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International giving analysis finds no significant link between a number of taxation measures and the amount people donate to charity

Alliance magazine 3 February 2016

Government spending and overall tax burden appear to bear no significant correlation to how much money people in a country give to charity, according to new international data analysis by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) …

Future World Giving: a positive narrative on the future of global philanthropy

Adam Pickering 19 March 2013

What do the momentous social changes around the world mean for the future of giving? We are living through a time of monumental social change: the world’s global middle classes are set to grow by 165 …

CAF welcomes Potanin’s decision to give all his wealth to charity

Alliance magazine 4 February 2010

Vladimir Potanin,  the famous Russian businessman has decided to donate all his wealth to philanthropic purposes over the next ten years. CAF has been working in Russia since 1993 playing an instrumental role in growing …

Michael Brophy wins leadership prize in 2009 UK Charity Awards

Caroline Hartnell 24 June 2009

People often ask me what Michael Brophy is doing these days. I am delighted now to have something very positive to offer in this regard as Michael was recently honoured with the Outstanding Leadership Award …