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Financial crisis

UK theatre director resigns because of ‘wrong-headed’ government emphasis on philanthropy

Caroline Hartnell 13 July 2011

There is increasing talk in UK government circles of encouraging philanthropy to step in where government is pulling back. But will it? Not in the view of Nicolas Kent, who announced on 4 July that …

What will philanthropy look like in 2011? Taking stock and looking forward

Strategic Philanthropy 7 December 2010

  As we come to the close of 2010, many of us are reviewing the latest studies and surveys to better understand what philanthropy will look like in 2011. Though most publications agree that the …

Should governments step in to bail out charities?

NPC 21 October 2010

Imagine a large, well-respected charity delivering services to people in desperate need. The sort of charity that everyone knows and loves and, if it didn’t exist, would need to be invented. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, it …

Public funding cuts will challenge UK funders, says NPC

Alliance magazine 19 October 2010

Cuts by the UK’s recently elected coalition government are likely to lead to a drop of between £3.2 billion and £5.1 billion in the income of the country’s non-profit sector, according to a new report …

Goldman giving gets bigger, pay and bonuses bigger still

Alliance magazine 12 November 2009

Goldman Sachs is to increase its charitable giving, setting aside $200 million to nearly double the size of its main foundation. The move would seem to be a response to recent criticisms over the firm’s …