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Data collection

Clinton and Gates Foundations join forces to track women’s development gains

Alliance magazine 19 February 2014

On 13 February the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a new partnership to gather and analyse data about the status of women and girls’ participation around …

Philanthropy’s data dilemma

3 Bradford Smith and Foundation Center 26 July 2012

When McKinsey & Co. released its seminal study Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity, the firm confidently predicted that the world was ‘on the cusp of a tremendous wave of innovation, …

Philanthropy’s unanswerable question(s)?

1 Bradford Smith and Foundation Center 17 February 2012

Q: Exactly how much do America’s foundations spend each year to benefit Hispanic and Latino populations? A: We don’t really know. As president of the Foundation Center, I should have a better answer, especially for …

Russian Donors Forum presents the first Report on Institutional Philanthropy in Russia

3 CAF Russia 25 November 2011

The report is the first attempt of its kind to capture a comprehensive picture of foundations in Russia. It combines statistical data, results of quantitative and qualitative research, expert opinions on the environment for foundations …

Stories and data in our times

Lucy Bernholz 25 August 2011

Lately I’ve been thinking about how massive databases might change how we think about ‘anecdotal’ evidence. You know the old trope, ‘The plural of anecdote is not data’. But maybe it could become so. With …