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Jo Andrews

News Jo Andrews 1 December 2010

Ariadne portal for European human rights funders

I was in Amsterdam recently at the first meeting of donors setting up Ariadne Netherlands – five Dutch grantmakers who fund in the fields of human rights and social justice. We looked round the table. …

Book review Jo Andrews 1 June 2007

Great Philanthropic Mistakes – Martin Morse Wooster

Detecting failure in the field of philanthropy is hard. The intense sensitivity and lack of transparency surrounding most grant givers makes it a specialist skill. It reminds me of the story of the thoughtful Russian …

Analysis Jo Andrews 1 June 2006

A small but telling weight in the balance of a country’s future

Last November I was standing in a dark corridor in a shabby building on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Down one side of the corridor sat a line of women, young and …

Analysis Jo Andrews 1 June 2005

The Sigrid Rausing Trust ten years on – From wide angle to narrow focus

The Sigrid Rausing Trust celebrates its tenth anniversary this summer. Since it was set up in 1995 it has become one of the UK’s largest grantmakers, giving away over £55 million in all. It is …

Special feature Jo Andrews 1 September 2004

A piece of the puzzle

Worldwide, there is an astonishing lack of interest and money specifically committed to helping women. The results of this neglect by funders and governments have been little short of catastrophic in an era when there …