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Climate of change for leading foundations

2 November 2019
Nick Perks

In June, at a gathering of the Woburn Place group of foundation leaders, we heard very persuasive evidence from Stephanie Pfiel of Client Earth and Kené Umeasiegbu, Head of Environment at Tesco, about the urgency of the threat from rapid climate change, and of the opportunities and costs that will arise from the necessary transition to a low carbon economy. The main sense in the room at the end of the meeting was ‘OK, I …


Three reflections after a year spent with funders

1 November 2019
Sophie Monaghan-Coombs

I’ve spent a lot of time this year listening to funders; on the phone; at roundtables and during the three retreats we’ve held this year on Wasan Island as part of the SIX Funders Node. This programme supports philanthropic foundations from around the world to work more effectively and authentically, and in 2019 we held retreats on ‘Philanthropy and the private sector’, ‘Risk, legitimacy and philanthropy’, and ‘Social cohesion and the role for philanthropy’. It …


Foundations can, and must, do more to tackle climate change

31 October 2019
Pavlina Draganova

Last October, the world’s leading climate scientists issued a final warning: we are running out of time to prevent disastrous …


Communication is the strategy

31 October 2019
Virginia Ruan

Communications strategy: what is it exactly in the context of a grant-making foundation? How can we use communications to achieve …


Private philanthropy and public legitimacy

27 October 2019
Hilary Pearson

What makes a private foundation ‘legitimate’? And what role does public scrutiny play in answering this question? My reflection was …


Foundations can close the racial wealth gap by funding women of colour entrepreneurs

26 October 2019
Catherine Berman

Shavon Marley was working in sales while dreaming of starting a business in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. Then …


Assessing your grantee’s financial sustainability? Then please read this.

17 October 2019
Rose Longhurst

Recently several small organisations I’m involved in have been quizzed about their ‘financial sustainability’ by foundation donors. This term has …


Would donors be alarmed if they knew how much charities spent on foreign exchange fees?

6 October 2019
Curtis Noble

Exactly 10 years ago, the ‘Better FX’ guide attempted to tackle the common pitfalls INGOs faced when managing their FX …


From pies to a giving circle: Changing the life of a Karelian village in Russia

25 September 2019
Vera Titova

The Mill Community Foundation, from a Karelian village Pryazha (Northern Russia), with a population of 3500 people started its work …


Unlocking the power of visual thinking

22 September 2019
Edward Hoare

With the monumental volume of decisions being taken around the globe every day involving a myriad of simultaneous interests and factors, …


Governments and big business can better support young people – and here’s how

16 September 2019
Michael Mapstone

Across the globe, voices from younger generations are leading on the defining issues of our age. Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg …