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De-mystifying systems change

21 March 2019
Rob Abercrombie

‘Systems change’ is a term that is heard a lot in the charity sector right now, and that’s a good thing because it’s a powerful way of seeing the world. That social problems are systemic in nature feels intuitively right to anyone who’s spent time working at the sharp end of the sector. From homelessness to re-offending, these issues go beyond individual’s behaviour to the network of cause and effect in which they are embedded. …


Migration in Europe: civil society is shifting the debate

7 March 2019
Steven McCaffery

In 2015 when the conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq contributed to more than one million men, women and children seeking sanctuary on the south eastern shores of the European Union, their arrival overlapped with existing tensions over the economy and the impact of austerity policies. Right-wing populist parties and far right movements across Europe seized the opportunity to trade on fears over migration, but mainstream politicians have also used the issue to their own …

Practical advice

What’s your ‘secret weapon’​ in philanthropy?

28 February 2019
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Free yourself from the daily grind and support your best work. Keeping up with board meetings, grant applications, new partnerships, …


Building partnerships and pooling resources for development

22 February 2019
Jayapadma RV

Funding resources are a crucial part of the work that Gram Vikas is able to do among rural communities. Over …


We need to work together to achieve gender equality

21 February 2019
Yann Borgstedt

Let’s take a moment and imagine that the global fight for women’s equality is taking place in a single corporate …

Practical advice

The world is unpredictable, funder-grantee relationships don’t have to be

18 January 2019
Maya Winkelstein

In an analysis of over 100 real-life examples of ‘what goes wrong’ for nonprofits during project implementation, the most common …


Room to breathe – the value of thinking space for small charities

10 January 2019
Beth Clarke

I spend a lot of time listening to small charity CEOs as programme manager for CAF Resilience, a pilot initiative …

Practical advice

It’s not a game of choices

4 January 2019
Décio Emanuel

BuySocial currently markets itself as ‘aiming to build markets for social enterprises among the general public and private and public …

Practical advice

Bringing the joy back to your philanthropy

3 January 2019
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Here are five steps you can take to rekindle your love of philanthropy. Renew the spark that set you on …


Reflections on the first year of BUILD

28 December 2018
Kathy Reich

In 2016 I joined the Ford Foundation as its first BUILD director, to lead a new six-year, $1 billion initiative to help …

Practical advice

The greatest marketing strategy for 2019

27 December 2018
Décio Emanuel

It’s simple. It’s one single word. Transparency. On the back on an economic crisis in 2008, suspicion and dubiety has …