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GSBI Accelerator program: Vanity metrics and the difference between finding ‘fit’ and finding scale

1 GSBI Accelerator 19 September 2013

For the final part of our series of articles focusing on the GSBI® Accelerator program, we are publishing an interview in which GBSI talked with Mark Straub and Aparna Surendra from Khosla Impact. GSBI: The …

GSBI Accelerator program: Learning to love ‘the McDonald’s of diabetes’

Lynne Anderson 18 September 2013

Even the most experienced Silicon Valley mentors have something to learn from social entrepreneurs building businesses in remote parts of the world. I think that’s why we keep coming back.   The 2013 GSBI® Accelerator …

GSBI Accelerator program: Shucking the Husk

Manoj Sinha 17 September 2013

It turned out to be both a blessing and a challenge to have a good reputation coming in to the GSBI® Accelerator program at Santa Clara University. I had attended this program in 2009, when …