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Three questions about corporate responsibility

10 September 2019
Daniel Nowack

On September 11 and 12, the EVPA is hosting a ‘European Corporate Philanthropy and Social Investing Summit’ (the ‘C-Summit‘). As …

Conference reports

Insights from HLPF 2019: Philanthropy & the SDGs

15 August 2019
Natalya Pyagay

The role of philanthropic institutions in advancing the sustainable development agenda has been widely recognized by various stakeholders. Importantly, philanthropy’s …

Conference reports

Creating impact that makes sense to funders

1 August 2019
Bradley Wo

At the AVPN Conference last month, more than 1,200 funders and resource providers from across 40 countries gathered in Singapore …

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The power and potential of philanthropy networks

26 July 2019
Jessica Berns

I was a first-time attendee to the 2019 United Philanthropy Forum annual conference. I am newer to the field of …

Conference reports

Making the most of my AVPN networking experience

25 July 2019
Jennifer Louie

‘Come prepared!’ As the new kid on the block, I did not heed this advice as well as I should …

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Recalling a painful history (and present) to heal and strengthen philanthropy

24 July 2019
Jen Bokoff

I stood in the corner of a blanket, head down, toes grasping the fleece under me. Others were standing too, …

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The privilege of philanthropy

23 July 2019
Deborah Aubert Thomas

We are privileged to be philanthropy, to be stewards, influencers, educators, conveners and advocates. We are privileged to have the …

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Building a common narrative or just using buzzwords? What are we talking about when we talk about…

18 July 2019
Nadya Hernandez

What happens when you put 1,200-plus people in the same space for three full days? Somehow the dots start connecting …

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Healing is the work

18 July 2019
Dennis van Wanrooij

Religious conservatism, closing spaces for civil society, the global gag rule and pushbacks against ‘gender ideology’. These are some – …

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ERNOP2019: Reflections of a former academic turned practitioner

12 July 2019
Lev Fejes

As I walked in (late, due to airport delays) to the Kollegienhaus at the University of Basel to attend my …

Conference reports

Reaching out to philanthropy muggles, aka an evolving community of scholars in a very biased snapshot

12 July 2019
Elisa Ricciuti

The philanthropic ecosystem is certainly evolving fast and this was very evident at the ERNOP Conference in Basel last week, …

Conference reports

Philanthropy across borders: Reflections on my first meeting with the European Research Network on Philanthropy community

12 July 2019
Anne-Laure Paquot

Last week, I was fortunate to participate to the 2019 ERNOP Conference. Entitled ‘Philanthropy in the spotlight’, the event set …