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Want to be a true climate catalyst funder? Practice brave, speedy and flexible grant-making

17 August 2022
Jenny Ekelund

Not every foundation boasts climate expert staff and trustees. Does that matter? Arguably not. If funders want to support high-impact climate collaborations, a healthy risk appetite, and a willingness to act with bravery, speed, and flexibility are far more important than deep knowledge. Philanthropy of all stripes has undoubtedly woken up to the challenge of the climate crisis over the past two years. Many organisations have begun thinking deeply about their role during this crucial …


Can philanthropy deliver on $100bn climate finance this COP27?   

16 August 2022
Tessa Vincent

Since 2009, countries have promised $100 billion in climate finance each year for developing countries. Year after year, rich countries have broken their promise. Conference after conference, developing countries have been left without adequate tools to properly cut emissions. How can we move from this stalemate finance situation? Could philanthropy deliver on the $100 billion climate finance pledge this COP27? Less than 2 per cent ($6-$10 billion) of global philanthropy ($750 billion) in 2020 was …


Philanthropy, it’s time to get involved with digital equity

15 August 2022
Chris Worman

If you are reading this, you’ve crossed the digital divide. One in two people on the planet have not.  You can take advantage of an increasing array of digital products and services. Unconnected families cannot; and they are falling behind as work, education, healthcare, civic participation, and access to services provided by your grantees, are increasingly moving online. For unconnected families, the internet — once touted as a great equalizer — is becoming a wedge …


The ‘S’ of the Brazilian ESG will not evolve without dialogue with CSOs

13 August 2022
Renato Rebelo

The B3 (Stock Exchange in Brazil) revealed last year that it would have new rules for its Corporate Sustainability Index. The changes in the ranking stemmed from pressure from investors so that the companies evaluated became increasingly attentive to ‘ESG’ actions (Environmental, Social and Governance). Following the announcement, B3 started to openly publish the scores of the 73 organizations participating in the index. Dimensions such as human capital; corporate governance and senior management; business model and …


Learning from young activists 

12 August 2022
Sunga Kufeyani

For International Youth Day, Global Fund for Children’s Learning and Influencing Fellow Sunga Kufeyani shares advice for funders on engaging …


Solidarity over charity: Prioritising long-term shifts over band-aid responses

11 August 2022
Sadaf Shallwani

What has charitable giving achieved over the last few decades? It’s a question that implicates billions of dollars, millions of …


Philanthropy can’t wait any longer, it needs to decolonise aid now

10 August 2022
Patricia McIlreavy

Every sector grapples with its own issues and challenges, often publicly and not always productively. Despite commonalities in purpose, principles …


Centring pan-African philanthropies amid the shifting global socio-political and economic order

9 August 2022
Halima Mahomed and Ndana Bofu-Tawamba

There is no question that we are living in unprecedented times. The past three years, marked by the onset of …


How to do philanthropy strategically in a messy world

5 August 2022
Devon Kearney

I muttered and cursed on the subway the first time I read Paul Brest’s The Power of Theories of Change. …


Philanthropy can advance business for good around climate ambitions and beyond

3 August 2022
Social Innovation Exchange

A new way of thinking about corporate purpose and climate risks Businesses have an important role to play in transitioning …


Refusing donations: The legal lessons to learn from Prince Charles accepting Bin Laden family money

2 August 2022
John Picton

Revelations that Prince Charles privately brokered a £1 million charity payment from the family of Osama bin Laden throw an …


Healing ourselves: Philanthropy’s role in building global reconstructive surgical capacity

1 August 2022
Dr Seif Nuru

A few years ago, an 8-year-old boy named Jonah arrived at my hospital in Itigi, Tanzania. As a toddler, Jonah’s …


Prostitution is a racial justice issue

29 July 2022
Vednita Carter

I was raised by my grandmother. She was a faithful woman, very involved in the church. Some of my earliest …