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Amitabh Behar

Opinion Amitabh Behar 16 April 2024

‘Shift the Power’: Narrow internal gaze or shaping an equal future?

Seven hundred extraordinary people from philanthropies, developmental agencies, NGOs, and community groups, gathered in Bogota, Colombia last December to deliberate on the unequal power distribution in the global developmental sector,[1] and to find paths to …

Analysis 3 Amitabh Behar 25 September 2018

Social enterprise is eroding civil society

An incisive editorial cartoon shows Mahatma Gandhi being read a letter stating that his funding proposal for spinning cloth is being rejected because the link between the proposal and the struggle against the British empire …

Analysis 1 Amitabh Behar 18 July 2017

The needle has swung the wrong way: it’s time for India’s philanthropy reckoning

Philanthropy needs and deserves more debate, critical thinking and scrutiny. The Philanthropy Thinker – a new online column launching in Alliance today –aims to offer perspectives from some of the best and brightest philanthropy practitioners …

Special feature 1 Amitabh Behar 6 September 2016

What role for philanthropy in a democratic India?

Even before the recent Brexit vote, the rise of Donald Trump and the growth of so-called Islamic State it was clear we were witnessing a moment of disruption in history. While global leaders were formulating …