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Why we need to keep talking about climate change

2 April 2020
Indra Heerkens

At this moment, we are all adjusting to the new reality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like any other organisation, the IKEA Foundation’s top priority is to protect our staff while reducing the transmission of the virus. We need every co-worker to look after themselves, their family and their loved ones, and we hope they can stay safe during this challenging time. Without our co-workers being in good health, we cannot carry out our …


How can funders help local charities through the COVID-19 outbreak?

31 March 2020
Nicola Pritchard

In a crisis like this, the places where we live become more important than ever. Most immediately, coordinating protection and support for the most vulnerable is the critical challenge for local charities, their funders, local public bodies, and a growing army of mutual aid volunteers. In the medium term, we will need to make sure that these bodies—our local social infrastructure—can survive and continue supporting local people during the economic downturn that is likely to …


Philanthropy cannot self-isolate, and good ideas should never be quarantined

27 March 2020
Massimo Lapucci

We are inundated, and appalled, every day with images, data and words all describing the horrific impact that this outbreak …


Social movements in times of pandemic: the moment for philanthropy has arrived

26 March 2020
Romy Krämer, Graciela Hopstein and Halima Mahomed

The global Corona pandemic might very well be the biggest crisis of our lifetime. The current situation has the potential …


COVID-19: Dispatch from Brazil

22 March 2020
Marcos Kisil

While I am writing, Brazil’s Health Ministry reports that there are 621 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country spread …


Dispatch from Milan: Fondazione Cariplo vs COVID-19

19 March 2020
Dario Bolis and Patricia Frias

Despite our headquarters having been closed since 9 March, the Boards and Staff of Fondazione Cariplo are carrying on with …


Four lessons learned from COVID-19 and how they are applicable to the fight against climate change

19 March 2020
Julia Woods

As we write this, cities across the globe are becoming ghost towns as public spaces, schools, businesses, and places of …


Pandemic – A time to demonstrate philanthropy at its best

17 March 2020
Krystian Seibert

Krystian Seibert shares his reflections about what the COVID-19 pandemic means for the Australian charities sector and four things philanthropy …


Flexibility and freedom of foundation funding can boost third sector during Coronavirus crisis

17 March 2020
Carola Carazzone

Let’s trust in the third sector to protect the most vulnerable. Sometimes nightmares come true, and dystopian futures only seen …


Gaúchos, guardians and global warming

10 March 2020
Andrew Milner

‘Who was Rosas? An owner of land. What did he accumulate? Land. What did he give to his supporters? Land. …


Bezos’ $10bn donation should not pitch philanthropy and taxation against each other – that would be a zero-sum game

7 March 2020
Rhodri Davies

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ recent major foray into philanthropy came with the announcement that he is going to commit $10 …