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Opinion William Schambra 24 June 2013

Needed: More lively and critical debate in the non-profit sector

Nonprofit Quarterly can be harsh from time to time. Sometimes it makes people feel… well, uncomfortable. One of philanthropy’s more astute observers, Cindy Gibson, contributed a terrific op-ed to the current Chronicle of Philanthropy. It opens like this: ‘Everybody …

Opinion William Schambra 27 March 2013

In the fight over big vs. small government, philanthropy has forgotten the poor

Philanthropy’s standing with the policymakers in Washington, DC, has reached an all-time low. A prime reason foundations have earned that status is that they have lost sight of their primary obligation to support the poor. …

Special feature William Schambra 1 April 2008

A more humble philanthropy?

One may applaud all the philanthropic accomplishments listed by Joel Fleishman, yet still come away wondering: ‘Is that all there is?’ Public radio, the 911 emergency response system, and so forth are all worthy achievements. …