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Does your philanthropy suffer from a scarcity mindset?

Kris Putnam-Walkerly 24 July 2021

Take this short quiz to find out. It’s philanthropy’s Achilles heel. Foundation leaders, donors, professional athletes, corporate executives – all philanthropists – want to be good caretakers of their charitable wealth. They want their assets …

An existential crisis or moment of opportunity: philanthropy in the US and Canada

Annmarie McQueen 20 July 2021

Over the past year and a half, the United States has reckoned with the pandemic, a breakdown of race relations, rising wealth inequality, the looming threat of climate change and a disorderly transition of power. …

Heading for the Exit? 5 considerations for funders from collective conversations

Sharon Bissell, Michael Jarvis and Richard Christel 17 July 2021

Funder exits are inevitable – whether as a result of a foundation’s strategic realignment, a shift in priority countries, budget cuts, poor portfolio performance, or, in the worst-case scenario, opaque top-down decisions. No surprise then …

We need nothing short of an overhaul to our global health system: Priti Krishtel on vaccine equity

Alliance magazine 15 July 2021

Priti Krishtel (@pritikrishtel) is a co-founder and a co-executive director of the Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge (@IMAKGlobal). She speaks to Alliance about equity in vaccines distribution, and how philanthropy can intervene for better …

Act now or the future will be artless

Laura Merage 12 July 2021

I don’t remember art hanging on the walls of my childhood home in Iran. I learned later in life that many members of my family were creative, but at the time it felt like art …