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Community philanthropy

What’s next for community philanthropy?

Jenny Hodgson 8 July 2014

First published on the Global Fund for Community Foundations blog. It is appropriate (and no doubt deliberate) that the launch of the ‘What’s Next for Community Philanthropy?’ toolkit has come in 2014, a year that …

Donors and grantees: where do the boundaries lie?

Jenny Conrad 26 November 2013

The recent issue of Alliance looking at philanthropy and power raised some very interesting points about the relationship between charities and their funders. In his editorial on ‘The power of money’, Stephen Pittam mentioned that …

EDGE Funders poses the big questions

Niamani Mutima 28 May 2013

The EDGE Funders Alliance Just Giving conference asked the questions: what is to be done and how do we do it? Current trends in philanthropy that encourage more focus on investing philanthropic resources to maximize …

Who do you think should win the Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize?

1 Alliance magazine 5 March 2013

The shortlist for the Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize was announced on Friday 1 March. Whittling a staggering 41 extremely impressive entries down to a list of 18 eligible candidates and just seven finalists (or eight, …

Focus on maximizing philanthropic resources as Arab Foundations Forum meets in Cairo

1 Elie Abouaoun 25 September 2012

The Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) organized its 2012 annual meeting in Cairo, Egypt from 16 to 18 September to explore ways of maximizing philanthropic resources in times of change and austerity. Around 170 delegates, including …