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The impact space in New Zealand

16 October 2018
David Woods

In the last few weeks, at least three events have helped to move forward the awareness of how impact investment is developing as a sector in New Zealand – the RIAA New Zealand conference and the Mercer Investment Forum in September, and the Global Steering Group summit conference last week which saw New Zealand become the 19th member of the GSG, opening up new opportunities in the two way flow of knowledge and experience with …


Small initiatives can create huge impact

14 October 2018
Jasper Snoek

What would you do without your smartphone these days? We depend on it for so many activities. But not everyone is aware of how their smartphone is produced. Our phones hold a complex story of the hundreds of people who helped make it. Fairphone wants to tell that story, and positively impact the way phones are made, used and recycled. More than a smartphone, the Fairphone is a global campaign for fair materials, good working …


Britain has lost the EU but its foundations may yet find a role

13 October 2018
Max Rutherford

This week, at a meeting in the European Parliament between national foundation associations from across Europe, MEPs and officials from …


Does franchising belong in social enterprise?

12 October 2018
Décio Emanuel

As social entrepreneurs, we’ve all been guilty of believing that our idea, business model, and social impact model are unique. …


Not all social enterprises are the same

6 October 2018
Andrew Milner

In Amitabh Behar’s recent Philanthropy Thinker column, he sees – and deplores – the rise of a new form of …


Canadian foundations must confront inequality and exclusion

1 October 2018
Hilary Pearson

Typically, Canadian foundations remain very reticent to draw attention to themselves, unlike our more visible American neighbours. This is partly …


Philanthropy must end its self-imposed isolation

25 September 2018
Amanda Aguilar

I just finished reading The (continuing) enigma of Kaspar Hauser article by Alliance’s Andrew Milner, castigating the philanthropic sector’s self-imposed …


Taking leadership in Asia: Engaging with policy sector for impact

13 September 2018
Patsian Low

Recently, there have been vocal challenges that question whether the impact capital movement has affected systemic changes. Critics have pointed …


A new dawn for Latin American philanthropy?

5 September 2018
Guayana Paez-Acosta

In light of the declining trend in philanthropy giving coming into Latin America, I recently talked about the need for …


Fueling a revolution on international change: Individual and family philanthropists

4 September 2018
Ina Breuer and Maggi Alexander

All funders, big and small, are interested in the impact of their investments. This can be particularly tricky in the …


Local community funding: what’s possible in Latin America?

2 September 2018
Gastón Chillier

Much has been written about whether human rights organisations can centre their financial sustainability on support from local individual donors and free themselves …