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Plastic waste – how can we get out of the crisis?

20 March 2019
Anna Wolf

Plastic is omnipresent in our world and we cannot live without it: Computers, toothbrushes, water proof clothing, health care products, cosmetics, cars – nothing would exist without plastics. And still, plastic enjoys a bad reputation these days. Why? The answer lays in its unique characteristic of being very durable. Up to estimated 450 years does it take for plastics to become decomposed. Thus, the strength of plastics turns into our nightmare once it mistakably enters …


African philanthropy equals more prosperity – Part III

17 March 2019
Tony K Ansah Jr

When African philanthropy is stripped down to its bare minimum, there are fundamental aspects worth exploring here. Everything from individuals to informal and formal groups play a unique role in it. Also, the mediums used to give donations play an important role too. This will be a surface level look at philanthropy as it relates to more African prosperity. Donor to Beneficiary is the most direct way to donate in Africa and doesn’t necessarily have …


The Liffman Provocations: What would da Vinci do?

16 March 2019
Michael Liffman

The last two of my posts have sought to explore both sides of the heart vs head challenge in giving, …


Experts concerned as fewer Australians give to charity

13 March 2019
Luke Michael

The percentage of Australians donating to charity is falling, according to new research that experts say highlights a need for …


The new philanthropists

11 March 2019
Patrick Schmitt

Annaleise is in her late 20’s and lives in New Mexico. She’s a college graduate and works as a counsellor. …


How governments can leverage impact investing to solve local problems

9 March 2019
Matthew Eldridge and Rayanne Hawkins

Passage of a $54 billion plan to greatly expand transit access in the Seattle region presented a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve system …


We need more than donations to achieve equality for women in South Asia

8 March 2019
Bilal Ahmad Pandow

As the whole world celebrates the International Women’s Day, South Asian countries are still marred with gender inequalities. The region …


Women are leading a new wave of philanthropy across Latin America

8 March 2019
Florencia Roitstein

We’re in a very critical moment in our region’s history. Women feel, more than ever before, motivated to share their …


Migration in Europe: civil society is shifting the debate

7 March 2019
Steven McCaffery

In 2015 when the conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq contributed to more than one million men, women and children …


Philanthropy done well: the importance of compliance

25 February 2019
Ted Hart

NGOs and civil society organizations around the world serve many different roles. In some countries organizations seek to augment the …


South African youth: politically engaged, socially minded and ready to lead us to a better future

24 February 2019
Gill Bates

 ‘Young people don’t care. They’re more interested in Instagram than making the world a better place. They’re heads down into …