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Litigating for social change: what can funders learn from global experience?

18 November 2018
Steven McCaffery

Strategic litigation can be a powerful tool for positive social change, but when is it the right investment for philanthropy? A new book draws on the international experience of successful campaigns and offers real-world lessons on avoiding the pitfalls. From policing in New York, to classroom conditions in post-apartheid South Africa, the push for social change in the Republic of Ireland, and promoting peace in the post-conflict setting of Northern Ireland in the UK. In …

Impact investing: A foundation’s journey from a little to a lot

11 November 2018
Richard Woo

The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF) practices impact investing as a long game built on experiential learning, resilient risk-taking and the primacy of relationships. Contrary to the playbook of traditional investing, where the dominant values are expressed as competition, proprietary and individual benefit, TRFF has chosen to flip the rules in its impact investing to aim toward collaboration (not competition), transparency (not opaqueness), and the common good (not private gain). Philanthropic foundations by definition and nature …

Philanthropy – The forgotten investment asset

24 October 2018
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Why philanthropic giving is a smart investment tool for business. Socially conscious investors are after more than just financial returns. …

Ten things that need to happen for social investment to thrive in Central and Eastern Europe

10 October 2018
Nicole Etchart and Roxana Damaschin-Tecu

It has been 21 years since NESsT was launched in Budapest, Hungary. Our value proposition was that socially driven enterprises …

Stop wasting your time, energy, and effort. Improve your communications and progress faster!

28 September 2018
Décio Emanuel

When meeting with founders and directors of social enterprises, one struggle that comes back to me every time is their …

Get funding for your social enterprise through an experimental approach

19 September 2018
Décio Emanuel

Here’s the truth: the business model you have now is not the business model you will have in a year’s …

Maximizing the way we work: The impact of board culture

8 September 2018
Rebecca Miller

Recently, we worked with a family foundation board that had just done a major revamp of its grantmaking strategy and …

How we diversified our foundation’s board

7 September 2018
Samia Khatun

As a Trustee of the Hilden Charitable Fund, I have been participating in events run by the UK’s Association of …


Increasing retail fundraising in India

1 September 2018
Irwin Fernandes

India’s middle classes and donations from them have been growing at a rapid pace. According to PSJP’s report on Philanthropy in …

Donor Advised Funds v. Charitable Foundations

31 August 2018
Lauren Janus

Maybe you’re tired of making one-off donations to a string of charities. Or maybe you’re keen to involve children or …

Responsive vs. Strategic Grantmaking: Which one is right for you?

26 August 2018
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

In philanthropy, there is much written about responsive and strategic approaches to philanthropy. Which approach is the most appropriate? Meaningful? …