network committed to building an innovative & vibrant youth philanthropy community in Africa. Founded in 2015, AYPN envision to become the platform for shaping an agenda for African Youth and Next-Gen Philanthropy by enhancing policies and practices through coordination, knowledge sharing and capacity building of African Youth philanthropic and social investment organizations.


AidEx encompasses a conference featuring inspirational thought leaders, an exhibition which is the largest of its kind in the world, training programmes, networking opportunities and a dedicated awards programme recognising individuals and innovations that truly inspire.

Each year over 2,500 representatives of the humanitarian aid and development community from over 65 countries attend an AidEx event. Attendees come from UN Agencies, the EU, Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, local and international NGOs, government and the private sector.


Altinget: civil society

Altinget: civil society delivers news about the civil society with emphasis on the changing terms for the third sector organisations and foundations. Through constructive and critical journalism, the portal describes various aspects of the legal, economic and organisational conditions for actors in the civil society, e.g. foundations, organisations and socioeconomic companies.

Asia Philanthropy Circle

The Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) is a membership-based platform for philanthropists to exchange, coordinate and collaborate, to advance a better Asia. Founded in 2015 by philanthropists for philanthropists, the mission is to accelerate private action for the public good by addressing systemic challenges through collaborative philanthropy. APC believes that strategic and engaged philanthropists can be the change agents needed to address Asia’s social challenges.

Asia Philanthropy Congress

The Nippon Foundation launched the Asia Philanthropy Congress in  November 2022. It aims to leverage their network to build a platform that will seek solutions to social problems through cross-sectoral collaboration.

The Nippon Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic organization that was established in 1962. It is active in Japan and around the world. Initially its efforts focused largely on the maritime and shipping fields, but since then the range of its activities has expanded to education, social welfare, public health, and other fields—carried out in more than 100 countries to date.

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

AVPN is a unique funders’ network based in Singapore committed to building a vibrant and high impact social investment community across Asia. AVPN’s mission is to catalyse the movement toward a more strategic, collaborative and outcome focused approach to philanthropy and social investing, ensuring that resources are deployed as effectively as possible to address key social challenges facing Asia today and in the future.


ASSIFERO’s vision is promoting a visible and effective Italian philanthropy, recognized as strategic partner of human and sustainable development. Our mission is to be the natural partner for those seeking to strengthen the Italian philanthropic sector. Founded in 2003, it currently supports 104 private foundations: family, corporate and community foundations.

Association of Charitable Foundations

The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) is the membership association for foundations and grant-making charities in the UK. For 25 years we have supported trusts and foundations; respecting and safeguarding their independence, and helping them to be effective in the many ways that they use their resources.

Association of German Foundations

The Association of German Foundations (AGF) represent the interests of more than 21,000 foundations in Germany. With about 3,900 members, which represent three quarters of foundation capital in Germany, the association is the largest and oldest foundation association in Europe

The Beacon Collaborative

The Beacon Collaborative celebrates the many voices of philanthropists. It is the place where philanthropists can come together, share ideas and learn from each other – and where organisations can collaborate to support them on their donor journeys.

British Asian Trust

The British Asian Trust was founded in 2007 by HRH The Prince of Wales to tackle widespread poverty and hardship in South Asia. Their mission is to unlock the potential of disadvantaged people in South Asia by maximising the impact and support from the Asian diaspora and beyond.



Candid’s global network of partners connects nonprofits to the resources they need, throughout the USA. They provide access to their Foundation Directory, support materials and professional development, in order to assist local nonprofit communities.

Centre for Effective Philanthropy

The Centre for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) provides data, feedback, programs, and insights to help individual and institutional donors improve their effectiveness.


The Center for Philanthropy and Social Investments (CEFIS) within the Universidad Adolfo Ibarez is the first academic centre in Chile dedicated to providing knowledge to private donations intended for social benefits. As part of their liasion with the UAI School of Government, CEFIS works to highlight the role of philanthropy and social investments in strengthening civil society. They also provide training and support to those who lead social investments.

Centre for Strategic Philanthropy Cambridge University

The Centre for Strategic Philanthropy is within the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and is dedicated to enhancing the impact of strategic philanthropy within and from global growth markets.

Strategic philanthropy is used to describe any impact-driven giving, which is evidence based. It encompasses a wide range of practices from traditional grant making to venture philanthropy.

China Development Brief

China Development Brief (CDB) was founded in Beijing in 1996. As a Chinese non-profit organization, CDB serves as a bilingual hub providing media and communication, research, consulting and networking services to NGOs, foundations, development practitioners, businesses, researchers, and policymakers. CDB’s English-language website is widely recognized as the prime resource for international audiences who want to understand China’s growing civil society.

China Environmental Grantmakers Alliance

The Chine Environmental Grantmakers Alliance (CEGA) is a platform for exchanges and cooperation among environmental grantmakers in China. It aims at using the concept of strategic charity to promote cooperation and development of grantmakers in environment, lead the future funding directions in environment, and maximize the social benefits of charitable funds in environment. It operates as part of the China Foundation Centre.

China Foundation Center

The China Foundation Centre (CFC)’s mission is to bring transparency to philanthropic markets through access to the highest quality data, news, and analytics, thereby enhancing the social impact of philanthropy. They believe that the transparency of philanthropic foundations is vital to increased donation flows, effective social solutions, and positive changes in Chinese society. 

Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is an independent news organization that has been serving leaders, fundraisers, grant makers, and others involved in the philanthropic enterprise for more than 25 years. It offers a robust advice section to help nonprofit workers do their jobs as well as one of the biggest listings of career opportunities.


CIVICUS is a global alliance of civil society organisations and activists dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world. They were established in 1993 and have been headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa with additional hubs across the globe.

ClimateWorks Foundation

ClimateWorks is a team of researchers, strategists, collaborators, and grantmakers, which focuses on aiding the fight against climate change through philanthropy. Over the past decade, they have built a global platform for philanthropy to innovate and accelerate climate solutions that scale. Their global programs and services equip philanthropy with knowledge, networks, and solutions to drive climate progress.

Council on Foundations

The Council on Foundations is a nonprofit membership association that serves as a guide for philanthropies as they advance the greater good. Building on our almost 75-year history, the Council supports over 800 member organizations in the United States and around the world to build trust in philanthropy, expand pathways to giving, engage broader perspectives, and co-create solutions that will lead to a better future for all.


Dasra is India’s leading strategic philanthropy foundation, and actively shapes the process of social change by forming powerful partnerships with funders and social enterprises.

Edge Funders Alliance

The Edge Funders Alliance (EFA) organizes within philanthropy to raise awareness and deepen understanding of the interconnected nature of the social, economic and ecological crises threatening our common future. EFA works to increase resources for communities and movements creating systemic change alternatives for a transition to a society that supports justice, equity and the well-being of the planet.

Environmental Funders Network

The Environmental Funders Network (EFN) is a network of trusts, foundations and individuals making grants on environmental and conservation issues. The EFN’s mission is to increase the overall level of financial support for environmental causes and to help environmental philanthropy to be as effective as it can be.


The European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) is an association and has been founded in January 2008 by collaborating philanthropy researchers in Europe, in order to advance, coordinate and promote excellence in philanthropic research in Europe. Currently around 175 members from 22 European countries have joined ERNOPERNOP is open to non-European philanthropy researchers and practitioners.

European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) is a lively community of organisations sharing the same vision and a common goal: creating positive societal impact through venture philanthropy. EVPA helps investors and grantmakers connect and learn from each other in their pursuit of deeper societal impact

Filantropi Indonesia

Filantropi Indonesia is an independent nonprofit organization, established to enhance the philanthropy activities in Indonesia, which aims to contribute to social justice and sustainable development programs. Filantropi Indonesia was founded by individuals and nonprofit organizations, who since 2003 have taken steps to develop a network called Initiatives for Philanthropy Empowerment in Indonesia.

Fondazione Lang Italia

Fondazione Lang Italia (FLI) is an Italian foundation, which works to make social organizations and initiatives stronger, more effective and sustainable; for this reason we work for foundations, philanthropists and companies engaged for their communities. FLI’s Philanthropy Advisory services promote the practice of Strategic Philanthropy to increase the impact of social initiatives.

Global Donors Forum

Global Donors Forum (GDF) is the biennial convening of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists. It mobilizes financial and intellectual resources to create socio-economic value beyond racial, religious and political divides. GDF envisions a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world, generously endowed by ethical, inclusive, and effective philanthropy. In pursuit of this agenda, GDF resolves to work in collaboration with the vast array of individuals and institutions that seek to build a better world for all.

Global Greengrants Fund

Since 1993, the Global Greengrants Fund has been one of the leading organizations in the world supporting grassroots-led efforts to protect the planet and the rights of people. They trust local people to advance solutions and strategies that will best fit their needs, providing them the resources to make their ideas a reality.

Global Philanthropy Forum

Established in 2001, the Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF) is a peer-learning network of philanthropists and social investors committed to advancing international causes. Through conferences, programs and matchmaking services, the GPF seeks to build a community of philanthropists, and to inform, enable and enhance the strategic nature of its members’ giving and social investing

H&S Davidson Trust

Since launching in 2004, the H&S Davidson Trust has focussed on projects to empower women and girls, especially in South and South East Asia. It focuses primarily on increasing income for very poor women and their families through economic development.

IG Advisors

is an award-winning strategy consultancy specialising in social and environmental change. They work to build the capacity of nonprofits, businesses and philanthropists to achieve impact and growth.

IKEA Foundation

The IKEA Foundation is committed to tacking some of the roots causes of inequality including poverty, climate change and lack of resources. It is independent from the retail business, and has the goal to improve everyday life for people around the globe

India Climate Collaborative

The India Climate Collaborative is working towards an India where climate action has enabled people and the environmental to thrive. Their Program team works alongside their network of partners to fill gaps in the climate ecosystem and create scalable solutions in energy, water, land use and air quality.

India Development Review

India Development Review (IDR) is India’s first and largest independent media platform for the development community. Their editorial team is independent of any funder, nonprofit or partner relationship and they publish at least one article every weekday.

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) is the only global donor affinity group dedicated solely to Indigenous peoples around the world. For the past seventeen years, IFIP has built momentum toward a new movement in philanthropy that recognizes Indigenous communities as high-impact investments.  Their Mission is to foster Indigenous solutions and partnerships among Indigenous Peoples and funders around the globe.

Institute for the Development of Social Investment (IDIS)

IDIS – Institute for Development of Social Investment is a civil society organization founded to support social investors in Brazil. With the mission to inspire, support and promote strategic philanthropy and its impact, we serve individuals, families, companies, corporate and family run institutes and foundations, as well as with civil society organizations, in actions that transform realities and contribute for the reduction of social inequality in the country.

International Society for Third Sector Research

The International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) supports research into the third sector, defined as civil society including NGOs and non-profits.

They focus on identifying emerging trends and disseminating research findings. They nurture early career researchers through mentorship, and especially support researchers in the Global South.


KR Foundation

The KR Foundation was established in 2014 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They co-launched the 70by30 initiative in Denmark, designed to support the realisation of the goal to reduce Danish greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030. The KR Foundation aims to enable informed decision making on climate change at all levels of society.


Latimpacto is a network which is committed to reducing poverty and inequality in the Latin American region. It connects people and organisations and provides knowledge, to ensure greater social and environmental impact.

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC)

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is a charity think tank and consultancy that occupies a unique position at the nexus between charities and funders, helping them achieve the greatest impact. This understanding of both sides of the funding equation is reflected in the variety of skills and knowledge of our people, and their backgrounds in charities and the public and private sector.


NewsBank consolidates current and archived information from thousands of newspaper titles, as well as newswires, web editions, blogs, videos, broadcast transcripts, business journals, periodicals, government documents and other publications. Using these online resources, researchers in libraries around the world can easily explore tens of millions of current and archived news articles and obituaries in order to pinpoint information from primary sources at the local, state, regional, national and international levels.


NEXUS is a global community founded to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. With over 6000 Members from 70 countries, they work to unite young investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and allies to catalyze new leadership and accelerate needed political, societal, indigenous, financial, environmental, and equal justice solutions. NEXUS has hosted over 40 Summits across six continents to connect young people from diverse backgrounds and link communities that would otherwise never meet. NEXUS also conducts research and provides thought leadership to facilitate collaboration and build a global culture of philanthropy.

The Nonprofit Quarterly

The Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) launched as a national print journal in 1999, with the objective of providing credible, research-based articles for nonprofits about nonprofit management and governance. NPQ has expanded over time to engage their audience with digital media platforms, including webinars and podcasts.

Nordic Foundation Conference 2022

The Nordic Conference 2022 will explore how foundations can leverage their role in supporting the development of a sustainable society.

Opal Group

The Opal Group organizes premier conferences catered to top executives and decision makers throughout various industries. They are dedicated to providing high-quality events and information, through unparalleled speaking sessions, workshops, and unique face-to-face networking opportunities.

PEAK Grantmaking

PEAK Grantmaking is a member-led national association of professionals who specialize in grants management for funding organizations. The people of PEAK Grantmaking come together to form a vibrant community of grantmaking practice that advances shared leadership and learning across the sector.


The Canadian network of partnership-oriented research on philanthropy (PhiLab) is a place of research, information exchange and mobilization of Canadian foundations’ knowledge. Research conducted in partnership allows for the co-production of new knowledge dedicated to a diversity of actors: government representatives, university researchers, representatives of the philanthropic sector and their affiliate organizations or partners.

Philanthropy Age

Philanthropy Age is a leading source of philanthropic news, interviews and analysis for the Arab region. It is written for and about the region’s prominent philanthropists, non-profits and ocial enterprises.

Since 2013, this magazine has played a pivotal role in elevating the conversation around giving in the Middle East. Philanthropy Age is a grantee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Philanthropy Australia

Philanthropy Australia aims to inspire more and better philanthropy for a generous and inclusive Australia. Its membership consists of trusts, foundations, organisations, families, individual donors, professional advisers, intermediaries, corporates and not-for-profit organisations.

Philanthropy Circuit

Philanthropy Circuit is a nonprofit media and research organisation founded on the firm belief that Africans need to tell their own stories in order to create a new narrative that will influence the growth of philanthropy across the continent. They research and gather data from the philanthropy community and produce content that informs and provokes new thinking about philanthropy committed to Africa’s development.

Philanthropy Impact

Philanthropy Impact work with advisors, philanthropists, charities and governments to develop greater expertise, awareness and impact in philanthropic action. They provide resources, bespoke events and platforms to support the development of the philanthropy sector.

Philanthropy in Action

Philanthropy in Action is a new collaborative platform focused on putting the spotlight on organized philanthropy and its contribution to Canadian communities. It was developed by Philanthropic Foundations Canada in response to the concern the impact of organised philanthropies are not well-known or well-published.

Philanthropy Ireland

Philanthropy Ireland is the independent representative body for all philanthropic organisations and interests engaged with the development of philanthropy and giving in Ireland. Their Mission is to increase the level of philanthropy in Ireland and to expand the community of engaged donors who are regular, strategic, long-term contributors to good causes.

Philanthropy New Zealand

Philanthropy New Zealand is a member organisation for individuals and organisations involved in philanthropy. They provide thought leadership and practical help to everyone with an interest in giving to make the world a better place. Their members include private philanthropists; family, community and corporate foundations.


The Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea) was formed in December 2021 after the merge of Dafne and EFC. It aims to be the voice of united European philanthropy by nurturing a diverse and inclusive system of foundations, philanthropic organisations and networks in over 30 countries.

Pijar Foundation

Pijar Foundation is an ecosystem of strategic players, seeking to close talent, innovation, and policy gaps for our shared future

Philanthropy Women

Philanthropy Women is a leading resource for news and analysis on women donors and their allies. They cover gender lens funding with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, equality, and systems change.

Pro Bono Australia

Since 2000 Pro Bono Australia has provided media, jobs and resources for the common good. They dedicate their time to support and enable the growth of an engaged and effective purposeful society. Certified in 2013 as a B Corp organisation, today they act as the leading online news organisation for the Australian social economy and those wanting to engage with it. 

proFonds - Dachverband gemeinnütziger Stiftungen der Schweiz

As the Swiss umbrella organisation for charitable foundations and NPOs, proFonds works to maintain and improve favourable framework conditions for foundations and NPOs and raises public awareness of the sector’s concerns.

In addition, proFonds promotes networking as well as the professionalisation of the non-profit sector by providing and disseminating knowledge and best practices.

Propel Philanthropy

Propel Philanthropy is a network over over 30 social impact support organisations. These organisations focus on increasing available resources, including charitable resources, collaborations and partnerships.

Social Enterprise World Forum

Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) was established in 2008 by national social enterprise support agencies seeking a means to advance social enterprise development globally. Bringing together social enterprise practitioners, support agencies, investors, public, private and government representatives they provide a platform to bring together social enterprise leaders and champions from all continents to collaborate, share best practice and plan future developments.

Spring Impact

Spring Impact is a team of professionals, based in London and San Francisco, who strive to help mission-driven organisations, funders and individuals. They focus on increasing scale and maximising the social impact across the globe.

Today, Spring Impact is a global leader in social replication.

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR)

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) is an award-winning magazine and website that covers cross-sector solutions to global problems. SSIR is written by and for social change leaders from around the world and from all sectors of society—nonprofits, foundations, business, government, and engaged citizens. 


Stiftungsmarktplatz is a network for foundations, organisations and NGOs to raise questions and hold discussions.

Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium

Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium (SPS) was founded in 2012 with the objective of enhancing philanthropic engagement in Sweden. Entering its eighth year in 2020, the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium aims to provide a unique space for “Engaged Philanthropy,” a forum for dialogue, new ideas, networking and to encourage cross-border collaboration in the philanthropic field. Past symposia have brought together several hundred participants, including leaders of business, NGOs, government, academia, philanthropy, the arts, next-generation philanthropists, family foundation managers, individual donors, and professional partners.


Created in 2001 through the joint efforts of eleven foundations, SwissFoundations brings together Switzerland’s grant-making foundations, giving them a strong and independent voice. As an active network dedicated to innovation, SwissFoundations fosters the exchange of experiences, transparency and professionalism in the Swiss foundation sector. The members invest more than 1 billion Swiss francs annually in charitable projects and initiatives and thus represent more than a third of all grants made each year by charitable foundations in Switzerland.

Synergos’ Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC)

Synergos’ Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC) inspires, enables, and connects philanthropic families and social investors from across the globe so they can more effectively address the complex issues of poverty and ultimately contribute to a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.  The GPC is helping advance the practices of philanthropy in over 30 countries, including areas of recent philanthropic growth such as China and India.    


Taxd is a HMRC recognised company which helps people file their Self Assessment tax returns easily and compliantly.


TBLI Foundation serves the global ESG and Impact Investment communities through conferences, educational services, investor research and tools. Their mission is to increase understanding and awareness of the benefits of a value(s) based financial system, and thus help mobilize money flows into ESG and Impact Investing to ensure a brighter future. The TBLI Foundation supports the ongoing global TBLI Conference Series by making content more broadly available to investment professionals and the public via reports, white-papers and video interviews, partnerships with educational institutions and like-minded nonprofits.

The Athena Advisors

The Athena Advisors is a social enterprise using its knowledge, experience and connections to assist mission driven organizations by improving their fundraising approach and ability – creating a more equitable, more sustainable world.

The Partnering Initiative

The Partnering Initiative (TPI) is an organisation dedicated to multi-stakeholder partnering, based on the idea that through collaboration between businesses, governments, NGOs and the UN, we can achieve a more prosperous economy and healthier environment. TPI provide guidebooks, training and have developed policy pieces on an international scale.

The Philanthropic Initiative

The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI) is a philanthropy advisory practice that helps individuals, families, foundations, and companies increase the impact of their giving. TPI designs and manages transformative, strategic philanthropy solutions at the local, national, and global level. In 2010, TPI launched its Center for Global Philanthropy to guide research and thought leadership involving philanthropy outside of the US.

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Created in 1982 to support journalists from developing countries, the Thomson Reuters Foundation today runs a number of award-winning services to deliver news, information, free legal help and media development to a number of different audiences.


UK Community Foundations

There are 46 community foundations across the UK and UKCF is their umbrella organisation. They provide advice and support to member community foundations and help UK-wide clients such as Big Lottery and Comic Relief channel funding, via community foundations, to where it’s needed most.

United Philanthropy Forum

United Philanthropy Forum leads, strengthens and informs a national network of organizations that advance philanthropy’s impact for the common good. The Forum’s membership of 65 philanthropy associations and networks represent more than 7,000 foundations and other philanthropic organizations, making us the largest network serving philanthropy in America.

Wallace Global Fund

The Wallace Global Fund supports people-powered movements to advance democracy, promote truth and creativity in the media, and protect the environment. It was founded by Henry A. Wallace, the 33rd Vice President of the United States, who championed for the rights of the “common man.”

Western Union Foundation

The Western Union Foundation is a charitable corporation which focusses on empowering forcibly displaced and marginalized youth through training and education, as part of their Opportunity Beyond Borders commitment. This programme support migrant and refugee youth with gaining entrepreneurship and STEM-focusses experience.


WINGS is an independent not-for-profit global network that brings together 88 support organizations serving philanthropy in 36 countries. Its vision is of a strong, global philanthropic community that strives to build more equitable and just societies around the world. Together WINGS members represent more than 15,000 foundations, grantmakers and social investors worldwide.

William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is a private charitable foundation that support efforts to advance education for all, preserve the environment, support vibrant performing arts, strengthen Bay Area communities, make the philanthropy sector more effective, and foster gender equity and responsive governance around the world. Today it is one of the largest philanthropic institutions in the United States.