Climate action now will have short-and long-term benefits


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A climate science workshop series by Active Philanthropy: Episode 5

What paths into the future are still viable, and what immediate and long-term benefits can be gained if we act now?

These are the questions at the heart of episode 5 of Active Philanthropy’s climate science series with Dr. Twila Moon, Deputy Lead Scientist and Science Communication Liaison at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (University of Colorado Boulder).

With the UN climate change conference COP 28 coming up later this month, the attention is starting to focus on the kind of political action that will address these questions but also attempt to solidify a tangible trajectory. Despite the challenges posed by conflicting interests, competing priorities, and the complex dynamics of climate change, the opportunity for meaningful progress is real and hopes are high.

The desirable pathways are narrowing but they are still open. As Dr. Twila Moon points out: “This is our chance to lock in a legacy that lasts for thousands of years.”

Watch now: Climate Science with Dr. Twila Moon: Episode 5 – Climate action now will have short- and long-term benefits

3 key takeaways from this episode

  • Future pathways that reduce risk are still possible. Societal choices can take us down this better pathway.
  • There are immediate short-term benefits to climate action, like improved air and water quality, which ultimately have positive impacts on our health.
  • Actions this decade will reverberate for millennia, and every fraction of warming avoided is important. It is high time to really get serious about climate action.

For a more detailed summary of this episode, check out the cheat sheets we’ve prepared for the whole series!

Active Philanthropy’s virtual climate science workshop series, led by renowned climate scientist Dr. Twila Moon, takes you through everything you need to know about climate. If you’ve missed one of our previous episodes, take a look here:

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