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EVPA founders interview: Serge Raicher

Serge Raicher 12 November 2019

Serge Raicher is still involved in the social investment world, but as an individual, rather than as part of any formal structure. I saw part of my final role as chair of EVPA as being …

EVPA founders interview: Luciano Balbo

Luciano Balbo 12 November 2019

Luciano Balbo founded Oltre Venture, which is raising funds for social investment in Italy. Oltre Venture is a member of EVPA, Luciano continues to have personal contacts with the founders and with people currently on …

EVPA founders interview: Michiel de Haan

Michiel de Haan 12 November 2019

Michiel de Haan is GP of Aescap Venture, a life science venture capital company in the exit phase of its remaining portfolio of three biotech companies. He is also actively involved with two VP  equity …

EVPA founders interview: Stephen Dawson

Stephen Dawson 12 November 2019

As well as being one of the founders of EVPA, Stephen Dawson co-founded Impetus Trust in the UK around the same time, with whom he is still involved. He also works with community groups in …

EVPA founders interview: Doug Miller

Doug Miller 12 November 2019

After setting up the EVPA, Doug Miller went on to found sister organisation, AVPN, in Asia and has now set up International Venture Philanthropy Center (IVPC) to spread the concept of venture philanthropy to Africa …