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EFC’s Grantmakers East Forum in Tbilisi, Georgia was one of the best ever!

28 December 2019
Jasna Jašarević

This was said at the closing plenary by Dr Gerry Salole, Chief Executive of the European Foundation Centre, with which most of the participants agreed with. At least I did. This year’s Grantmakers East Forum was held in a very inspiring place, the city of Tbilisi and the country of Georgia where I was reminded that the power of people, individuals and peacefully organised groups, is the most resilient power of change – from pressing …

Conference reports

Civil spaces and democratic vitality is a knowledge issue

28 December 2019
Floriant Covelli

I’m very much concerned with developing a better knowledge of the not for profit sector’s contribution to democracy. Having heard about the European Foundation Centre Grantmakers East Forum’s (GEF) dynamism and authority on the on those topics, I was very keen on seeing how GEF would approach ‘common actions for social change’. To prepare, I interviewed French researchers who work on the links between non-profit organisations and democratic vitality in France and I was asked …

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What can we learn from a feminist approach to philanthropy?

18 December 2019
Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde and Cleodie Rickard

Funding movements and shifting power to the global south A recent Alliance magazine event on feminist philanthropy saw an excellent …

Conference reports

Reinventing the HIV Organising: Lessons from ICASA 2019

7 December 2019
Dennis van Wanrooij

From 2-7 December 2019, the largest regional HIV conference took place in Kigali, Rwanda. The country that once witnessed the …

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#ShiftThePower: A movement not an industry

4 December 2019
Barbara Nost

In a recent publication “Systems to #ShiftThePower” Barry Knight bluntly states: “There are three characteristic behaviours in philanthropy and the development industry that …

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‘We know the system is broken – if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here.’

3 December 2019
Amy McGoldrick

The Equality Fund (EF) announced itself in London recently as a ‘ground-breaking collaboration’ delivering momentum for women’s movements, while driving …

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Shifting power is relevant for so much of the international aid jigsaw, especially ‘localisation’

27 November 2019
Lizz Harrison

The ‘localisation’ of humanitarian aid is a topic which has gained traction in the humanitarian world; a move towards humanitarian …

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Please, walk your talk this time

26 November 2019
Florencia Roitstein

As in almost every conference, the juiciest conversations and exchanges take place during coffee breaks and small groups discussions. People …

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Power, powerful, empowerment: Pathways to power

25 November 2019
Ela Bălan

Sunday 24 November 2019 was the presidential election runoff in my country, Romania. After exactly 30 years from the revolution against …

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Pathways to Power Symposium: Reflections on #ShiftThePower

25 November 2019
Stefan Cibian

Powerful life stories and transformative ideas make the Symposium a highlight in understanding and transforming the dysfunctional global aid and …

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Breaking the dichotomy of north and south

25 November 2019
Melanie Thomas

Philanthropy comes from the Greek words ‘philos’ and ‘anthropos’ which translates to ‘love of humanity’. In philanthropy’s historic attempts to …