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Hewlett Foundation

Hewlett Foundation launches new initiative to shore up US democracy

Alliance magazine 21 July 2014

It is hard to look at events of the past few years without concluding that democracy in America is in trouble. Surveys routinely find that most Americans think poorly of the federal government and, in …

Interview: Fay Twersky, Hewlett Foundation (£)

Alliance magazine 4 July 2014

The philanthropy programme at the Hewlett Foundation is changing. Fay Twersky, director of its Effective Philanthropy Group, tells Caroline Hartnell how and why. She talks about Hewlett’s new emphasis on ‘two-way openness’ and collaboration and …

Hewlett Foundation changes direction of effective philanthropy programme

Alliance magazine 24 March 2014

•    According to an article published on 23 March by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the board of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the US’s fourth-wealthiest grantmaker, last week voted to phase out an eight-year, …

Evaluation at the Hewlett Foundation

Lucy Bernholz 12 February 2013

  The Hewlett Foundation recently posted an internal working paper on evaluation on its website. I love this – an internal working paper posted on an external website (helloo, sharing!)

 The paper is well worth …