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Practical advice

How to rapidly scale solutions in a crisis

22 May 2020
Martha Paren

Non-profits, often on the front-line of the COVID-19 response, are stepping up to the mammoth challenge ahead. Those delivering services at the forefront of the crisis – from domestic violence, to mental health, food poverty to education – are having to scale up their services to meet the sudden increased need. Others are pivoting and rapidly innovating to adapt to this new world, including moving services online. New collaborations and partnerships are being formed. As …

Practical advice

Supporting conservation during a crisis

21 May 2020
Emma McIntosh and Francesca McGrath

Many are wondering – more than usual – about whether they will be able to start or sustain a career in nature conservation. Yet supporting conservation and conservationists is more critical now than ever. Nature underpins all of society through the services it provides, not least clean air, healthy food, and fresh water. Despite the importance of conserving nature, those who have dedicated their lives to conservation are facing unprecedented challenges during this global pandemic. …

Practical advice

Partnerships, the need of the hour

20 May 2020
Aboli Abkari

The social-development sector cannot thrive without partnerships. The Government, the civil society organisations and the private organisations need to work …

Practical advice

How to do participatory grantmaking online during COVID-19

18 May 2020
Katy Love and Winifred Ollif

Can funders manage participatory decision-making during a pandemic? Yes! We know participatory grantmaking can be effective online because we’ve done …

Practical advice

Rapid strategy development in times of crisis

17 May 2020
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Strategies guide philanthropists during tumultuous times  Philanthropists are most effective when they have a strategy. And, formulating that strategy is …

Practical advice

In a moment of emergency, foundations need to define their roles

22 April 2020
Giorgio Righetti

If I have to imagine Institutional Philanthropy in the future, I would imagine it extinguished. It is a provocation but, …

Practical advice

Internal communications for philanthropy: Maintaining community in a time of isolation

19 April 2020
Donita Volkwijn

As COVID-19 forces those of us in the philanthropic and global community to reassess what normal is, it’s important to …

Practical advice

Collective care in grantmaking – taking care of each other, and our grantees

9 April 2020
Cassie Robinson

This week in the Digital Fund’s weekly Monday morning team session we started discussing how difficult we’re finding it to …

Practical advice

COVID-19: An opportunity for transformative grant making

3 April 2020
Thomas Hilbink and Daniela Aydin

As funders race to set up rapid response funds to support groups hit by COVID-19, there are many good ideas …

Practical advice

How can philanthropists and foundations meaningfully and effectively coordinate COVID-19 response?

1 April 2020
Cassie Robinson

This is clearly a time for philanthropy and foundations to be proactive in how they support civil society. There is …

Practical advice

Responding to the Coronavirus crisis – lessons from ACF’s Stronger Foundations initiative

27 March 2020
Max Rutherford

Over the last 18 months, the Association of Charitable Foundation’s Stronger Foundations initiative has sought to help UK-based charitable foundations …