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Preserving Donor Intent: Control versus Continuity

Alliance magazine 19 June 2014

Founders of private foundations are often concerned that one day, the foundation they created will stray from its original philanthropic mission. To minimize this possibility, some individuals purposefully structure their private foundations to ensure that …

Surging or not surging? What’s the truth about giving by the rich?

Alliance magazine 21 February 2014

Gifts Surge From the Wealthiest U. S. Donors reported the Chronicle of Philanthropy on 9 February. The Chronicle’s ranking of the 50 donors who give the most to charitable causes shows that the wealthy contributed …

New report from NPC suggest ten ways to get the rich to give more

Alliance magazine 3 March 2011

Charities rely heavily on donations from wealthy individuals, but in the UK those individuals are not as generous as they might be. The richest 10 per cent of donors give only 1.1 per cent of …