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Crossing boundaries, borders and barriers – environment trumps all yet is still ignored by majority of foundations

16 November 2018
Ciorsdan Brown

I always look forward to the ACF conference as it’s a really good chance to catch up with friends, to learn, challenge and connect. I wondered what the theme around borders, barriers and boundaries might actually mean and whether or not it would be relevant to all delegates. I was pleased that the plenary session on said topic was pretty thought provoking, personally making me think about borders and barriers within my own community but …

Conference reports

A stick in the spokes of the funding hamster wheel

14 November 2018
Zibran Choudhury

‘Where is the space for critique and analysis of foundation practice.’ Andrew McCracken, CEO, Community Foundation Northern Ireland Many of the foundations I spoke to at the ACF Conference 2018 described how the churn of funding has left them with little headspace to truly innovate. The process, as one delegate described it, is ‘…call for funding, review application, approve grant, measure impact – copy, paste and repeat every three years.’ In addition, 32 per cent of …

Conference reports

Rethinking the funder-grantee relationship

8 November 2018
Justin Wiebe

The relationship that exists between many funders and grantees is complicated to say the least. The relationship can too often …

Conference reports

Philanthropy advisors get to grips with Generation Impact

1 November 2018
Charles Keidan

The issue of ‘next-gen’ giving – the philanthropic passions and commitments of a new generation of wealth holders – is …

Conference reports

Charting a common course: Muslim philanthropy Breakfast Club

30 October 2018
Robin Nobel

I walked into Alliance’s Breakfast Club on Muslim Philanthropy not knowing what to expect. On the one hand, I have …

Conference reports

Peeling the onion of Russian philanthropy: reflections on the Russian Donors Forum annual conference

30 October 2018
James Magowan

Underneath the skin of the mighty onion of philanthropy in Russia lies another layer, and another, and another, each adding …

Conference reports

Muslim philanthropy at the crossroads: Aziz Foundation at Alliance magazine Breakfast Club

27 October 2018
Aziz Foundation

On Thursday October 24 our Assistant Director Shenaz Bunglawala joined Huda Jawad, SAFE Communities Coordinator and Fozia Irfan, Chief Executive of Bedfordshire and Luton …

Conference reports

Let’s dance! The role of philanthropy in the age of disruption

26 October 2018
Jennifer Thomas

‘Diversity is being invited to the party, Inclusion is being asked to dance’ – Mohamed Huque, Director, Inspirit Foundation Mohamed …

Conference reports

The place-to-be for the leaders of strategic philanthropy

25 October 2018
Massimo Lapucci

Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT and Chair of the European Foundation Centre. discloses some contents of his keynote at …

Conference reports

New civil society: the start of something special or just a rebrand?

19 October 2018
Liana Varon

This week, more than 100 participants met for the EFC Grantmakers East Forum 2018 in Budapest. In the midst of …

Conference reports

A wild ride at Grantmakers East Forum 2018

19 October 2018
Robin Gosejohann

It is the right thing to hold the EFC Grantmakers East Forum (GEF) – an annual donor conference with a geographical …