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How can endowments and foundations protect portfolios against rising inflation?

24 November 2021
Texas Hemmaplardh

This article is advertiser content paid for by Mercer, © 2021 Mercer LLC. All rights reserved. Inflation is a great unknown risk for endowments and foundations but building resilience to protect against it is a key to growing perpetual portfolios for future generations. Inflation is the enemy of long-term investors and one of the biggest economic uncertainties for the coming year. Concerns are rife over the return of global inflation, amid supply shocks and soaring …


Reasonably expecting more from philanthropy

23 November 2021
Dumiso Gatsha

There are days when I find myself crying for no reason. I would normally have difficulty breathing, trying to gather my thoughts and calm myself whilst the tears are gushing out my eyes. I can’t ‘reasonably’ articulate why or what the trigger is. It is a wave that comes with no warning or timing. I have no choice in it. This is a reality with many variances for many grassroots activists – particularly those who …


Community-scale missions need all sectors working together

21 November 2021
Cassie Robinson

At the end of June this year, we announced a new funding and support programme – a pilot partnership between The National Lottery Community Fund and IKEA UK. The programme, Places Called Home, aims to inspire and enable activities to build connected, resilient and sustainable communities and places – you can read more about it here.  Why we wanted to partner It was last June that we initially came together to start discussing what a …


Putting a stop to child sexual abuse before it occurs

19 November 2021
Seán Coughlan and Douglas Griffiths

The Covid-19 pandemic has put many children at risk of sexual abuse. School closures and lockdown measures confined some with their abusers and left others open to online exploitation due to more time spent on the internet. Online child sexual exploitation has already reached epidemic proportions, with 82 million images reported last year in the US, up from one million images a decade ago. The Global Threat Assessment 2021 finds that one in two respondents …


UK foundation giving to environmental causes is on the up, but still a drop in the ocean

17 November 2021
Florence Miller and Patricia Cremona

After years of little change, annual giving from UK foundations for environmental work nearly doubled between 2015/16 and 2018/19, a …


10 lessons from a decade in climate philanthropy

16 November 2021
Elsa Özmen

I started working in climate philanthropy over a decade ago. At the time, less than two per cent of all …


Insights from our work funding and supporting charities to improve DEI

15 November 2021
Bonnie Chiu and Lily Lewis

In our last post, we outlined the steps we took to support five charities and social enterprises to apply a …


How philanthropy can help to reimagine a better world rooted in justice, solidarity, and community

14 November 2021
Nina Blackwell

Over the past 18 months, many funders (philanthropic and otherwise) – struck by the realization that so many of our …


All hands on deck: Philanthropy’s extraordinary moment

11 November 2021
Leslie Johnston

Philanthropic capital must play a bigger role in driving the systems shift we need Pressure is on here in Glasgow. …


Philanthropy, climate change and European agriculture: an idea whose time has come

9 November 2021
Thomas Legge, Trees Robijns and Hugo Hooijer

For many years, agriculture was the poor cousin of climate philanthropy. The European Climate Foundation’s land-use programme is an indication …


Our honest reflections from funding and supporting charities to improve on diversity, equity and inclusion

8 November 2021
Bonnie Chiu and Lily Lewis

The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC) collaborated with The Pocressi Initiative (TPI) on an action research project, supporting charities and social …


Community-driven systems change: A practical way to shift power in global development and philanthropy

7 November 2021
Sadaf Shallwani

Traditional global development practices aren’t working. Despite substantial investments in development efforts over many years, many large projects initiated by …


10 year grants: investing in ecologies and ecosystems to do the long, deep work of system shifting change

4 November 2021
Cassie Robinson

The Growing Great Ideas Fund from the National Lottery Community Fund offers long term, multi-year funding to initiatives with the …