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The Phoenix way: lessons from the pandemic

26 February 2021
Shane Ryan

It has been the strangest yet most memorable year and for mostly reasons we may want to forget. But amid the crises of the past year, there have been organisations and individuals who are seeing this challenging time as an opportunity to be better, increase their understanding of those around them in their pursuit of excellence and truly be counted in their attempts to make the world a better place for everyone. What they realise …


Philanthropy’s role in overcoming the pandemic through R&I

25 February 2021
Ignasi López Verdeguer

This article has been commissioned for PEXnews. Beyond funding, philanthropy’s patient, risk-taking, anticipative and collaborative approach is key in the landscape of Research and Innovation The world is still living under the overwhelming weight of a health, social and economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, we have also witnessed the most extraordinary reaction from the Research and Innovation system to fight back, the system that has delivered efficient vaccines and a light at …


European Climate Pact: An invitation to philanthropy organisations

24 February 2021
Elena Višnar Malinovská

This article has been commissioned for PEXnews Philanthropy can play an important role in Europe’s green transition by supporting concrete action for climate and the environment, from boosting local grassroots projects to accelerating and scaling up societal innovation. The European Climate Pact launched as part of the European Green Deal is an opportunity for philanthropy organisations to bring their valuable support to initiatives from across Europe. The European Commission launched the European Green Deal in December …


Dollars and pads: the business case for investing in menstrual health

23 February 2021
Cristina Ljungberg and Wendy Anderson

We know that menstrual health is a core component of global health, and yet the human-rights based argument is falling short of engaging funders to become involved in this space. Investing in menstrual health is central to advancing gender equality as a whole and has impact that reaches across economics, education, and health. That women have the right to health is the cornerstone of many funding policies, but the inclusion of menstrual health within that …


Blended value: financial returns, SDG’s and gender in harmony

22 February 2021
Rien van Gendt

How enlightened would it be, if foundations were to use gender lens investing as one of their strategies to contribute …


No room for complicity: fighting racism within funded partners

16 February 2021
Aanchal Clare

If 2020 reminded us of anything, it’s that charities can often face bumps in the road that risk disrupting even …


A call to philanthropy: let’s help build societies that are tech-enabled, not tech-led

15 February 2021
Benjamin Bellegy

In the Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of The Typographic Man, we learn that the printing press revolutionised the world by …


Safety and wellbeing: promising funder practices to support partners

12 February 2021
Alison Miranda, Vanina Serra and Wedad Bseiso

Restrictive legislation, targeted attempts to surveil or hack, threats to physical safety: these are only some of the constraints facing …


What does a world-leading framework of charities law look like?

9 February 2021
Sue Barker

Although charities have a proud history of catalysing much-needed social change, there is mounting concern that governments might be using …


Why I fund philanthropy support organisations

8 February 2021
Peter Brach

I fund PSOs and umbrella organisations because under the right circumstances the outcome can be enormous. My grantmaking focuses on …


Why Disaster Tech in Asia holds great potential, and how to scale the field

3 February 2021
Natasha Rynjah

A person who lives in the Asia Pacific region is five times more likely to suffer from disasters than anywhere …


What does feminist funding really look like?

1 February 2021
Lisa Houston, Ginger Norwood, Patrick Pierce and Rebecca Wolsak

It has almost become a donor mantra: invest in women and girls. But the vast majority of international aid is …


Can community engagement stimulate the creative economy and lift people out of poverty?

28 January 2021
Abeer Al Fouti

Today is Global Community Engagement day, a day when we shine a light on the power of individuals and organisations …