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What practicing corporate law taught me about philanthropy

10 May 2022
Conniel Malek

I walked away from the corporate world after a decade of practicing law at a multinational business, and I never …


Funders and charities should be equal players in a collective effort

9 May 2022
Ben Cairns and Kamna Muralidharan

In response to recent exchanges in Alliance magazine about the nature and efficacy of trust based philanthropy, we join the …


Business of Philanthropy: Shayma Al Sabah

8 May 2022
Alliance magazine

In a recent episode of the Business of Philanthropy, Badr Jafar, Emirati philanthropist and Founding Patron of the Centre for …


Call to funders: Support democracy by investing $6bn in feminist movements

7 May 2022
Alliance magazine

A new report from Shake the Table and The Bridgespan Group has highlighted the untapped potential of feminist movements, calling …


Chronicle of Philanthropy to become nonprofit organisation

6 May 2022
Alliance magazine

Chronicle of Philanthropy, a publication that reports on the American philanthropy sector, has announced plans to become an independent nonprofit …


Funding programme will support feminist, community activists in Latin America

5 May 2022
Alliance magazine

Community, feminist, and transgender-led NGOs based in Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru, working to respond to risks and challenges …


What could Elon Musk’s Twitter bid mean for philanthropy?

4 May 2022
Rhodri Davies

Elon Musk’s penchant for publicity stunts, deliberately provocative statements and picking fights has made him a magnet for media attention. …


Interview: How a Ukraine-based charity supporting people with disabilities is operating under war

3 May 2022
Olena Skachkova

Perspectiva 21.3 is a Ukrainian charity organization that protects the interest of people with intellectual disabilities. Their key project is …


Green growth: Environmental philanthropy in China

2 May 2022
Angel Chiang

While China has achieved momentous success in expanding its economy and generating wealth over the last decade, this has come …


We practice trust-based philanthropy. Here’s what it looks like

1 May 2022
Lauren Janus and Janell Johnson

Recently, Simon Sommer of the Jacobs Foundation in Switzerland wrote a critique of the practice of trust-based philanthropy (TBP), a …


‘The African philanthropy sector is thriving’: East Africa giving report

30 April 2022
Alliance magazine

Deep roots of traditional giving in Africa have evolved significantly in recent years from a largely informal nature to an …


Economic crisis slows Ramadan giving in Arab region

29 April 2022
Alliance magazine

Throughout the Arab region, individuals and foundations have been observing Ramadan both by fasting and increasing their charitable giving in …