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An interview with Charles Keidan of Alliance magazine

11 June 2018

Alliance magazine Editor Charles Keidan is interviewed by WINGS to discuss the special feature on philanthropy infrastructure in June 2018 issue guest edited by Benjamin Bellegy and Maria Chertok. 1. Is this the first time Alliance is doing a special feature on philanthropy infrastrusture? Why now? Why is it an important enough topic to feature philanthropy infrastructure in the June edition of Alliance? Alliance has always played close attention to philanthropy infrastructure but this is the first time …


Is impact investing the next big thing for donor-advised funds?

8 April 2018
Alliance magazine

Private foundations have been taking bolder steps toward impact investing in recent years. But with more individuals turning to donor-advised funds (DAFs) to facilitate their giving, how can those funds also be invested today to improve the world? That’s an important and intriguing question I’ve heard from donors and leaders in the philanthropy and impact investing sectors. I spoke with 10 experts to get their thoughts on connecting DAFs and impact investing. Resources To Mobilize Today, …