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The (continuing) enigma of Kaspar Hauser

18 August 2018
Andrew Milner

Most of us (by ‘us’ I loosely mean those who are steadily employed in the philanthropy sector) are not poor, but we write and talk about poverty. Many of us are middle-aged or beyond, but we write and talk about young people. We cudgel our brains to understand social movements and how to reach them, while our thought processes and behaviour patterns were formed by, and are attuned to, the structure of institutions. No wonder …


Creating pathways for philanthropy in the SDGs: Perspectives from Ghana

13 August 2018
Isaac Ofosu Debrah

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent an unrivalled opportunity to deliver high quality development results and philanthropy is already playing a crucial role in making this happen, especially through piloting innovations, scaling such innovation to maximize impact at various levels through varied funding mechanisms from the provision of grants, flexible capital and more recently the intensification of ‘business-like’ approaches, including impact investing. Globally, Foundation Center projects a total financial outlay of $360 billion by 2030 …


Is money evil? A social integration story without money

11 August 2018
Rana Kotan

In Turkish philanthropy, a few foundations (among more than five thousand) managed to go beyond charity by channeling their philanthropic …


Reflections on the state of civil society in South Africa

8 August 2018
Judith Mtsewu

It was Albert Einstein who said that ‘in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,’ and it is a sentiment that …


How philanthropy adds value to India’s effort to achieve SDGs

5 August 2018
Heather Grady

How can philanthropy leverage its specialised resources to effectively contribute to India’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation? This was the …


Identifiable victims: why don’t we care enough about BIG complex stuff…?

29 July 2018
Bernard Ross

Maybe like me you were in one sense glad to see the attention the Thai boys trapped in the cave …


Where are all the lived-experience leaders in grant making?

16 July 2018
Selina Nwulu

It may not come as a surprise to hear that the foundation sector needs to diversify. For those of us …


Arab philanthropy is held back by caution and a lack of vision

14 July 2018
Barbara Ibrahim

I read Nora Murad’s provocative response to Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace’s (PSJP’s) report on philanthropy in the Arab world during the month …


Philanthropy in Brazil: Obstacles, challenges and opportunities

9 July 2018
Graciela Hopstein

Brazilian philanthropy is maturing, expanding visibly and becoming more diversified – as indicated by two recent studies: a report on Philanthropy in …


Funding on the edge – upswing in sales for Lush shows funders can take bolder positions

2 July 2018
Alison Goldsworthy

The police are enjoying a moment of high confidence in the UK. IPSOS Mori’s 2017 veracity index recorded its highest …


Why we need collaborations to tackle climate change

27 June 2018
Terry Odendahl

In the current political moment, one where we can no longer trust politicians and international actors to have human compassion …