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Unearthing solutions: using data to reach children left behind in the AIDS response

6 December 2018
Corinna Csáky and Jennifer Carpenter

After nearly 40 years of tireless activism, advocacy, funding and research, HIV is no longer the devastating death sentence it once was. Many people are living longer with the disease, many HIV positive mothers are not passing on the disease to their babies, and millions more adolescents are learning how to prevent HIV infection. We must certainly celebrate these life-saving and life altering milestones. But we must also be candid about where progress is lagging …


Will Brazilian philanthropy leapfrog the ‘grantmaking phase’ and move directly to an impact investing model?

4 December 2018
Jessica Sklair

In conversation with a foundation director after a recent event on the philanthropy circuit in São Paulo, I mentioned the Brazilian philanthropy sector’s enthusiasm for the rising global trend in impact investing. The foundation director agreed, but reminded me that Brazilian philanthropy has yet to fully embrace the practice of grantmaking – and thus a significant role in supporting the country’s civil society organizations – which forms the bedrock of philanthropic activity in the UK …


The chance to end AIDS is a once in a generation opportunity

30 November 2018
Frank Beadle de Palomo

‘The prevailing discourse on ending AIDS has bred a dangerous complacency and may have hastened the weakening of global resolve …


Seven reasons to be proud of the UK’s global response to HIV – and one word of warning

28 November 2018
Kate Harrison

As we approach the thirtieth anniversary of World AIDS Day it’s time to be reflective. What role has the UK …


African philanthropy for Africa is the future

27 November 2018
Tony K Ansah Jr

There has been large amounts of charity, donations, and philanthropy going to and from Africa post-colonial era for decades. Those …


Royal philanthropy is a poor form of trickle-down economics

24 November 2018
Sandy Biar

The Royals are well known for their involvement with charitable causes, including Children’s HIV Foundations, Cancer Research, the Red Cross …


Charities should be thankful for royal philanthropy

22 November 2018
Kim Roberts

The Royal Family are an incredible force for good when it comes to supporting charities. Royal patronage adds status to …


The value of royal philanthropy

20 November 2018
Dame Martina Milburn DCVO

Why do philanthropists put their faith – and their finance – in charities with royal founders and patrons? There are, …


A message to our future president about national philanthropy and the role of civil society in protecting the Amazon region

12 November 2018
Ana Toni

Protecting the Amazon is not a ‘plot’ of international philanthropy. A few days have passed since Brazil elected, with more …


The strange case of dignity

23 October 2018
Barry Knight

We need to build the capacity of actors on the ground to deliver an empowering strategy for users and beneficiaries, while satisfying …


The impact space in New Zealand

16 October 2018
David Woods

In the last few weeks, at least three events have helped to move forward the awareness of how impact investment …