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The sector that cried wolf?!

19 July 2021
Lev Fejes

It is the understatement of the year to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on our private and social lives, as well as on the economy. The third sector constitutes no exception, as charitable organisations across the globe have been affected both by the economic effects of Covid-19 as well as by the public health measures designed to minimise the spread of the disease and to mitigate its impact. Also, in …

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Appetite to further analyse the rationale and efficiency of tax incentives for philanthropy

19 June 2021
Hanna Surmatz

When commenting on the ERNOP Science and Society Seminar presentation of Giedre Lidelkyte Huber (Geneva Centre for Philanthropy) of key findings from the recent in-depth OECD report, I very much enjoyed the part of the conversation around the rationale for tax incentives and arguments against and in favour of tax incentives, which triggered appetite for further reflection and analysis. Philanthropy’s contribution to the public benefit and the fact that governments give up some of their …

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What is the 2030 agenda for foundation asset management?

13 June 2021
Tobias M. Karow

In Germany, the asset management of foundations is facing a serious problem: Due to their innate risk-adversity and regulatory tendencies, foundations and NPOs never had to watch out for anything else than bonds. Even today, German foundations love bonds and the regular earnings that (used to) come along with them, and for decades these have been the basis for their philanthropic doing. As is well known, this comfortable situation has changed drastically with the low …

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The new normal in family philanthropy

12 May 2021
Simona Biancu

The Rise of family philanthropy was the assumption behind the last Science and Society Seminar of ERNOP (European Research Network on Philanthropy) online series 2021. ‘Engaging with family businesses’ – this was the title of the seminar – was the focus of the presentation held by Peter Vogel, professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship and holder of the Debiopharm Chair for Family Philanthropy at IMD Lausanne and author of the interesting book Family Philanthropy Navigator. …

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The right-hand missing problem

3 April 2021
Livija Rojc Štremfelj

Having enjoyed the first ERNOP Science and Society Seminar on Sustaining Voluntary Energy by Professor Lucas Meys from Rotterdam School …

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Sustaining volunteer energy when fuel capacity is low

2 April 2021
Gabriella Civico

Considering the topic of the first ERNOP Science and Society Seminar, I cannot help noticing that the comparison of volunteers …

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Global South muffled by #TechBros in pursuit of healthy digital societies

4 March 2021
Zibran Choudhury

It seems incongruous to talk of a global divide in a world more connected than it’s ever been. However, it …

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PEX Forum 2021 – Philanthropy is stepping out, but into what?

24 February 2021
Josiane Smith

At the time of writing, multiple contributors have already shared some excellent thoughts about the PEX Forum 2021, a 2-day …

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PEXforum 2021: Philanthropy needs to fight the today’s inequalities or risk becoming obsolete tomorrow

24 February 2021
Justyna Duriasz-Bułhak

When the PEXforum 2021 was approaching, I pondered whether we would be ready to go outside of our comfort zone …

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PEXforum 2021 – The good, the great and the surprising!

24 February 2021
Mihaela Giurgiu

Being in Madrid last year for the first PEXforum was a treat at the time, and an even bigger treat …

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PEXforum 2021: From Reflection to Renewal

19 February 2021
Martin Modlinger

Yes, the PEXforum 2021 was a wonderful, personal and successful conference that built on the previous conference in Madrid, included …

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PEXforum highlights the importance of investing in imagination

18 February 2021
Joanna Pienkowska

For those of us who are lucky enough to be working from home in this pandemic, zoom meetings have become …

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Soul searching at PEXforum: Democratising philanthropy or valuing institutional philanthropy?

17 February 2021
Barry Hoolwerf

The interactive online PEXforum 2021 ‘From crisis to renewal: Living up to our vision for a sustainable and just Europe’ …