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We need space to enrich the common interests of corporations and corporate foundations

22 November 2019
Giovanna Bottani

The 2019 Lang Italia Philanthropy day was the fourth edition of this event I attended. This moment is one of …

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Beyond professional begging

21 November 2019
Marija Jakovljevic and Galina Maksimovic

Being at the crossroad of different progressive movements has made us realise that we cannot just do more of the …

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Pathways to power: is activism within philanthropy possible?

19 November 2019
Dumiso Gatsha

Earlier in the year, my life changed unimaginably. Botswana’s high court named and shamed colonial-era laws, strengthened autonomy in privacy …

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Funding on a finite planet

12 November 2019
Zibran Choudhury

The 2019 Annual Conference of the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) bought together trusts and foundations from across the UK …

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Transparency is driving impact

11 November 2019
Jennifer Louie

The EVPA celebrated its 15th year anniversary with its annual conference in The Hague, marking another milestone in its history …

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Scaling investments: Small – Bigger – JUMP

11 November 2019
Anne Holm Rannaleet

What does it take to scale a social impact investment? Pretty much the same as it takes to scale any …

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A spotlight on the dark side of passion

11 November 2019
Kirsten Ottens

What role should impact investors play on the topic of wellbeing of social entrepreneurs? This was the question on our …

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Rigid regulatory and legal frameworks keeping Canadian philanthropy behind the curve

11 November 2019
Caroline Bergeron

The certificate in philanthropic management of the Université de Montréal has partnered up with PhiLab in launching the 2019-20 academic …

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Time to modernise dated definition of philanthropy to reflect new Canadian reality?

10 November 2019
Katherine MacDonald

Amidst the many activities happening to launch the 2019-2020 academic year, the Certificate in Philanthropic Management of Université de Montréal …

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The story behind the numbers: Putting the end-user first in impact measurement

8 November 2019
Tatiana van Lier

As an impact first investor, the actual impact of your portfolio and investees is what matters most. Is this company …

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Future is happening now: digital transformation and its impact on giving

7 November 2019
Hanna Stähle

While there are still discussions whether digital technology is essentially good or bad for philanthropy and charity, it has long …

Conference reports

Sussex in the City 2019: Community philanthropy is coming of age

7 November 2019
Kevin Richmond

Back in April 2019, our Head of Philanthropy, Stephen Chamberlain, made a ‘seeing-is-believing’ visit with Violet Hancock, the current High …