The Chairman of The Nippon Foundation discusses his legacy and the future of the organisation

In December Alliance digital editor, Charlotte Kilpatrick, had a chance to catch up with the chairman of The Nippon Foundation, Yohei Sasakawa. In the interview, Sasakawa shares highlights some of the foundation’s successes and sets out his ambitions for the future.  

Charlotte Kilpatrick: So the first question actually is not on the list, but it’s fairly simple, could you tell me a bit about the establishment of The Nippon Foundation?

The Nippon Foundation chairman, Yōhei Sasakawa

Yohei Sasakawa: After the war, and especially during that time in Japan there were no foundations or NGO. These are things that were in a way imported from the Western world. However, my father had a strong belief that things that needed doing the government alone were not able to do. He felt there is a strong need for the private sector to step in so that the things would become much more reinforced in order to become a much more matured democratic country.

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