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Lekhya Reddy

Conference reports Rini Jincy Paul and Lekhya Reddy 20 March 2024

Private philanthropy is a catalyst to bridge gaps in India’s growth

While India’s economic growth accelerates, the landscape of private philanthropy is growing steadily. However, a crucial question arises: Is the affluent segment giving in proportion to the escalating wealth? Dasra unveiled its India Philanthropy Report …

Conference reports Aarti Mohan, Rini Jincy Paul and Lekhya Reddy 20 March 2024

Thrive through equity: Takeaways from Dasra Philanthropy Week 2024

The 15th edition of the Dasra Philanthropy Week, saw a convergence of diverse stakeholders from the social impact ecosystem, anchored around the theme of ‘Thrive through Equity’. With a focus on gender, equity, diversity and …

Conference reports Aarti Mohan, Lekhya Reddy and Kriti Jain 16 March 2023

Accelerating the impact of giving in India

At the 14th Dasra Philanthropy Week, diverse stakeholders from the social impact sector gathered to convene and collaborate on ideas for sustained action for a transformed India. The event featured diverse leaders of grassroot organisations, …

Conference reports Kriti Jain and Lekhya Reddy 16 March 2023

Evolution of Rupee for Rupee Philanthropy in India

As philanthropy in India increasingly shifts from dollars to rupees, there is a need to understand how philanthropic capital can be used in a more catalytic manner towards creating better impact in India, with a …