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Crowdfunding healthcare

Lucy Bernholz 23 April 2013

First came GlobalGiving, DonorsChoose and Kiva. These platforms brought crowd giving/lending to new heights. They also represent a trajectory of increasingly narrow area of focus for the platforms – GlobalGiving funds development projects internationally, DonorsChoose …

‘Imagine if Google had to create the internet first before it could operate’

Julia Guren 13 February 2013

The growth of Swasth India, a provider of affordable healthcare services to low-income households in the slums of Mumbai, demonstrates the potential of social enterprise. Sundeep Kapilla and Ankur Pegu established Swasth in 2008 to …

Citibank Nicaragua launches programme to support disadvantaged women

Alliance magazine 27 July 2012

As part of a month-long set of festivities celebrating mothers, Citibank Nicaragua launched in June a programme that offers clients the opportunity to donate to NGOs working with women and children. Help Us Help Others …

The growing role of NGOs in democracies

Elaine Smith and Instituto Geracao 16 December 2011

Everything started with a government financial crisis and quickly became a movement of reform and request for change. I am not talking about the Occupy Wall Street movement nor any other Occupy somewhere else movement, I …