Conference reports Maximilian Martin 12 May 2022

Clarity, convergence, voice: philanthropy’s emerging after-war paradigm

On 25-28 April, Fondation de France and the University of Geneva, Centre for Philanthropy, hosted a three-day seminar, titled ‘a journey towards the European philanthropy of tomorrow’. When foundations that jointly allocate well over one …

Conference Alliance magazine 12 May 2022

Today’s Fight for Open Society

News Alliance magazine 11 May 2022

Report: How donors can help Ukrainian refugees who are at increased trafficking risk

People fleeing the war in Ukraine, mainly women and children, are extremely vulnerable to an increased risk of sexual and labour exploitation, a new report commissioned by the Freedom Fund has said. Sounding the alarm …

Analysis Tanaya Jagtiani and Rachita Vora 10 May 2022 For Subscribers

Barriers to talking about nonprofit failures and how to overcome them

In the commercial world, it’s trendy to talk about failing fast and often – and recovering faster. Young companies are constantly pivoting and iterating their products, services, and business models. The business world recognises that …

Opinion 3 Conniel Malek 10 May 2022

What practicing corporate law taught me about philanthropy

I walked away from the corporate world after a decade of practicing law at a multinational business, and I never looked back. I dove into the philanthropic space with curiosity, passion, and a thirst to …

Conference Alliance magazine 9 May 2022

Barriers and Opportunities – Exploring the Journeys of Women Leaders in Africa

Opinion Ben Cairns and Kamna Muralidharan 9 May 2022

Funders and charities should be equal players in a collective effort

In response to recent exchanges in Alliance magazine about the nature and efficacy of trust based philanthropy, we join the founders of the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project in encouraging all funders to ‘look beyond the headlines …

Conference Alliance magazine 9 May 2022

New frontiers in funding, philanthropy and investment

Interview Alliance magazine 8 May 2022

Business of Philanthropy: Shayma Al Sabah

In a recent episode of the Business of Philanthropy, Badr Jafar, Emirati philanthropist and Founding Patron of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at the University of Cambridge speaks with Shayma Al Sabah, Founder of Give. …

News Alliance magazine 7 May 2022

Call to funders: Support democracy by investing $6bn in feminist movements

A new report from Shake the Table and The Bridgespan Group has highlighted the untapped potential of feminist movements, calling them ‘powerhouses for social change’. To support these movements, the report’s authors call on philanthropy …