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EVPA Annual Conference 2016

Venture philanthropy and the Paris Agreement

Andrew Milner 8 November 2016

‘What is venture philanthropy’s role in the emerging climate financing landscape after the Paris Agreement?’ Well, it’s long but at least you won’t be able to say you went to the wrong session because the title was …

Migration and refugee crisis: Is venture philanthropy reactive enough?

Andrew Milner 8 November 2016

The short answer to this is probably ‘no’ and the long answer would probably have been the same, though the session didn’t in the end address it. Instead, three panellists presented the projects they were …

Learning from failures

Andrew Milner 8 November 2016

It’s something that’s often talked about but seldom done in practice, especially in an open session. At EVPA 2016, three funders humbly gave examples their organization’s previous failings and then drew on the lessons learnt. …