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15 September 2019
Rebecca Cordell

Many activists, policy makers, members of the public and scholars believe that human rights worldwide are getting worse. This month’s Alliance issue highlights the many challenges that human rights groups are facing today linked to increasing levels of inequality, far right ideologies, climate change, populist rejections of human rights norms, and government restrictions on NGO operations. These concerns are echoed in Human Rights Watch’s annual human rights report published in 2019 that describes how ‘would-be …


Co-creating grassroots resourcing alternatives: shifting from theory to practice!

13 September 2019
Clara Bosco

Ask any grassroots movement leader from the Global South and they’ll tell you that finding resourceful ways to sustain their work has become an increasingly difficult challenge. Many of the factors contributing to this challenge are related not only to the legal, social and political burdens faced by various civil society groups, but are also highly linked to traditional donors operating practices: favoring short-term, measurable and low-risk projects rather than patiently investing in social transformation; …

Conference reports

Three questions about corporate responsibility

10 September 2019
Daniel Nowack

On September 11 and 12, the EVPA is hosting a ‘European Corporate Philanthropy and Social Investing Summit’ (the ‘C-Summit‘). As …


Amazon fires expose the weakness of government and the power of philanthropy

4 September 2019
Krystian Seibert

We’ve all seen the images of the Amazon rainforest burning, and people around the world are reacting with shock and concern. And …


Philanthropists can challenge political discourse to put children first

31 August 2019
Amanda Griffith

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. This should be a time …


Human rights in refugee camps has everything to do with businesses

30 August 2019
Rola El Chami

We live in a world where we see a vicious cycle being recreated where history repeats itself and more civilians …


Wake up, philanthropic sector!

19 August 2019
Aart De Geus

This article was written for the European Foundation Centre as part of a specially commissioned blog series celebrating Its 30th anniversary. Click here to read …


Guiding family foundations for effective philanthropy

14 August 2019
Suzanty Sitorus

Along with their increasing wealth, many families who own business empires in Indonesia set up a foundation to carry out …


The long game: Are foundations under-utilising one of their greatest assets?

13 August 2019
Max Rutherford

Last year, the President of Foundation Center, Bradford K Smith, wrote a provocation piece asserting that the controversial appointment of Brett Kavanaugh …


Is it time to roll the dice on first-time fund managers?

12 August 2019
Jennifer Louie

Over the last year, it feels that philanthropists have become the new target group tasked with a responsibility of ensuring …


Philanthropy is a guest at other people’s tables…but is it time to play musical chairs?

10 August 2019
Dawn Austwick

This article was written for the European Foundation Centre as part of a specially commissioned blog series celebrating Its 30th anniversary. Click …