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Corporate foundations on a journey from alienated to strategic impact partner

21 July 2019
Priscilla Boiardi, Karoline Heitmann, Lonneke Roza and Steven Serneels

We know the statistics: if we want to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we still have a funding gap of a $ 2.5 trillion yearly. We urgently need to find resources to invest in the SDGs, and ways to scale the impact. Multi-stakeholder partnerships can create synergies and unlock further financial and nonfinancial resources to fill the funding gap. One partnership in particular has vast yet unexplored opportunities to accelerate the achievement of the …


Is philanthropic collaboration worth it? New research reveals what leads to success or to failure

17 July 2019
Leonardo Lacerda

There is a trend towards greater collaboration among philanthropic organisations. More foundations are pooling resources and working together to achieve impact at the scale of the problems we tackle: from climate change to poverty. But do funder collaboratives deliver more impactful results? The short answer is ‘yes,’ according to new research called ‘Are Funder Collaboratives Valuable? I can also confirm this based on my experience as the Director of the Environment Programme at Oak Foundation. …


Giving Evidence on research priorities: one link to rule them all?

16 July 2019
Tobias Jung

This month, Charity Futures and Giving Evidence launched their findings on whether, where and what research is needed about UK …


Exploring the potential for cryptocurrency in philanthropy

13 July 2019
Jack Burgess

What exactly are cryptocurrencies? Hundreds of coins with names such as Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum have sprouted up over the …


Addressing the peace-building data problem

11 July 2019
Aaron Stanley, Grant Masterson and Arsene Brice Bado

Peace-building has a data problem. Or three, to be precise: Definitional issues – The field lags behind others like international …


Leverage for peace philanthropy in USA Global Fragility Act

3 July 2019
Madeline Rose

Alliance magazine’s June 2019 issue affirmed what many of us in the peace, peacebuilding, and humanitarian communities feared: peace-related philanthropy …


Youth movements and funders need to learn to understand each other better

1 July 2019
Gioel Gioacchino

Like with dating, clearer communication and mutual understanding can improve relationships between youth movements and funders At a recent global …


From young gamers to loyal blood donors?

25 June 2019
Tjeerd Piersma

On April 18 2019, Sanquin – the Dutch blood bank – received two prestigious Esprix non-profit marketing awards for their …


Berlin: the beating heart of European civil society

24 June 2019
Kimberly Marteau Emerson and Dr Nina Smidt

When the Open Society Foundations (OSF) closed their offices and Central European University (CEU) closed their campus in Budapest last …


Catalysing engagement on climate action

23 June 2019
Christina Ameln

‘Our house is on fire!’ Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenage activist, regularly reminds the world that she is still a …


A culture of care: helping activists and their allies look after themselves

22 June 2019
Marianne Mollmann

Self-care is often the last thing on the minds of frontline human rights defenders. But it is the only thing …