Conference Alliance magazine 13 June 2024

Global Philanthropy Forum 2025

Opinion Nidhi Sahni and Jimmie Briggs 13 June 2024

This Father’s Day let’s support men in their role as fathers

For philanthropy to realize the change it seeks—from climate to livelihoods and from health to economic empowerment—it must address the systems that lock all people into gendered norms, narratives, and policies that stand in the …

Conference Report Alliance magazine 12 June 2024

Philea Forum 2024: Trust and Philanthropy

In an era marked by the ongoing erosion of public trust in established institutions and growing demands for democracy, equality, climate action and social justice, the conference offered a space for philanthropy practitioners to share …

Conference reports Deirdre Treacy 12 June 2024

Trust is the air that we breathe

Having spent the past two years delving into the nuances of trust in non-profit-donor relationships as a part of my PhD journey with Technical University Dublin and Dublin Simon Community, I welcomed the opportunity to …

Conference reports Marta Garbarino 12 June 2024

Building trust and investing in relationship infrastructure for rights movements

‘Trust is the currency all philanthropic transactions are based on’ stated Philea CEO Delphine Moralis at the 2024 Forum in Ghent. Her words set a pragmatic tone for three days of dynamic exchanges where foundations, …

Conference reports Alanya Dhalla 12 June 2024

Trust, interconnectedness, and the climate sector

I left this year’s Philea forum reflecting on the importance of trust and the challenges of silos within philanthropy and the social sector. Over the course of the forum, sessions and panellists showcased the interconnectedness …

Conference reports Ame Trandem 12 June 2024

Movements are critical for building trust 

The Plastic Solutions Fund is a new Philea member, and at this, our first Philea Forum, my colleagues and I were excited to dive into the theme of “Trust and Philanthropy.” Trust is at the …

Conference reports Amy McGoldrick 12 June 2024

What it means to talk about conflict

Alliance’s readers chose How should independent philanthropy engage in contexts of conflict and crisis? as its poll winner – an interesting choice, as an estimated 110 conflicts rage across the world. This fishbowl session was …

Conference reports Amy McGoldrick 12 June 2024

‘The miracle of Europe’

In beautiful but stormy Ghent, Belgium – sat in the beautiful and ornate theatre room of Viernulvier, I sat and waited for the first session of the day: Safeguarding democratic values: Breaking the silos of …

Conference reports Elaine Stabler 12 June 2024

Is philanthropy rock and roll?

Under the title of ‘Trust and Philanthropy’, the 2024 Philea Forum sought to answer two pressing questions: how can philanthropic organisations build and maintain trust in the eyes of their beneficiaries? And how can they …