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Measuring non-profit impact: Five questions determine if you can know a charity’s effectiveness

2 Paul Penley 18 July 2013

Peter Singer’s 2013 TED talk about effective altruism argues for the moral necessity of supporting effective charities. Since most of us would prefer to support charities we know, working on issues we care about, rather than …

Is it time for RISKY goals, not just SMART ones?

Caitlin Stanton 27 June 2013

Assessing impact is a challenge faced by every grantmaker – including those interviewed for a new report, Advancing Human Rights: The State of Global Foundation Grantmaking. Produced by the Foundation Center and the International Human Rights …

Faster, higher, stronger: Olympic lessons for philanthropy

3 Caroline Fiennes 30 July 2012

Coming from ancient Greece, even the word ‘philanthropy’ hints at similarities with the Olympic Games. And there is much which philanthropists, donors, charities and those of us who support and guide them can learn from …