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Hanna Stähle

Conference reports Hanna Stähle 22 May 2023

Futures literacy, or how we think about tomorrow today

‘Imagine possible’, reads an advertisement on a large-scale banner when I am passing the security check to the central hall of the Brussels airport. Coloured in intense, deep ocean blue, the ad immediately catches my …

Conference reports Hanna Stähle 16 December 2020

Building back better is not enough. Is collaboration the answer?

At this year’s C Summit, a Europe-wide congress for corporate foundations, social investors, advisors and philanthropy networks, we challenged ourselves to think tomorrow today and how we can find solutions to address deep-seated fragilities and …

Conference reports Hanna Stähle 7 November 2019

Future is happening now: digital transformation and its impact on giving

While there are still discussions whether digital technology is essentially good or bad for philanthropy and charity, it has long been part of our everyday lives. A wide range of non-profits use social media for …

Analysis Hanna Stähle 1 October 2019

FOCUS: Philanthropy – A snap shot of how foundations across Europe create positive stories in people’s lives

‘I don’t look like most Slovak women, but my otherness is not essential. What is important is what kind of human being I am,’ reads a story shown at the festival FJUZN in Bratislava organised …

Conference reports Hanna Stähle 10 July 2019

‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.’ Research on philanthropy amidst public scrutiny and criticism

When I arrive in Basel to attend the 2019 ERNOP conference, I am puzzled by the peace, undisturbed tranquillity and calm beauty that surrounds me – what a contrast to hectic, busy Berlin these days. …

Conference reports Hanna Stähle 24 May 2019

How can philanthropy live up to the values of liberté, égalité and fraternité in today’s fragile world?

While I am writing these lines, the melody of the Anthem of Europe, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, reverberates in my head. ‘O friends, no more of these sounds! Let us sing more cheerful songs, more songs of …