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African philanthropy equals more prosperity – Part III

17 March 2019
Tony K Ansah Jr

When African philanthropy is stripped down to its bare minimum, there are fundamental aspects worth exploring here. Everything from individuals …


Experts concerned as fewer Australians give to charity

13 March 2019
Luke Michael

The percentage of Australians donating to charity is falling, according to new research that experts say highlights a need for …


As money moves offshore, new questions about how foundations invest their assets

5 January 2019
Tate Williams

Throughout philanthropy’s history, it’s drawn intermittent waves of intense criticism, and it certainly feels like we’re heading into one now. …


The 4 unique drivers leading china’s philanthropy ecosystem

30 December 2018
Olivia Wang

2018 is a memorable year for China as it marks the 40th anniversary of China’s economic reform and the 10th …


Reflections on the first year of BUILD

28 December 2018
Kathy Reich

In 2016 I joined the Ford Foundation as its first BUILD director, to lead a new six-year, $1 billion initiative to help …


Empowering marginalized women to drive change

22 December 2018
Jeanné Isler

Too often funders doubt the ability of grassroots leaders to drive change, but NoVo Foundation’s grantee partners are proving them wrong. …


The narrative of Africa rising

15 December 2018
Tony K Ansah Jr

Nowadays, the narrative of ‘Africa Rising’ is gaining popularity. According to this narrative the African continent is emerging and progressing …


Cause for concern: A World AIDS Day account of philanthropic funding

29 November 2018
John Barnes

In our report, published in the lead up to World AIDS Day 2018, Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) finds that …


Uncovering the impact potential of Islamic finance in Asia

15 November 2018
Sarah Hussain and Patsian Low

As the mainstream capital markets and sustainable development movement converge, the silos that represent types of funding are breaking down …


Going it together: Making the hard work of systems change easier by collaborating

21 October 2018
Joanne Schneider

Funder collaboration has long been viewed as a useful tool; and now, based on a new report by Rockefeller Philanthropy …


Innovative new intermediaries add to the picture of philanthropy in Brazil

3 September 2018
Leonardo Letelier and Luiza Serpa

‘Caroline, I think you missed a couple of things in your last working paper …’ ‘Oh, did I? Good, excellent …


Partnering with Latin American civil society to make an impact

29 August 2018
Gastón Chillier

A few weeks ago, the latest edition of The State of Global Giving by U.S. Foundations was released. The report …