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The right-hand missing problem

3 April 2021
Livija Rojc Štremfelj

Having enjoyed the first ERNOP Science and Society Seminar on Sustaining Voluntary Energy by Professor Lucas Meys from Rotterdam School of Management, I found myself pondering upon the volunteer management situation in Slovenia. If I incorporate the learnings and conclusions from the fruitful discussion after the webinar, maybe I am closer to finding a solution to one of the biggest problems Slovenia faces – namely that every day at least one new NGO is established, …

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Sustaining volunteer energy when fuel capacity is low

2 April 2021
Gabriella Civico

Considering the topic of the first ERNOP Science and Society Seminar, I cannot help noticing that the comparison of volunteers with renewable energy is already there for quite some time. Marian Harkin was a member of the European Parliament from 2004 – 2019. For all those years she was the ‘go to’ person in the EU institutions for matters related to volunteering. She would regularly call volunteers ‘Europe’s greatest source of renewable energy’. Inspired by …

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Global South muffled by #TechBros in pursuit of healthy digital societies

4 March 2021
Zibran Choudhury

It seems incongruous to talk of a global divide in a world more connected than it’s ever been. However, it seems the voices of the Global South are still being muffled by a select few who are reimagining our lives in a constantly changing digital landscape. At the latest #WINGSforum2021 webinar as part of the virtual summit series, an inspiring lineup examined the role of philanthropy in the digital revolution. Specifically, the group explored its …

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PEX Forum 2021 – Philanthropy is stepping out, but into what?

24 February 2021
Josiane Smith

At the time of writing, multiple contributors have already shared some excellent thoughts about the PEX Forum 2021, a 2-day virtual convening hosted by Ariadne, Dafne and SenseTribe, which brings together philanthropy support organisations to explore the key values that unite European philanthropy and how to jointly advance the philanthropy ecosystem for a sustainable and just Europe. The authors share a sense that change is coming; that the future of philanthropy is being written by …

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PEXforum 2021: Philanthropy needs to fight the today’s inequalities or risk becoming obsolete tomorrow

24 February 2021
Justyna Duriasz-Bułhak

When the PEXforum 2021 was approaching, I pondered whether we would be ready to go outside of our comfort zone …

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PEXforum 2021 – The good, the great and the surprising!

24 February 2021
Mihaela Giurgiu

Being in Madrid last year for the first PEXforum was a treat at the time, and an even bigger treat …

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PEXforum 2021: From Reflection to Renewal

19 February 2021
Martin Modlinger

Yes, the PEXforum 2021 was a wonderful, personal and successful conference that built on the previous conference in Madrid, included …

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PEXforum highlights the importance of investing in imagination

18 February 2021
Joanna Pienkowska

For those of us who are lucky enough to be working from home in this pandemic, zoom meetings have become …

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Soul searching at PEXforum: Democratising philanthropy or valuing institutional philanthropy?

17 February 2021
Barry Hoolwerf

The interactive online PEXforum 2021 ‘From crisis to renewal: Living up to our vision for a sustainable and just Europe’ …

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The social life of forests: Takeaways from the co-creation of the PEXcommunity

5 February 2021
Carola Carazzone

I find the forest metaphor for the PEXcommunity powerful. Growing up in the Alps, I always loved forests. As a …

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What does love for humankind, justice and collaboration in philanthropy have in common?

4 February 2021
Debora Guidetti

Through the years that I have been involved in Ariadne, the importance of collaboration has been increasingly reaffirmed. I admit …

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Fixing the plumbing: from shared data to shared imagination

2 February 2021
Geoff Mulgan

This is a fascinating time for philanthropy, with so many very intense short-term pressures. But there is also a hunger …

Conference reports

PEXforum 2021 – Stop. Look. Imagine. Go.

2 February 2021
Nick Perks

After the PEXforum 2021, Nick Perks extends an invitation to the philanthropy ecosystem to imagine, and create, a positive future. …