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Seven lessons donors can learn from MacKenzie Scott’s surprise $1.7 billion gift

9 August 2020
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

On July 28, MacKenzie Scott surprised the world by announcing she had made $1.7 billion in donations to 116 nonprofit organisations. They were selected for the transformative work they were doing and to support leaders driving change in a variety of issues. Scott is the richest woman in America, with a net worth of about $62 billion.  Her donations are noteworthy for many reasons, including that about one-third of them support racial equity, and many grants …

Practical advice

Why the most difficult time for planning strategy may be the right time

5 August 2020
Hannah Barker

As we move into a new phase of the Covid-19 crisis, there is a need – and hopefully now some opportunity – for organisations across the social sector to step back, take stock and determine what is next. The implications of the crisis for charities are huge and far-reaching – from staffing changes and digital upskilling, to reacting to the changing needs of beneficiaries. At the start of the pandemic it was almost impossible for …

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Governance and social movements: How funders can help bridge an unnecessary divide

24 July 2020
Michael Jarvis

The coronavirus pandemic poses a challenge and opportunity for governance funders. There is an immediate need to support transparency, participation …

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Riding the impact wave: The brave new world

20 July 2020
Farahnaz Karim

In this uncertain era, many are re-imagining and preparing for a Brave New World. A world where profit is inextricably …


Living the crisis and the change: How women, girls, trans, and intersex people are coping with COVID-19 around the world

29 June 2020
Susan Jessop

What Mama Cash is hearing from its partners about the gendered impacts of the global pandemic The Covid-19 pandemic will …

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Facilitate development from below and from within: Seven practice-based recommendations for philanthropists

23 June 2020
Fons van der Velden and Ntombi Nyathi

World Bank data indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to cause the first increase in global poverty since 1998. …

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Crisis demands strong non-profit boards

22 June 2020
Pam Cannell

In times of crisis, the strength of a nonprofit board can be a determining factor in an organization’s survival. As …

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How philanthropy can better integrate disability rights in its COVID-19 response

17 June 2020
Myroslava Tataryn

As philanthropy considers its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, integrating a disability rights perspective can help us move toward a …

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External communications tips to non-profits during the COVID-19 crisis

14 June 2020
Olga Shershen

The world is in the grip of a large-scale health crisis and this is an endurance test for charities. All …

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How Businesses can support charities during the COVID-19 emergency

11 June 2020
Jasmine Awad

All around the world, both small and large companies are being hardly hit by the COVID-19 crisis, causing employers to …

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If not us, then who?

7 June 2020
Ellen Remmer

Needless to say, the world has changed. While it is too early to assess the overall impact of the coronavirus …