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Did the connection fail? The slow digital transformation of donations

10 July 2019
Claire van Teunenbroek

When did you last donate to an online donation campaign? Researchers at the ERNOP conference came to an astonishing conclusion: …

Conference reports

Listening to the voice of the beneficiary

9 July 2019
Andrew Milner

Funders are too far away from the end-beneficiaries of their programmes. Hearing what they have to say about them can …

Conference reports

Philanthropy research as a mosaic: Tales from ERNOP 2019

8 July 2019
Maria Gallo

I arrived late to the ERNOP conference last week. A bit frazzled from the unusually hot weather in Basel, I …

Conference reports

Philanthropy and the challenge of (super)diversity

4 July 2019
Arjen de Wit

As the ERNOP Conference in Basel shows, philanthropy research is re-inventing the concept of philanthropy. Academic research has the reputation …

Conference reports

Reflections on legal barriers to cross-border philanthropy in Europe

4 July 2019
Lloyd Mayer

This week I was fortunate to be able to discuss the legal barriers to cross-border philanthropy in Europe with many …

Conference reports

Brave new world

28 June 2019
Liz Gillies

One of the more contestable issues at the conference is the influence of the for-profit sector on the impact agenda. …

Conference reports

Privatizing failure, socializing success

27 June 2019
Liz Gillies

Day one of the 2019 AVPN Conference opened with a brilliant opening keynote from James Chen, Founder of Clearly, a …

Conference reports

Reflections from the Philanthropy New Zealand Summit

4 June 2019
Ken Whitney

Thinking deeply about the role of trust in philanthropy was the theme of the Philanthropy New Zealand Summit recently held …

Conference reports

Systems change – are we already doing it?

30 May 2019
Sarah Brown-Campello and Lauren Bradford

Systems change – it’s an increasingly trendy phrase in our field, but what exactly makes it unique? Is systems change …

Conference reports

New Zealand Philanthropy Summit: a call to action

29 May 2019
Cheryl Spain

New Zealand’s Philanthropy Summit wrapped up last Friday and it was an urgent call to action about the depth of …

Conference reports

Four things I learned at the Philanthropy New Zealand Summit

29 May 2019
Kate Frykberg

The Philanthropy Summit, held in Wellington from May 15 – 17 and created by Philanthropy New Zealand, was one of …


Sara Llewellin of Barrow Cadbury Trust wins European Foundation Centre Compass Prize

29 May 2019
Alliance magazine

Sara Llewellin, the Chief Executive of the Barrow Cadbury Trust, has been awarded the European Foundation Centre (EFC) Compass Prize at the 30th EFC …