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Up for Grabs: addressing the impacts of land grabbing on women

2 Kim Jessen Roberson 29 February 2012

Land grabbing threatens women’s rights across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Two grassroots activists, two grantmakers and a well-known research organization shared their strategies for tackling this injustice at all levels. On 25 January, Global …

Is it possible to shift philanthropy practice from the middle?

Hilda Vega 23 February 2012

Last month I attended the International Human Rights Funders Group conference in San Francisco, which began with a day-long institute on cultural competency in grantmaking titled ‘What’s Power Got To Do With It?’. The training …

Human rights funders and peace and security funders discuss changing political context

Strategic Philanthropy 26 April 2011

Every two years, members of the International Human Rights Funders Group and the Peace and Security Funders Group meet in Washington DC for a Federal Policy Briefing. This short conference is designed to help donors …

George Soros Takes a Risk

Bradford Smith and Foundation Center 18 October 2010

Philanthropy is innovative, invests in long-term solutions, and take risks, right? Isn’t that what we always say when called on to explain why foundations should be independent, free from excessive regulation, and not told how …

A world view based on the idea of ‘imperfect understanding’

Caroline Hartnell 15 September 2010

Reading an interview with George Soros in the Baltimore Sun of 11 September,  part of a plethora of media coverage linked to Soros’s $100 million donation to Human Rights Watch last week, I was struck by the …

Soros gives massive $100 million donation to Human Rights Watch

Alliance magazine 14 September 2010

Billionaire financier and philanthropist, George Soros is to donate $100 million to Human Rights Watch (HRW) over the next ten years. ‘Human rights is a cause that I am deeply committed to and Human Rights …