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UK foundations measure themselves with ACF’s Stronger Foundations tool

10 July 2021
Alliance magazine

A new report from ACF compiling data from more than 50 charitable foundations using the Stronger Foundations self-assessment tool has …


Funders must centre community-led work to achieve meaningful change

9 July 2021
Alliance magazine

A recent report from the Firelight Foundation explores the concept of community-driven systems change and provides practical guidance for donors. …


Help! I’m being bullied by an ex-colleague

8 July 2021

Dear Regi, I’m being bullied by an ex-colleague, who incidentally has left the organisation in breach of their legal contract. …


Climate Funders Justice Pledge signatories are resourcing BIPOC-led groups at higher percentage than peers

7 July 2021
Alliance magazine

New data released by the Donors of Color Network finds that most foundations who have taken its Climate Funders Justice …


Enough is enough: why it’s time to independently and publicly rate foundations

6 July 2021
Danielle Walker Palmour

There is something wrong at the heart of philanthropy in the UK. On one hand, a range of recent reports …


Technology and the democratisation of philanthropy

5 July 2021
Cor Hoekstra

The philanthropic community has truly world-changing financial resources. Imagine if its technology infrastructure were equally robust. As a small-scale philanthropist, …


Hewlett Foundation appoints new director of its Effective Philanthropy Group

4 July 2021
Alliance magazine

The Hewlett Foundation has appointed Jehan Velji as its new Director of its Effective Philanthropy Group. Velji is a philanthropy …


Volunteers are a crucial resource that philanthropy can help cultivate

3 July 2021
Vipul Chawla

The significance of volunteer work as a collective action is crucial for societal upliftment. Volunteers act like fuel to the …


Wellcome Trust plans to bring £29 billion endowment to net zero by 2050

2 July 2021
Elika Roohi

The Wellcome Trust has announced a strategy to bring its £29 billion endowment, invested in shares, hedge funds, private equity, …


Co-Impact announces new $1 billion Gender Fund

1 July 2021
Alliance magazine

Co-Impact has announced a new Gender Fund that aims to raise and deploy $1 billion. The fund will launch at …


New guidelines for donors highlight how to fund effectively in Pakistan

30 June 2021
Alliance magazine

The Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy has released ‘Giving to Pakistan: Guidelines for Donors’, a report seeking to inspire and support …


MAPLE on Indigenous-led climate work in Chile

29 June 2021
Alliance magazine and International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change

In Chile, the micro-development organisation MAPLE has been working for almost a decade with Mapuche communities to create a sustainable …