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Community Foundations of Canada on innovation and experimentation

21 February 2024
Zibran Choudhury

At PEX Forum 2024, community members hosted intimate group conversations to uncover the uncertainties and dilemmas that sit with them and their communities, encouraging divergence and exploration. One of these discussions was led by Michelle Baldwin and Tim Draimin of Community Foundations of Canada on secondary operating systems for innovation. The terms ‘secondary operating system’ comes from John Kotter’s dual operating systems concept, which proposes a network-like structure operating in parallel with the traditional hierarchical structure. …


Born an Optimist

1 January 2024
Social Investor Magazine

In this exclusive interview, comedian Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, makes the case for rooting out corruption and paying his opportunities forward by investing in education. You grew up in apartheid South Africa — a system that robbed Black people of any opportunity to follow their dreams unless those dreams were down a mine shaft. How do you think about systems change in your own philanthropy?  When looking at issues or problems we sometimes think about …

Conference reports

‘As we fight to end poverty, we also fight to rebuild our African narratives’ – Interview with Coumba Toure

25 October 2023
Tarisai Jangara

In Africa, storytelling is deeply ingrained in our culture and holds immense value. It has always been a vital part of our lives, bringing families and communities together. I have cherished memories of gathering around the fire, sharing stories, laughter, and delicious roasted maize and nuts. It was during these moments that we felt a strong bond and a sense of belonging. So, when I heard about the storytelling session at the WINGS Forum 2023, …

Conference reports

New funds announced at sold-out GSG Global Impact Summit

2 October 2023
Claudia Cahalane

New Spanish impact funds are expected to be announced today at the Global Steering Group’s (GSG) Global Impact Summit 2023 in Malaga. Representatives from more than 60 countries working in the global impact investment sphere, including Argentina, Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria and Turkey will be attending the two-day event running from 2-3 October 2023. The event itself is sold out, with the quickest session to sell being the ‘Masterclass on Demystifying Impact Valuation’. …


Interview: Kore Global’s Emily Boost on learning how to learn

5 June 2023
Caitlin McLoughlin

Learning and evaluation in the philanthropy space can be a hotly contested issue. Oftentimes, the ‘impact’ funders request to see …


Darren Walker and Monica Aleman: we thread the needle as far as we can

30 March 2023
Charles Keidan

Charles Keidan catches up with Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation and Monica Aleman, its International Program Director, Gender, …


Business of Philanthropy: HRH Sultan Nazrin Shah

7 January 2023
Alliance magazine

In a recent episode of the Business of Philanthropy, Badr Jafar, Emirati philanthropist and Founding Patron of the Centre for …


Doug Miller and Naina Subberwal Batra on IVPC’s future

8 December 2022
Andrew Milner

It’s been a long trek since Doug Miller and four others set up the EVPA and it has taken in …


Contributing to SDG7 and learning from each other: IKEA Foundation and Energising Development

2 September 2022
Isabella Lehmann and Anda Ruf

Cross-sectoral partnerships are becoming more important in international development cooperation. With their financial independence and thematic expertise, private foundations and …


Interview: Philanthropy Together’s Tyeshia Wilson says ‘take action now’

1 September 2022
Elika Roohi

Tyeshia Wilson is the Director of Engagement at Philanthropy Together and a Founding Member of HERitage Giving Fund in Houston, …


Interview: Indonesia’s YCAB Foundation on impact and the future of Asian giving

18 August 2022
Andrew Milner

The YCAB Foundation has been a critical part of the philanthropy and social investment landscape in Indonesia for the last …


Impact is more than a buzzword

4 July 2022
Zibran Choudhury

Zibran Choudhury is Communications, Partnerships & Membership Manager at Alliance magazine For more from the Pijar Foundation read Winning Asia’s future, now: Collaborative governance …


The US is threatening abortion access. How can philanthropy be most effective?

25 May 2022
Elika Roohi

With Roe v. Wade on the cusp of being overturned, access to reproductive rights is being threatened across the United …