WINGS – WINGS puts its 2007-10 strategy into operation

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WINGS is beginning to put its new three-year strategy into operation. By the time this edition of Alliance appears, it will have held the first in a new series of peer learning events for the senior staff of grantmaker support organizations and associations. Sixteen participants from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America will come together for Communication Strategies for Grantmaker Associations, in Boston, USA.

The general focus is on the ongoing communications challenges that face grantmaker support organizations of all stages and sizes. More specifically, the meeting will consider examples of creative approaches to communication and knowledge management; how an association can take full advantage of cutting edge technology while balancing the needs of any members who don’t have such technology; and how an association can best use communication channels to raise awareness and link its members with emerging issues in philanthropy, locally and internationally. A full write-up of the event will be available from the WINGS website in early 2008.

In December, the Aktive Bürgerschaft eV (Active Citizenship Association, Germany) will visit Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) as part of a new one-to-one exchange programme. The programme will include structured meetings and working sessions with CFC President Monica Patten and Jane Humphries, Director of Organization and Professional Development, and other CFC staff and volunteers, as well as meetings with local community foundations and other relevant agencies.

Work is also under way on the 2008 Global Status Report on Community Foundations, led by a WINGS working group and US-based researcher Eleanor Sacks. The working group is chaired by Jane Humphries of CFC, and includes Bernardino Casadei (Assifero – Association of Italian Foundations and Grantmaking Organizations); Donnell Mersereau (Council of Michigan Foundations, US); and Boris Strecansky (Centre for Philanthropy, Slovak Republic).

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