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Giving Tuesday: Find Sustainable Success in 2023

23 November 2023
Cara Dickerson

In 2022, over $3.1 billion was raised on Giving Tuesday, and donor retention is 2.4 times higher from that day as opposed to any other time throughout the year. In recent years, it’s no secret there has been a lot at play in fundraising that has made revenue generation unpredictable. With Giving Tuesday being a cornerstone moment for millions of donors, despite fluctuating giving trends, this oft record-breaking day is a major opportunity for nonprofits …

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Climate action now will have short-and long-term benefits

17 November 2023
Active Philanthropy

A climate science workshop series by Active Philanthropy: Episode 5 What paths into the future are still viable, and what immediate and long-term benefits can be gained if we act now? These are the questions at the heart of episode 5 of Active Philanthropy’s climate science series with Dr. Twila Moon, Deputy Lead Scientist and Science Communication Liaison at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (University of Colorado Boulder). With the UN climate change …


The Ukraine Airbnb initiative and the weaknesses of ‘disintermediated’ giving

13 November 2023
Ian MacQuillin

When Russia invaded Ukraine last year, people wanted to help. The way they often do that is by giving money, and an appeal by the Disasters Emergency has raised £420 million (and counting). The DEC appeal is a traditional way of helping people in need: those who want to help give money to an NPO, which converts those donations into goods and services to be distributed to those who need it. Donating via a charity …


Philanthropy’s crossroads: Navigating dilemmas to champion systemic change

6 November 2023
Heather Grady, Caroline Suozzi and Olga Tarasov

As philanthropy grapples with weighty questions about its responsibility and role in addressing systemic issues, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and the Shifting Systems Initiative are diving deeper into issues the initiative has explored since its inception in 2016. In June of 2023, the evaluation team of the Shifting Systems Initiative published their report outlining findings of a six-month in-depth evaluation. The evaluation sought to assess the progress of the initiative to date and the state of …

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Carbon emissions have created our warmer temperatures

3 November 2023
Active Philanthropy

A climate science workshop series by Active Philanthropy: Episode 3 The last decade really stands out: For nine years in …

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Climate science is well understood

27 October 2023
Active Philanthropy

A climate science workshop series by Active Philanthropy: Episode 2 Despite what it may seem, climate science is not a …


The Trust Imperative: Reshaping Society’s Participation in Systems Change

26 October 2023
Gautam John

I was walking with a young leader of an Indian civic engagement organisation last week, when he shared a perspective …

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Philanthropy has the power to target misinformation

23 October 2023
Harriet Kingaby

In a world where misinformation spreads like wildfire, philanthropic organisations and charities must recognise the urgency of investing in anti-misinformation …

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Yes, people are changing the climate

20 October 2023
Active Philanthropy

A climate science workshop series by Active Philanthropy: Episode 1 Navigating the complexities of the climate crisis is tough. Yet …

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When we resource girls to thrive, we seed a different kind of world 

16 October 2023
Amy Babchek, Angelika Arutyunova, Jody Myrum and Laura Vergara

Girls are transforming policies and systems, responding to emergencies, leading movements, and sparking change across the world. They are fighting …

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A self-assessment tool for foundations on participatory practices

12 April 2023
Diana Samarasan and Katy Love

With the fragile state of democracy, growing inequality, social movements calling for action, and demands to address systemic injustices, philanthropic …

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7 best practices in participatory grantmaking

10 April 2023
Kelley Buhles

Participatory grantmaking has been practiced in modern philanthropy for over 40 years, and beyond that, the act of communities determining …

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10 solutions to scale gender lens investing

19 November 2022
Daniel Rostrup

Why is gender lens investing still just a ‘drop in the ocean’ of mainstream finance? I recently had the pleasure …