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philanthropy’s promise

Number of those committed to Philanthropy’s Promise doubles in 12 months

Alliance magazine 26 June 2012

Philanthropy’s Promise, the initiative whereby US grantmakers pledge to allocate at least 50 per cent of their grant funding to benefit underserved communities such as the poor, the elderly and LGBTQ citizens, now boasts 125 …

Philanthropy’s Promise: beyond the Giving Pledge

Sean Dobson 17 June 2011

Last week, more than 60 grantmakers from across the US publicly expressed their intention to maximize the effectiveness and impact of their grants by prioritizing the underserved, and substantially supporting advocacy and community organizing. The …

Prompted by Gates, Buffett and NCRP, US foundations adopt Philanthropy’s Promise

Alliance magazine 10 June 2011

Apparently prompted by the much-touted Giving Pledge of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, more than 60 US foundations have set up their own pledge, Philanthropy’s Promise, by which they undertake to channel at least 50 …