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How to safely engage children in virtual events

18 April 2021
Hayley Roffey

Those of us working in the charitable sector know an effective way to raise money for children’s charities is to share the stories of the children we serve: their experiences, the support they need to access education and new opportunities, and their visions for the future. At Global Fund for Children, we make an ongoing commitment to including children in our storytelling and fundraising whilst also honouring their dignity, keeping them safe, and ensuring their …

Practical advice

30 lessons in pursuit of deep social impact: leveraging and creatively using resources

4 April 2021
Leslie Pine

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the phrase ‘time, talent, and treasure’ when it comes to philanthropy. Many in the field, including us at TPI, believe that a strategic, holistic approach to philanthropy involves deploying more than just financial assets. Funders of all types – individual donors, families, foundations, companies, and others – have unique resources to influence, leverage, and use to facilitate social change. Some of the most powerful examples point to a common …

Practical advice

How to invest in narrative competency and combat toxic polarisation

9 March 2021
Julia Roig and Melanie Greenberg

In part one of this series, we argued for why philanthropy should invest in narrative competency to help combat toxic polarisation. Here, we offer some recommendations for how. Let’s be audacious! By using a cultural lens for programming, philanthropy can help overcome the oversimplification of narrative and identity arising out of deep polarisation and can help sustain curiosity about the ‘other.’ Distinguish narrative engagement from strategic communications: ‘Narratives’ is a term ubiquitous in the social …

Practical advice

How we can win the fight against health inequity

7 March 2021
Stephanie Heckman and Mike Eisenstein

The pandemic exposed health inequity and the consequences of living with overburdened healthcare systems. Whether it was lack of access to treatment in impoverished communities, lack of public trust, lack of access to critical medical technology, suffering the effects of an already overburdened healthcare system, or all of the above, Covid-19 did not impact us equally. As a colleague recently stated, ‘We may be in the same storm, but we are not all in the …

Practical advice

Leading with humility: how consultants can support disability inclusion in philanthropy

21 February 2021
Seema Shah

As a nonprofit and philanthropy consultant whose work centers on equity and inclusion, I am keenly aware that humility is …

Practical advice

30 lessons in pursuit of deep social impact: putting strategy into practice

4 February 2021
Leslie Pine

As a strategic philanthropy advising practice working with donors to increase the impact of their philanthropy, we talk a lot …

Practical advice

Collaboration and community in the fight against climate change

11 January 2021
Dory Trimble and Laura García

The Honnold Foundation (HF) and Global Greengrants Fund are both fighting climate change at the grassroots level. We fuel climate …

Practical advice

Funding maternal and newborn health innovation: 5 ways to accelerate SDG progress

30 November 2020
Krista Donaldson and Stephanie Heckman

For hundreds of thousands of women and babies around the world, health disparities continue to cause too many tragic and …

Practical advice

Lessons for successful feminist funding partnerships

20 November 2020
Rosa Bransky

While the Global Resilience Fund has been an experiment in rapidly resourcing feminist activists in responsive and participatory ways, it …

Practical advice

Lessons learned from delivering $100 million in support to local leaders

16 September 2020
Regan Ralph

In 2002, a small group of dedicated activists and funders set out to do something different in human rights philanthropy. …

Practical advice

The Roddenberry Foundation’s +1 Global Fund is a philanthropic experiment

10 September 2020
Lior Ipp

For foundations and philanthropists everywhere, the Covid-19 crisis represents a singular challenge, as well as an opportunity to doing things …

Practical advice

How to make online workshops better

3 September 2020
Joe Hill

Virtual meetings may have been an invaluable tool in this crisis, but it’s fair to say they also have their …

Practical advice

How do we join Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship for greater impact? – Part 2

16 August 2020
Gorgi Krlev

Rethinking pathways to impact The need for impact investing to meet and support social entrepreneurship is growing stronger. And yet, …