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The world is unpredictable, funder-grantee relationships don’t have to be

18 January 2019
Maya Winkelstein

In an analysis of over 100 real-life examples of ‘what goes wrong’ for nonprofits during project implementation, the most common challenge was funder-created problems. These roadblocks — such as a delay in disbursement, change in strategy, or bureaucratic inflexibility – account for an astounding 46 per cent of impact-threatening obstacles. As a foundation executive myself, the findings from Open Road Alliance’s Roadblock Analysis are sobering to say the least. However, this result also means nearly …


Room to breathe – the value of thinking space for small charities

10 January 2019
Beth Clarke

I spend a lot of time listening to small charity CEOs as programme manager for CAF Resilience, a pilot initiative supporting ten charitable organisations to be more resilient. The aim is not only to support the ten participating, but also to learn more about the barriers and enablers to developing a more resilient charity and share these with the sector. The programme was initiated by a major UK philanthropist and also then funded by a …

Practical advice

It’s not a game of choices

4 January 2019
Décio Emanuel

BuySocial currently markets itself as ‘aiming to build markets for social enterprises among the general public and private and public …

Practical advice

Bringing the joy back to your philanthropy

3 January 2019
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Here are five steps you can take to rekindle your love of philanthropy. Renew the spark that set you on …


Reflections on the first year of BUILD

28 December 2018
Kathy Reich

In 2016 I joined the Ford Foundation as its first BUILD director, to lead a new six-year, $1 billion initiative to help …

Practical advice

The greatest marketing strategy for 2019

27 December 2018
Décio Emanuel

It’s simple. It’s one single word. Transparency. On the back on an economic crisis in 2008, suspicion and dubiety has …

Practical advice

True leaders look within: The road ahead to professionalize the social investment sector

23 December 2018
Naina Batra

It is time to see if non-profit organizations that deploy significant resources use the same rigor and standards to measure …

Practical advice

How to make your funder collaboration a success

19 December 2018
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Four best practices for effectively partnering with other funders Philanthropists often expect nonprofits to collaborate, but they less frequently turn …

Practical advice

The best investment is one that returns time

18 December 2018
Décio Emanuel

There is this belief in entrepreneurship, that you must work long hours to be successful. Successful people are often quoted …

Practical advice

Support comes in many forms

8 December 2018

FundAction has a few donors. (Too few! Anyone who wants to support European activists, get in touch!) One of these, …

Practical advice

The importance of mentorship: women who have led me

25 November 2018
Karen DeTemple

Mentors are, and will continue to be, a powerful network that have supported me as I have built my fundraising …