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Florencia Roitstein

Analysis Florencia Roitstein 4 December 2023

De-NGOsation: the re-foundation of the heart of civil society

‘We do not want to be part of the system that has generated social injustice, the climate crisis, and violence against women. We want to create new ways to advance our objectives, new ways to …

Opinion 2 Florencia Roitstein and Andrés Thompson 25 April 2022

MacKenzie Scott upsets the apple cart of Latin American philanthropy

Hundreds of thousands of women across Latin America are demanding their rights and taking their own steps to transform their living conditions. They take victims of domestic violence women into their own homes; they create …

Conference reports Florencia Roitstein 26 November 2019

Please, walk your talk this time

As in almost every conference, the juiciest conversations and exchanges take place during coffee breaks and small groups discussions. People feel freer and more creative in informal settings.  During the two vibrant days attending the …

Analysis Florencia Roitstein 14 May 2019

Philanthropy is about generosity, not self-redemption at taxpayers’ expense

A major fire has engulfed the medieval cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, one of France’s most famous landmarks. The French President Emmanuel Macron called for donations for reconstruction and a number of French billionaires …

Opinion Florencia Roitstein 8 March 2019

Women are leading a new wave of philanthropy across Latin America

We’re in a very critical moment in our region’s history. Women feel, more than ever before, motivated to share their stories about the role of philanthropy in activism, which has been difficult to talk about. …

Analysis 2 Florencia Roitstein 10 October 2017

Latin America: sharing philanthropy, not hoarding wealth

Buenos Aires, Argentina Latin America remains the most unequal region in the world. In 2014, the richest 10 per cent kept 71 per cent of the region’s wealth. If this trend continues, according to Oxfam’s …