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Collective giving a growing force in US philanthropy

Shafi Musaddique 11 April 2024

Collective giving is on the rise as a growing force in US philanthropy, suggesting that it can move resources in ways that traditional philanthropy does not.  That’s according to a new report released by the …

Latinos are redefining giving with love, culture, and power at the core

Sara Lomelin and Anais Amaya 9 April 2024

Giving and generosity are about love, caring for others, and connecting. Traditional philanthropy, however, has often overlooked women, communities of color, and marginalized communities. Too often, we hear stories from Latinos who share with us …

Using regenerative finance to address the yawning US racial wealth gap

Erika Williams 2 April 2024 For Subscribers

For every $100 in wealth held by white households in the U.S, Black households hold only $15, according to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s 2022 Survey of Consumer Finances. ‘Centuries of discrimination in public policy, financial …