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Olga Tarasov

Analysis Birce Altay, Alina Porumb, Hanna Stähle, Olga Tarasov, Vinzenz Himmighofen, Alexandra Stef, Francesca Mereta and Alina Shenfeldt 22 January 2024

What’s possible when infrastructure has infrastructure? PEX as a container to practice the future of philanthropy

“What if?” is the guiding question for visionary communities to take organisations, sectors and societies forward. This question took European philanthropy infrastructure organisations on a journey of prototyping an infrastructure for philanthropy networks – can …

Opinion Heather Grady, Caroline Suozzi and Olga Tarasov 6 November 2023

Philanthropy’s crossroads: Navigating dilemmas to champion systemic change

As philanthropy grapples with weighty questions about its responsibility and role in addressing systemic issues, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and the Shifting Systems Initiative are diving deeper into issues the initiative has explored since its inception …