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Time to change the way we invest

16 July 2019
Ellen Dorsey

Conference Report 9 July 2019

Energy, curiosity and urgent questions on the AVPN agenda

Analysis 2 July 2019

Alliance Breakfast Club: #Peacebuilding

Analysis 25 June 2019

#NextPhilanthropy: Global and local views on the state of philanthropy

Interview 30 April 2019

Interview: Giuseppe Guzzetti

Latest issue: June 2019

Peace building

Guest Editors: Lauren Bradford, Hope Lyons and Rasha Sansur

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Wake up, philanthropic sector!

19 August 2019
Aart De Geus

This article was written for the European Foundation Centre as part of a specially commissioned blog series celebrating Its 30th anniversary. Click here to read more posts from some of the most influential thought-leaders on …

Chinese philanthropist in talks to pilot mass drug administration in Kenya to fight malaria

18 August 2019
Alliance magazine

Chinese philanthropist, Zhu Layi, who is CEO of New South is in talks with Kenyan health officials to do a mass drug administration (MDA) test run among 10,000 people in …

Lenka Setkova appointed Chief Executive of the Fidelity International’s Charitable Foundations

17 August 2019
Alliance magazine

Fidelity International has announced the appointment of Lenka Setkova to the role of Chief Executive of its two charitable foundations: the Fidelity UK Foundation and the Fidelity International Foundation. In …

#ERNOP2019: Philanthropy in the spotlight?

Conference Report Alliance magazine 23 July 2019

Alliance magazine is proud to have been a media partner at this year’s Ernop Conference in Basel. The conference gathered scholars from various disciplines sharing a motivation to discuss the achievements of …

Breaking Boundaries: Coverage from the 2019 AVPN Annual Conference

Conference Report Alliance magazine 9 July 2019

Alliance magazine is proud to have been a media partner at this year’s AVPN Annual Conference in Singapore. Now in its seventh year, the AVPN Conference brought together a diverse group …

International currents at the Association of German Foundations gathering in Mannheim

Conference Report Andrew Milner 11 June 2019

As part of Deutscher Stiftungstag 2019 in Mannheim, the Association of German Foundations ran a series of English-language sessions to introduce an international perspective to the country’s foundation sector. The …