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Philanthropy in Africa equals more prosperity – Part II

15 January 2019
Tony K Ansah Jr

Africans home & abroad are in a pivotal position to use their cultural heritage and traditional intelligence to package and deliver philanthropy that’s much more effective and efficient for Africa. Luckily, there are different ways to give financial contributions and support within the African culture and tradition, such as Harambees, Tontines, Idir and Susu. As the saying goes, ‘charity starts at home.’ In Kenya, Harambee is community fundraising done through individuals (family & friends) who …


Room to breathe – the value of thinking space for small charities

10 January 2019
Beth Clarke

I spend a lot of time listening to small charity CEOs as programme manager for CAF Resilience, a pilot initiative supporting ten charitable organisations to be more resilient. The aim is not only to support the ten participating, but also to learn more about the barriers and enablers to developing a more resilient charity and share these with the sector. The programme was initiated by a major UK philanthropist and also then funded by a …


Supporting micro-level solutions is key to up-scaling innovation towards the SDGs

21 December 2018
Isaac Ofosu Debrah

It would be an understatement to say that the SDGs call for innovation and new ways of doing things. Despite …


The three giants – a parable…or possibly a conundrum

17 December 2018
Andrew Milner

In a remote time and place – it might have been anywhere – there was a village. The villagers cultivated …


Unearthing solutions: using data to reach children left behind in the AIDS response

6 December 2018
Corinna Csáky and Jennifer Carpenter

After nearly 40 years of tireless activism, advocacy, funding and research, HIV is no longer the devastating death sentence it …


Will Brazilian philanthropy leapfrog the ‘grantmaking phase’ and move directly to an impact investing model?

4 December 2018
Jessica Sklair

In conversation with a foundation director after a recent event on the philanthropy circuit in São Paulo, I mentioned the …


The chance to end AIDS is a once in a generation opportunity

30 November 2018
Frank Beadle de Palomo

‘The prevailing discourse on ending AIDS has bred a dangerous complacency and may have hastened the weakening of global resolve …


Seven reasons to be proud of the UK’s global response to HIV – and one word of warning

28 November 2018
Kate Harrison

As we approach the thirtieth anniversary of World AIDS Day it’s time to be reflective. What role has the UK …


African philanthropy for Africa is the future

27 November 2018
Tony K Ansah Jr

There has been large amounts of charity, donations, and philanthropy going to and from Africa post-colonial era for decades. Those …


Royal philanthropy is a poor form of trickle-down economics

24 November 2018
Sandy Biar

The Royals are well known for their involvement with charitable causes, including Children’s HIV Foundations, Cancer Research, the Red Cross …


Charities should be thankful for royal philanthropy

22 November 2018
Kim Roberts

The Royal Family are an incredible force for good when it comes to supporting charities. Royal patronage adds status to …