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A new era for Muslim philanthropy?

18 September 2018
Zibran Choudhury

Muslim Philanthropy is vast, and it was inevitably going to be difficult to dissect such a rich topic over a three-day event. However, this year’s Global Donors Forum was a wholehearted attempt. Insights were crammed into back to back plenaries, dialogues, award ceremonies and networking events was sure to leave a lasting impression on practitioners within Muslim philanthropy. This year’s forum was called Building Resilient Ecosystems, and the word ‘resilience’ can often be associated with …

Conference reports

SEWF 2018: What’s new with social good

18 September 2018
Amy McGoldrick

‘You exist despite the system, not because of it.’ Adele Peek, General Manager for Indigenous Engagement at Foundation for Young Australians, took to a stage that was overwhelmingly white and male at the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF). Peek spoke to the audience of truly recognising inequality, and looking at it with young people in the centre. ‘There is a difference between having a voice, and having an opportunity.’ We’re not standing on a level …

Conference reports

Multiply social impact with social enterprise networks

18 September 2018
Décio Emanuel

Social enterprises and social entrepreneurs, for now, hold a unique and ever-present culture of sharing, of ‘being in this together’, …

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Audacious philanthropy redefined

18 September 2018
Yifat Susskind

‘What did you really think of the opening plenary?’ That was the question I got from several colleagues at the …

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Technology and social investment to build a better world

18 September 2018
Rodrigo Baggio

The Brazilian Philanthropy Forum was an amazing chance to get in touch with some great solutions we already have in …

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Investing in social enterprise, investing in models

17 September 2018
Lisa van Heereveld

The definition of social enterprise has been at the centre of global debates for a long time. The overall UK …

Conference reports

Brazil Philanthropy Forum 2018: Bridging the gap

16 September 2018
Marcia Kalvon Woods

The IDIS Forum 2018 with the theme of ‘Impact of Technology’ gave us food for thought. The highlight for me …

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Global Donors Forum 2018: The future of Muslim philanthropy

15 September 2018
Fozia Irfan

As a newcomer to the world of Muslim philanthropy, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at the Global Donors …

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When the dichotomy blurs

14 September 2018
Jen Bokoff

We often speak in philanthropy about the dichotomy of grantmakers and grantseekers. As a result, our events are segregated in …

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Why we should think out of the box to build a single European market for social innovation

12 September 2018
Markus Freiburg

It’s human to think in boxes. It gives a homely feeling of structure, focus and simplicity. Unfortunately, social problems are …

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Can we think more expansively about ‘going to scale’?

11 September 2018
Solome Lemma

In their heart of hearts, philanthropists want to be audacious. We want to unleash significant impact on the issues we …