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Impact investment networks partner to protect Amazon rainforest

24 September 2022
Alliance magazine

In Latin America, three impact networks representing thousands of investors have announced a new partnership to mobilise financial resources for …


Porn is an un-recognised link in the harm chain of the commercial sex industry

23 September 2022
Gail Dines

There has been a highly successful public relations campaign by the porn industry to dissociate itself from other aspects of …


Advancing philanthropy by advancing knowledge

22 September 2022
Amir Pasic

Indiana’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy has launched a professional doctorate in philanthropic leadership – the first degree of its …


Foundations and trade unions: a plea to philanthropy

21 September 2022
Keiran Goddard

Let’s start with a plain statement: the systems, orthodoxies and assumptions of neoliberal capitalism have failed. Arguably, this has been …


Investing in community organising nourishes social movements from the ground up

20 September 2022
Martha Mackenzie

In the wake of our collective global reckoning with racial and economic justice two years ago, Alliance magazine asked how …

Conference reports

View philanthropy as a borderless endeavour

20 September 2022
Atti Worku

Looking back on the Brazilian Philanthropy Forum 2022 brings me a sense of joy and excitement. When IDIS invited me …

Conference reports

Collaboration, capacity, and change at the 2022 Brazil Philanthropy Forum

20 September 2022
Agustín Landa

After three years since the last national reunion, the philanthropic sector of Brazil came together on 15 September in Sao …


New £3m fund for communities resisting racial injustice

19 September 2022
Alliance magazine

The Baobab Collective Fund is a new £3 million fund to grow, sustain, and strengthen Black and Global Majority communities …


Global South Impact Community sends message to G20 leaders

18 September 2022
Alliance magazine

Post Covid-19, global leaders must leverage catalytic capital and build a new growth model inclusive of the Global South. That …

Conference reports

SwissFoundations Symposium: Perspectives to build upon

17 September 2022
Katharina Guggi

Foundations are predestined to help quickly and unbureaucratically in crises. To make this possible in the long term, the Swiss …


Within our culture of violence, normalizing sex buying as freedom begs another look

16 September 2022
Panagiota Caralis

As millions of Ukrainian women and children are forced to flee their homes in hopes of surviving Russia’s war, they …


Clean air: a game-changing solution still hidden in plain sight

15 September 2022
Jane Burston

It can feel cliched to talk about win-win solutions these days, but air pollution genuinely merits the label. It stands out …