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Philanthropy Australia Conference 2016

Impacting investing: the future of philanthropy?

Amanda Miller 4 October 2016

The theme of the recent Philanthropy Australia conference was ‘Evolution or Revolution – Is Philanthropy Future Ready?’ Although the overall conclusion seemed to be that it is not yet future ready, it was apparent from …

The millennials who don’t want to call themselves philanthropists

Marisa Mandile 3 October 2016

The term philanthropist, it seems, is getting a bad rep. The next generation of philanthropists at this year’s Philanthropy Australia conference made it perfectly clear that they would prefer to be known as ‘change-makers’ or …

Why communities must drive social change

3 Ferdi Hepworth 29 September 2016

As I sat at the Philanthropy Australia conference last week, soaking up the inspiration, a memory kept popping into my head. I was introduced to the concept of social enterprise in 1993, care of my …

Collaboration – one of the fastest moving trends in philanthropy

Sandra Jacobs 27 September 2016

Last week I attended the 2016 Philanthropy Australia conference in Sydney, alongside over 600 Australian and international philanthropists and leaders in the not-for-profit sector. As a relative newcomer to philanthropy, the conference was a veritable …

Is philanthropy future ready?

Squirrel Main 26 September 2016

Yesterday, Philanthropy Australia’s national conference debated, ‘Is philanthropy future-ready?’ What was missing was a definition of ‘ready’. There are two definitions of the adjective: In a suitable state for an action or situation, fully prepared. …