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Information sharing

Just published: interview with Anasuya Sengupta of the Wikimedia Foundation

Caroline Hartnell 9 October 2013

Like practically everyone else I know, I’m a regular user of Wikipedia, and I have often marvelled at the thought of all those thousands of people writing and editing Wikipedia entries. I still don’t know …

Evaluation at the Hewlett Foundation

Lucy Bernholz 12 February 2013

  The Hewlett Foundation recently posted an internal working paper on evaluation on its website. I love this – an internal working paper posted on an external website (helloo, sharing!)

 The paper is well worth …

Data dividends

Lucy Bernholz 22 August 2012

Have you heard of the design company Threadless? You may know it as a t-shirt company. Or the former home of the Obama campaign’s current CTO, Harper Reed. Or you may never have heard of …