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Andrés Thompson

Opinion Andrés Thompson 24 December 2022

The dilemmas of philanthropy: to be or not to be? to do or not to do?

For some time now, because of research we have conducted on philanthropy and gender in Latin America, I have noticed several warning signs in the field of institutional philanthropy in our region. These are simply …

Opinion Andrés Thompson 24 August 2022

Part or counterpart? The trick of power

The question of ‘part or counterpart’ came to me after a presentation where a group of progressist donors explained the impacts their small donations had on beneficiary groups, without speaking about how the contributions of …

Opinion 2 Florencia Roitstein and Andrés Thompson 25 April 2022

MacKenzie Scott upsets the apple cart of Latin American philanthropy

Hundreds of thousands of women across Latin America are demanding their rights and taking their own steps to transform their living conditions. They take victims of domestic violence women into their own homes; they create …

Opinion Andrés Thompson 21 May 2021

Shifting the power in Chile: what role for philanthropy?

It has been almost 50 years ago since the democratic process in Chile was interrupted by a military coup with the support from the United States. Soon after, it was a period of resistance, of …