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Interview: Annie Chen, RS Group, Hong Kong

11 September 2018
Andrew Milner

Editorial 4 September 2018

Muslim philanthropy comes of age

Special feature 4 September 2018

Muslim philanthropy at the crossroads

Special feature 4 September 2018

The untapped potential of Muslim giving

Interview 4 September 2018 For Subscribers

Interview: Ise Bosch and Justus Eisfeld

Latest issue: September 2018

Muslim philanthropy

Guest Editors: Tariq Cheema and Yunus Sola

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Social innovation lab to stimulate solutions for young women and trans people in Lebanon

21 September 2018
Alliance magazine

A new collaboration has been formed to advance the cause of young women and trans youth’s rights and capacity for collective action. FRIDA: the Young Feminist Fund, Global Fund for …

Alliance joins as contributor partner to #NextPhilantropy

20 September 2018
Alliance magazine

Alliance magazine along wih AVPA, AVPN, DAFNE, EVPA and WINGS has joined as initial contributing partners to #NextPhilanthropy – a new, distributed information resource of condensed data, trends, analysis on what is or may be …

Get funding for your social enterprise through an experimental approach

19 September 2018
Décio Emanuel

Here’s the truth: the business model you have now is not the business model you will have in a year’s time. The product or service you offer now, will not …

Global updates

News Alliance magazine 4 September 2018

This is our round-up of philanthropy news around the world featured in the September 2018 issue of Alliance: The Americas Carson out of SVCF New picture of Colombian foundation sector NoVo puts …

#LiftUpPhilanthropy Webinar

News Alliance magazine 17 July 2018

Alliance magazine and global philanthropy infrastructure network WINGS teamed up to host a webinar, focusing on how to #LiftUpPhilanthropy. #LiftUpPhilanthropy is a strategic, global campaign to highlight the value of philanthropy …

Fake news and philanthropy

Analysis Alliance magazine 3 July 2018

Welcome to the sixth Alliance audio. This is the latest in a new series debating key issues in philanthropy with guests from across the foundation world. In the sixth Alliance audio podcast editor Charles …