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Three essentials for accelerating funder collaboration

Lisa Philp 30 March 2012

Funder collaboration. Like Mom and apple pie, it’s something we can all rally around. But anyone who has worked as a grantmaker knows that it’s harder than it sounds. We all work within different contexts …

Getting it right at the GEO conference in Seattle

Albert Ruesga 13 March 2012

Is grantmaking getting smarter? According to a survey recently released by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO), the answer appears to be ‘not by much’ – or at least not fast enough. Last conducted in 2008, this …

Grantmaker or grantseeker – where are the boundaries?

1 Vanessa Meachen and Philanthropy Australia 9 February 2012

  ‘Blurred boundaries’ is a phrase often used to indicate an erosion of the once-clear line between grantmakers and grantseekers. That demarcation was crystal-clear when I first began working at Philanthropy Australia in the late …

What happens now the money has run out – the challenge for trusts and foundations in the new economy

John Copps 4 January 2012

It has almost become a cliche to say that we are living in ‘interesting’ times – even though when I hear this said about the charity world it usually means something else. But where it is a …

Inspiring impact: how funders can help to make the next decade one of high impact

Tris Lumley 7 December 2011

The word ‘impact’ conjures up everything from passion to frustration, confusion to hostility. It means different things to different people. Many equate it with impact measurement – a rather narrow focus on how to measure …