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Advancing philanthropy by advancing knowledge

22 September 2022
Amir Pasic

Indiana’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy has launched a professional doctorate in philanthropic leadership – the first degree of its kind. Most people interested in philanthropy are ‘doers,’ seeking to make a meaningful social contribution. But what they can accomplish depends on what they know, so there is an understandable thirst for practical knowledge that will survive the journey from anecdote to best practice, and then to a general principle that can be thoughtfully applied …


Foundations and trade unions: a plea to philanthropy

21 September 2022
Keiran Goddard

Let’s start with a plain statement: the systems, orthodoxies and assumptions of neoliberal capitalism have failed. Arguably, this has been clear for decades to those who cared enough to look. But at this point, even those still wedded to the empty promises of the ‘free’ market are finding it increasingly hard to avoid the inevitable conclusion. We have entered a period of violent collapse that is so clear, so devastating to the lives, hopes and …


Investing in community organising nourishes social movements from the ground up

20 September 2022
Martha Mackenzie

In the wake of our collective global reckoning with racial and economic justice two years ago, Alliance magazine asked how philanthropy can best support social movements to win change. But two years on – we face yet another critical juncture. Prices and temperatures are rising, destroying lives in the present and threatening our future. In this moment of urgency, philanthropy is once again wondering how to respond.  For as long as we’ve been asking this …


Within our culture of violence, normalizing sex buying as freedom begs another look

16 September 2022
Panagiota Caralis

As millions of Ukrainian women and children are forced to flee their homes in hopes of surviving Russia’s war, they face another significant threat: men seeking to buy sex and the dangers of getting lured into the commercial sex trade and human trafficking. The Associated Press has reported that in Poland’s refugee camps, while Polish men have offered to ‘help’ women and children, arrests have been made for the rape of a 19-year-old refugee in …


Clean air: a game-changing solution still hidden in plain sight

15 September 2022
Jane Burston

It can feel cliched to talk about win-win solutions these days, but air pollution genuinely merits the label. It stands out …


Rethinking non-financial support

14 September 2022
Alan Wagenberg and Fernanda Achá

Funding is critical when it comes to identifying and scaling innovative social solutions. However, funding alone is not enough to …


Why – and how – community foundations can link their work to the SDGs

13 September 2022
Lev Fejes

With the halfway mark of the Goals’ just around the corner in 2023, it is evident that long-term progress on …


Decolonising the evidence for food systems

12 September 2022
Lauren Baker

The reasons for the breakdown of our food systems are complex and interlinked. Though exacerbated by present day conflicts, the …


Can philanthropy rise to the challenge of combating climate change?

10 September 2022
Phil Buchanan, Naomi Orensten and Katarina Malmgren

Climate change is widely acknowledged as the existential crisis of our time, a ‘code red for humanity‘, in the words …


Policy matters because people matter: Advocacy to amplify survivor voices to end sexual violence

9 September 2022
Janet Jensen

Prostitution is violence against people. There, I said it. One quick internet search to try and back up that statement …


One of COP27’s most pressing challenges: Funding locally-led climate solutions

7 September 2022
Paula Ellinger da Fonseca, Andres Mogro and Victoria Matusevich

If you are following the latest developments in climate action, you might know that at the end of July the …


Adding evidence: What global grantmaking data tells about us funding for intersectional organising

5 September 2022
Kellea Miller

Spoiler: philanthropy is not living up to its ideals Within the field of human rights philanthropy, we have spent much …


Mission to Scale: a podcast to help you take the guesswork out of changing more lives

31 August 2022
Spring Impact

‘A ‘must’ if you’re serious about scaling…it’s a great mix of ideas and practical examples.’ (Apple Podcast Review US, 2022) …