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The future of philanthropy: A view from Russia

19 October 2020
Alexey Kuzmin

The Center for Philanthropy Development’s paper on the future of philanthropy attempts to produce a credible forecast of that future by documenting key current trends. The study was based on an in-depth literature review which consisted of the following main stages. In the first stage, the preliminary exploration, we identified over thirty publications that included either a description of trends in philanthropy or a forecast of its future. Surprisingly, the number of such publications available …


A role for philanthropy in governance and debate

17 October 2020
Richard Dion

This year’s presidential election season is showcasing the culture of debate that has taken hold of the United States. Yet governance doesn’t just require good debaters, it also requires the soft skills of compromise, dialogue and empathy (CDE). Philanthropy could step in to kickstart the healing of our fractured society. As a discipline, speech and debate builds a student’s confidence and communication skills to wade one’s way through life and reason is crucial in society. …


Neutrality Paradox: 2020 – A crossroads for the nonprofit sector?

16 October 2020
Michael Thatcher

If there was ever a thought that the first year of a new decade would follow a certain modus operandi, …


Environmental justice demands more

15 October 2020
Tina Johnson

Environmental justice is not a single-issue movement – it is impossible for it to be, due to the multiple environmental, …


To grassroots non-profit organisations ‘neutrality paradox’ is a double-edged sword!

14 October 2020
Leah Wandera

The sustainability of the most grassroots non- profit organisations highly depends on the support from esteemed donors like GlobalGiving. However, …


Growing local giving in emerging economies: Uganda and Tanzania

12 October 2020
Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde

Communities rally around local responses to COVID-19 as economic futures are uncertain. CAF is exploring charitable giving in Uganda and …


Shine Campaign: Energising women in the Global South

9 October 2020
Sheila Oparaocha and Emira Woods

The future of sustainable energy innovation is women-led, community-powered, and based in the Global South. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed …


Foundation investments: Important to challenge popular beliefs

7 October 2020
Rien van Gendt

Recently Alliance magazine published a special issue that provides an inside perspective in the world of philanthropic investments, and I participated …


False binaries: A cautionary tale

5 October 2020
Djurdja Trajkovic and Galina Maksimovic

This is the fourth article in a global series about philanthropic responses to COVID-19 and its effects, hosted by the …


How we’re designing to address the Neutrality Paradox

2 October 2020
Elizabeth MacLaren

The Neutrality Paradox is not a new problem at GlobalGiving nor am I a newcomer—having served as part of the …


Deciding together: Participatory approaches highlight a new way forward

1 October 2020
Andrea McGrath, Saumya Shruti and Shaily Acharya

When Diana Samarasan set out to create the Disability Rights Fund in 2008, she had limited experience in grantmaking and funding. As …