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Environmental philanthropy and COVID-19: More urgent than ever

2 July 2020
Julia Davies

With much of the world exiting a pandemic and entering a recession, the environment and conservation may not seem a pressing concern – but climate change and biodiversity loss remain the most significant threats we face and that’s why at We Have The POWER we continue to devote 100 per cent of our funding to dealing with these issues. We may be a relatively small charitable giving fund, but our ambition is big. We’re here …


In Nigeria, philanthropy’s COVID-19 response raises questions

30 June 2020
Shaninomi Eribo

At the end of February, the first case of COVID-19 in Nigeria was recorded in the city of Lagos – the nation’s defacto commercial capital with a population of almost 20 million people, about 4 times that of Finland. A month later, confirmed cases had risen to 93 and become more widespread across the country, forcing the federal government to order a full blown lockdown by 30 March across the three key Nigerian states where …


What COVID-19 has taught us about technology and the key things we’ve learnt

28 June 2020
Matthew Green

If somebody had said at the start of the year that we’d find ourselves in the middle of a global …


Foundations and trade unions: The time is right for greater collaboration

26 June 2020
Keiran Goddard

New research confirms that there is little formalised trade union presence within foundation governance structures, despite so many shared areas …


Is the #BlackLivesMatter movement moving you to move money differently?

22 June 2020
Segun Olowookere

The current Black Lives Matters movement, as well as other social movements, are highlighting where funding gaps are in the …


If this crisis is an opportunity, how do we seize it? – Part 2

20 June 2020
Harvey Koh and Laura Amaya

In our previous blog, we explained that crises help to create windows of opportunity for systemic change, and that the …


Build back better: A role for philanthropic scaffolding

19 June 2020
Avila Kilmurray and Martin O'Brien

Philanthropy has a responsibility to respond to the inequalities revealed by COVID-19 and graphically underlined by the killing of George …


If this crisis is an opportunity, how do we seize it? – Part 1

18 June 2020
Harvey Koh and Laura Amaya

As we write this, the world is reeling from a calamitous health and economic crisis due to COVID-19. Infection numbers …


Philanthropy and racial justice – can it be different now?

17 June 2020
Jenny Oppenheimer

Let’s face it, racial justice hasn’t exactly been a top agenda item for mainstream philanthropy. However, COVID-19 and its manifestly …


At the intersection of climate change, water, and equity – a growing field of practice

12 June 2020
Jalonne L. White-Newsome

When I started in philanthropy in 2016, I was given an extraordinary opportunity: to create an initiative at the intersection …


In unprecedented crisis, funders aren’t reaching BAME communities

11 June 2020
Fozia Irfan

We are three months into the most challenging situation to ever face philanthropy and the not for profit sector in …