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How do you get funding to the right organizations?

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network 4 September 2014

The first BoP (Bottom of the Pyramid) convention and expo held in Singapore attracted a diverse collection of enterprises from all over the world. The buzz at the sessions was just palpable in terms of …

Radical funding body Edge Fund passes quarter million landmark

Alliance magazine 7 July 2014

The UK-based Edge Fund, which supports grassroots groups aiming at radical social change, has raised its first £250,000. Following the motto ‘radical funding for radical change’, funding decisions are put in the hands of those …

Why is corporate philanthropy being left out?

Lucy de Las Casas 4 May 2011

I find it striking how rarely corporate philanthropy is talked about within the wider funding community. In discussions about funders working together – whether this is collaboration, co-funding or knowledge-sharing – companies are hardly mentioned. …