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A climate science workshop series by Active Philanthropy: Episode 1

Navigating the complexities of the climate crisis is tough. Yet in order to take targeted action on climate, a basic understanding of the science behind it is key. At Active Philanthropy, our mission is to equip philanthropists and foundations with the right knowledge and tools to turn aspiration into action. And with COP28 just 6 weeks away, we believe this is the perfect time to start building a solid understanding of climate science or to brush up on what you already know.

Our virtual climate science workshop series, led by globally renowned climate scientist and science communicator Dr. Twila Moon, will take you through everything you need to know about climate. Each of the 8 episodes is just about 5 minutes long and packed with the most important facts and figures.

Watch now: Climate Science with Dr. Twila Moon: Episode 1 – Yes, people are changing the climate!

3 key takeaways from this episode

  • The Earth has been warmer in the past, but that was before human society came to life on earth.
  • People are the drivers of change today, and it is up to us where the climate goes from here.
  • We are in a precious window during which human choices and actions will determine our future path.

For a more detailed summary of this episode, check out our cheat sheet!

The climate crisis is all around us, and philanthropy has a vital role to play. It must seize the opportunity to ensure that discourse, ideas, and knowledge are turned into action and delivery in this crucial decade. Let’s get started.

Active Philanthropy supports philanthropists, donor families, philanthropic organizations and social investors who wish to engage in climate action.

Alliance magazine is the distribution partner for Active Philanthropy’s virtual climate science workshop series. In the run up to COP28, we will be releasing an episode every week featuring renowned climate scientist Dr. Twila Moon.

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