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Does your philanthropy suffer from a scarcity mindset?

24 July 2021
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Take this short quiz to find out. It’s philanthropy’s Achilles heel. Foundation leaders, donors, professional athletes, corporate executives – all philanthropists – want to be good caretakers of their charitable wealth. They want their assets and profits to grow, so there’s more wealth to give. They also want to reduce their philanthropic costs and save money, so there’s more left to give to the causes they care about. Seems good, right? Wrong. In their altruistic …

Practical advice

Grantmaking reform is up for grabs; here’s how to make it stick

21 July 2021
Gemma Bull and Tom Steinberg

The cat is out of the bag, and the horse has long since bolted. The fact that the profession of grantmaking needs reform is now no longer a secret whispered at the edges of conferences – it’s an open secret.  The question now is ‘What needs to be done?’  To answer this, we spoke with many inspiring grantmakers while developing our new book Modern Grantmaking. People getting their funding organisations to take issues like power …

Practical advice

How to responsibly end funding relationships with charities

12 June 2021
Matthew Mannix and Charlotte Lamb

Throughout the pandemic, philanthropists, trusts, and foundations have done a phenomenal job of supporting charities and other social purpose organisations by providing them with emergency grants. However, many of the emergency grants made by funders at the beginning of the crisis have now ended. The result of this is that many organisations that relied on emergency funding have been left with tough decisions to make that could negatively impact their organisations, and the people and …

Practical advice

Trusting relationships advance philanthropy during times of crisis

16 May 2021
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Build trusting relationships before times get tough. Regardless of who you’re trying to help or who your potential collaborators are, we’re all human and we need to know that we can count on people to show up and do what they say they’re going to do. In times of difficulty, relationships get tested, stress levels rise, and resources become taxed. But if you’ve spent the days, months and years leading up to this moment being a solid …

Practical advice

How to safely engage children in virtual events

18 April 2021
Hayley Roffey

Those of us working in the charitable sector know an effective way to raise money for children’s charities is to …

Practical advice

30 lessons in pursuit of deep social impact: leveraging and creatively using resources

4 April 2021
Leslie Pine

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the phrase ‘time, talent, and treasure’ when it comes to philanthropy. Many in the …

Practical advice

How to invest in narrative competency and combat toxic polarisation

9 March 2021
Julia Roig and Melanie Greenberg

In part one of this series, we argued for why philanthropy should invest in narrative competency to help combat toxic …

Practical advice

How we can win the fight against health inequity

7 March 2021
Stephanie Heckman and Mike Eisenstein

The pandemic exposed health inequity and the consequences of living with overburdened healthcare systems. Whether it was lack of access …

Practical advice

Leading with humility: how consultants can support disability inclusion in philanthropy

21 February 2021
Seema Shah

As a nonprofit and philanthropy consultant whose work centers on equity and inclusion, I am keenly aware that humility is …

Practical advice

30 lessons in pursuit of deep social impact: putting strategy into practice

4 February 2021
Leslie Pine

As a strategic philanthropy advising practice working with donors to increase the impact of their philanthropy, we talk a lot …

Practical advice

Collaboration and community in the fight against climate change

11 January 2021
Dory Trimble and Laura García

The Honnold Foundation (HF) and Global Greengrants Fund are both fighting climate change at the grassroots level. We fuel climate …

Practical advice

Funding maternal and newborn health innovation: 5 ways to accelerate SDG progress

30 November 2020
Krista Donaldson and Stephanie Heckman

For hundreds of thousands of women and babies around the world, health disparities continue to cause too many tragic and …

Practical advice

Lessons for successful feminist funding partnerships

20 November 2020
Rosa Bransky

While the Global Resilience Fund has been an experiment in rapidly resourcing feminist activists in responsive and participatory ways, it …