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Is capacity strengthening support the missing piece in grantmaking? Part II

20 September 2020
Emmanuel Otoo

In part I of this piece, we explored how the situation presented by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased focus on transforming funding practice, and the role Capacity-building Choice can play in strengthening CSOs. Now we will examine how the significance of effective and fast track deployment of tools promptly to keep grantees anchored to their mission and for field strengthening continues to be more evident. Grantmakers continue to do this by seeking …


Is capacity strengthening support the missing piece in grantmaking? Part I

19 September 2020
Emmanuel Otoo

The dedication that grantmakers and funders bring to facilitate equity and justice in grantmaking continues to drive the quest for stronger and more sustainable Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to enhance the attainment of their collective evolving mission. The serious thought and consideration of the key role of capacity building in this process prove just how clued-in and motivated both CSOs (grantees) and funders are in establishing a more reliable knowledge base about the potential influence …


Introducing the Neutrality Paradox Series: How philanthropists and intermediaries confront and resolve dilemmas

18 September 2020
Alison Carlman

No matter where you get your news these days, social media itself seems to be the story. Platforms are under …


The ethics of platform philanthropy

17 September 2020
Rhodri Davies

In a recent interview for the new Centre on Strategic Philanthropy at Cambridge Judge Business School, Bill Gates identified the …


Can philanthropy disrupt the precarity of work in civil society?

9 September 2020
Noha El-Mikawy

Civil society workers collect and communicate needed evidence on social, economic and cultural rights, provide innovative services to vulnerable communities, …


In Latin America, Indigenous peoples fight for collective rights in the face of Covid

4 September 2020
Rucha Chitnis

‘If I become president, I will not give a centimetre more of indigenous lands’, said Jair Bolsonaro as a candidate …


You call It philanthropy, we call it ‘Devlopman Tèt Ansanm’

2 September 2020
Marie-Rose Romain Murphy

Lessons from The Haiti Community Foundation This is the second in a global series of articles and conversations hosted by …


Why unions can make effective philanthropic support organisations: The example of France Générosités

2 September 2020
Laurence Lepetit

France générosités was established in 1998 at the initiative of non-profit organisations and foundations, such as Fondation de France, the …


A tale of two tipping points: Democracy and climate

31 August 2020
Isidoro Hazbun​

Restoring faith in democracy and restoring nature are essential for a sustainable future. This cannot be done without targeted philanthropy …


How philanthropists can lessen the effect of COVID-19

27 August 2020
Rosemary Macdonald

For many charities, the effects of coronavirus have been catastrophic. Organisations that are, at their very heart, reliant on spending …


As deadly heatwaves sweep the world, philanthropy can create a cool future

24 August 2020
Harriet Lamb

This summer has brought ferocious heatwaves from India to Siberia and the U.S. Lethal temperatures are no surprise – heatwaves are …