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Forum Annual Conference 2018: Building common ground

30 July 2018
Niamani Mutima

Philanthropy is a verb. By its very nature, it helps to build a common ground where we can push back on the superficial differences between us and work together on our shared visions. Attending the United Philanthropy Forum (UPF) Annual Conference in Boston gave me a chance to engage in rich conversations with other network leaders and emerging practitioners on how our individual and collective efforts can address common challenges. It was energizing to reconnect …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: When learning is both personal and professional

27 July 2018
Grace Chiang Nicolette

One of the unique aspects of working in philanthropy is that when we come together with peers in our field, the lessons we learn can be both personal and professional in nature. I was reflecting on this truth after the United Philanthropy Forum conference in Boston last week, where a consistent theme threaded throughout the sessions was the importance of racial equity and inclusion. The professional takeaways as they relate to racial progress are loud …

Conference reports

The support group that is essential to professional growth. (Us.)

25 July 2018
Jen Bokoff

Less than one glass of (fantastic) rosé into the first-timers happy hour, the conversation turned to the friction between personal …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: Philanthropy – what is most needed?

24 July 2018
Leslie Pine

In the growing turbulence of our times, the power of philanthropy also seems to be growing exponentially, yet awkwardly and …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: Time to Inscape

19 July 2018
Nina Sachdev

I wore my Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt on the plane to Boston. On purpose. Because I had to. I wasn’t trying …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: What is philanthropy bringing to the table?

18 July 2018
Sarah Brown-Campello

What are you doing to lift up social justice issues in your work? Who best to hear about addressing root …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: The savior complex in a complex society

18 July 2018
Nikki Powell

When I hear a keynote speaker quote Marcus Aurelius, I kind of roll my eyes a little. But when they …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: Deities & Demons

17 July 2018
Sean Parnell

Before I try to share my thoughts on the presentation by artist Titus Kaphar, I should probably disclose that my …

Conference reports

A child-centric view of the 2018 AVPN Conference

7 July 2018
Mary Ellen and Azad Oommen

As organisations working on education in India, we were excited to be at AVPN to connect with other organisations interested …

Conference reports

Mobilising social finance for climate action in Asia

17 June 2018
David Venn

Asia is particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. A confluence of man-made factors ranging from industrial agriculture practices …


Governance changes at the EFC following 2018 Annual General Assembly

14 June 2018
Alliance magazine

The Annual General Assembly of Members took place on Thursday 31 May in Brussels as part of the 29th EFC …