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High Net Worth Individuals

Emerging Societies, Emerging Philanthropies International Forum: Starting dialogue about donor education

Maria Chertok and CAF Russia 9 July 2013

Emerging philanthropic cultures face many challenges – among them lack of tradition, inadequate legal and fiscal environment – and at the same time have lots of opportunities. Growing local high net worth donors is an …

Financial advisors: crucial to philanthropy’s growth

1 Paul Penley 3 April 2013

Why don’t the wealthy give more? Because they want the money, says a 2013 SEI Private Wealth Management survey of individuals representing families worth $10 million or more. The top two reasons for not giving …

Philanthropy in Spain… but… does that exist?

1 Maria Palomares Arenas 7 March 2013

I have only recently started working at Calala, the first women’s fund to be created in Spain, and I have to admit that entering this world has been quite a discovery for me. I come …

There is nothing like a Dame!

Vanessa Meachen and Philanthropy Australia 12 December 2012

During the past week the word ‘philanthropy’ has appeared frequently in the headlines of Australian media – more than it’s generally used in an entire year. It was not for any of the reasons the …

Impact investing looks ready to fly, so what’s the problem?

1 Celso Grecco 29 October 2012

16-18 October 2012, SEWF – Social Enterprise World Forum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. An event hosted by NESsT, with 180 speakers and 650 delegates from 30 countries. Three whole days dedicated to discussing impact investing. …

The Meaning of Mark Zuckerberg’s Philanthropy

Sean Stannard-Stockton 8 October 2010

Once upon a time, financially successful people spent the bulk of their lives working and then, after they retired, they would ‘give back’ some of what they had earned in the form of philanthropy. Their …