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You can’t play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra

11 May 2021
Delphine Moralis

Preparing for the launch of the latest edition of our Environmental Funding by European Foundations publication, I mentioned the topic to my eldest son who said that this was the most important thing he had heard me work on since I started my new job at the EFC. For many reasons, he may very well be right. After all, he will be 20 when we reach the deadline of the SDGs and of the 2030 …


30 lessons in pursuit of deep social impact: Reflection, assessment, and sharing

9 May 2021
Leslie Pine

When pursuing deep social impact, an important part of the journey is creating space to reflect on what you have done, where you are currently, and where you would like to go. The reflection process doesn’t always come with a roadmap, which means it can be challenging yet rewarding. Through our evaluation work with donors, we know measuring the results of philanthropic efforts can be difficult. We often say one of the most important goals is to …


Donations, investments, and the uncharted territory in between

7 May 2021
Rien van Gendt

Donations are widely regarded as the core product of charitable foundations. This is how they see themselves, and how the outside world sees them. Most laws and regulations about philanthropy relate to donations, and media coverage of institutional philanthropy almost invariably assumes that they are the norm. Even highly progressive foundations that regard cheque writing not as an end in itself, but as a means to achieve a strategy, often have financial donations as the …


Charity for charity’s sake: the role of philanthropy in an uncertain world

5 May 2021
Cristiana Falcone Sorrell

The sole constant of the past year has been uncertainty, impacting the plans and priorities of people, businesses, and charities worldwide. For those of us in philanthropy, it has been a time not just to take action, but also to reflect on our purpose, goals and impact in a new world. As Chief Executive of a family foundation, I’ve found that amid the instability, it has been crucial to consider the unique role that we …


Persons with disabilities need to be included in the climate conversation

3 May 2021
Peter Kostishack

And how philanthropy can help make that happen Beyond the direct environmental and physical impacts of climate change, there are …


The soil-keeping approach to reparative justice: 7 principles for a regenerative world

2 May 2021
Kiley Arroyo

Just societies cannot grow in toxic soil. To build regenerative communities, we should look to how life flourishes in the …


Promoting institutional philanthropy in Ukraine

1 May 2021
Eugenia Mazurenko

In 2018, Zagoriy Foundation initiated the Giving Tuesday movement in Ukraine to promote charity and good deeds. One of the …


Practical tips for funder collaboration in new toolkit

29 April 2021
Jim Cooke and Cassie Robinson

It doesn’t take long online to find content about collaboration – what makes a good collaboration, stories from the frontlines …


Re-imagining feminist philanthropy in Poland

28 April 2021
Bethan Cansfield and Chiara de Luca

Feminist movements face growing hostility in Poland due to political unrest and shrinking civic space driven by the rise of …


How to avoid checking the equity box and make true progress toward climate justice

26 April 2021
Rt Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton

In the wake of the widespread racial justice protests of the past year, environmental funders are reckoning with their history. …


Protection Networks: a lifeline for embattled human rights activists

24 April 2021
Magda Adamowicz and Sharan Srinivas

On 23 October 2020, unidentified gunmen shot 65-year-old South African environmental and human rights activist Fikile Ntshangase dead at her …


A call to philanthropy to be bold. Now.

21 April 2021
Max von Abendroth

‘10 years to transform the future of humanity – or to destabilize the planet’ – this is the reality philanthropy …


Will the pandemic usher in a new era of corporate philanthropy?

19 April 2021
Iain Rawlinson and Ben Morton Wright

Seven in ten US corporate funders surveyed by the Charities Aid Foundation of America had increased their charitable contributions in …