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Being intentional in 2020

7 January 2020
Dumiso Gatsha

I walk into 2020 with very little to celebrate. This is because the gains made on the social justice front were either compromised or insufficient due to the plethora of challenges they faced. From LGBTIQ+ related rights struggles, climate justice to reproductive rights; these saw universal oppression and backlash. Policy-making, decriminalisation and elections are not enough as executive orders, politics and religious elements anchored prejudice, injustice and denied many marginalised groups of their freedoms. 2019 …


Fit to fund: Who should pay to raise standards for good financial grant practice?

27 December 2019
Michael Kilpatrick

Funders have a right to expect that their nonprofit grantees have systems and structures in place to manage grants effectively and ethically. But does that right also imply that funders have a responsibility to invest in the grant management capabilities they expect from organizations they entrust with funds? In the production of French cognac, nearly twenty million bottles, or 8 percent of the country’s annual production, is lost to evaporation after the distilled spirit has …


Australian philanthropy needs more crowd power

23 December 2019
Krystian Seibert

Philanthropy’s ability to give up power will actually demonstrate the sector’s maturity, writes Krystian Seibert, who argues it’s time for …


African and Jewish philanthropy merge to deepen the practice of giving among the youth

17 December 2019
Lisa-Anne Julien

There are several African terms that embody the spirit of philanthropy. The South African term Ubuntu has come to mean …


Philanthropy has a huge role to play in empowering women in the Middle East

6 December 2019
Amal Al Kathiri

Saudi women have a crucial role to play in the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider …


Reflections of an Alliance magazine Intern

2 December 2019
Anna Reeves McCutcheon

Life is quite funny. I sleep in a bunk next to a large window that overlooks a backside row of …


Ensuring no one is left behind in the global effort to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic

1 December 2019
Sponsored by Gilead Sciences, Alex Kalomparis and Anne Aslett

This blog is sponsored by Gilead Sciences On World AIDS Day 2019 there is certainly reason to celebrate. It has …


A man’s call for gender equality: Why feminist philanthropy helps us all

29 November 2019
Peter Schattner

One in three women globally experience violence in their lifetime. If gender-based violence were a disease, it would be the …


Big business can do more to protect the environment – here’s how to get them on side

29 November 2019
Josh Newton

People in the UK want greater investment in protecting the environment. Gone are the days when this statement would have been …


How do we tackle the impunity of multinationals?

20 November 2019
Juliette Decoster

Multinational corporations involved in environmental or human rights-related scandals, such as the Bhopal disaster or the collapse of the Rana …


Be the narrative: revolutionising human rights

18 November 2019
James Savage

2019 has been the year that narrative-building went mainstream. As my colleague James Logan foreshadowed in January, human rights groups …