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More than money: philanthropists as activists

20 May 2019
David Sandman

Every foundation has two things in common: big dreams and money. But money alone isn’t enough to make those dreams come true. To achieve the desired impact, foundations can consider themselves ‘changemakers’ more than ‘grantmakers.’ Increasingly, foundations are going beyond writing checks as they flex their activist muscles to halt climate change, prevent gun violence, bolster education, advance LGBTQ rights, safeguard democracy, and improve health care. The changemaker model is one we have embraced at …

Practical advice

Using social impact investment to help the money gifted to your donor advised fund go further

28 April 2019
Katie Fulford-Smith

Donor Adviser Funds (DAFs) represent a growing proportion of philanthropic capital in the UK with £1.3 billion in UK charitable assets. They are an attractive alternative to setting up a charitable foundation which can be costly and time-consuming. More and more philanthropists are realising this, but fewer are aware that they can also be an attractive vehicle for making social impact investments. Why make social impact investments from your DAF? Once money is gifted to …

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Responsible data for philanthropists

8 April 2019
Linda Raftree

In the search for evidence of impact, donors and investors are asking that more and more data be generated by …


Measuring our values: How a data strategy can help us achieve our bold goal

31 March 2019
Jen Lewis-Walden

Many years ago, I worked with the Friends of Nature Foundation in seven rural communities just outside the Noel Kempff …

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Three key considerations to put social impact at the core of your employee engagement programme

23 March 2019
Lonneke Roza and Karoline Heitmann

Almost 94 per cent of the biggest European companies offer their employees company time to volunteer, but too often the …

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De-mystifying systems change

21 March 2019
Rob Abercrombie

‘Systems change’ is a term that is heard a lot in the charity sector right now, and that’s a good …


Migration in Europe: civil society is shifting the debate

7 March 2019
Steven McCaffery

In 2015 when the conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq contributed to more than one million men, women and children …

Practical advice

What’s your ‘secret weapon’​ in philanthropy?

28 February 2019
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Free yourself from the daily grind and support your best work. Keeping up with board meetings, grant applications, new partnerships, …


Building partnerships and pooling resources for development

22 February 2019
Jayapadma RV

Funding resources are a crucial part of the work that Gram Vikas is able to do among rural communities. Over …


We need to work together to achieve gender equality

21 February 2019
Yann Borgstedt

Let’s take a moment and imagine that the global fight for women’s equality is taking place in a single corporate …

Practical advice

The world is unpredictable, funder-grantee relationships don’t have to be

18 January 2019
Maya Winkelstein

In an analysis of over 100 real-life examples of ‘what goes wrong’ for nonprofits during project implementation, the most common …