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All Aboard for Practices That Matter

Foundation Center 25 August 2014

This post first appeared on the Foundation Center’s GrantCraft blog. GrantCraft, a service of the Foundation Center, taps the practical wisdom of funders to develop free resources for the philanthropy sector. It’s a common refrain …

A grand unified theory of effective giving starts with beneficiaries

4 Caroline Fiennes 28 March 2012

‘What do you think of our team?’ asked the chairman of a new foundation. I hesitated, fearing he would dislike my answer. The trustees were experts in only two of their three focus areas; none …

Creating a definition of ‘good’ grassroots grantmaking

1 Kelly Purdy 27 January 2012

On 17 January, Grassroots Grantmakers hosted a webinar entitled ‘Grassroots Grantmaking with an Environmental Lens’ featuring Cheryl King Fischer (executive director, New England Grassroots Environmental Fund) Tim Little (executive director and co-founder, Rose Foundation/Northern California Grassroots …

Giving poorly can be worse than not giving at all

Paul Penley 14 December 2011

What if your donation to fight human trafficking paid the salary of a human trafficker? What if your donation to support widowed law enforcement families went to a felon’s bank account? What if your child …