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Listening for greater impact: the Constituent Voice

David Bonbright 14 June 2013

At the 2013 CECP corporate philanthropy conference in New York, held 3-5 June, the hook was set early in the session when the room was polled. ‘How many of your companies take customer feedback very …

How do I general support thee, let me count the ways!

Bradford Smith and Foundation Center 2 April 2013

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, I could not resist paraphrasing her famous poem for an appeal to foundations to stop trying to be so unique. But, I promise you, this will be the shortest …

Evaluation of a UNDP/EU/MoCA project and other developments in China

Karla Simon 10 July 2012

An interesting public event was held on 25 June, where I was a presenter, on the evaluation of the Governance for Equitable Development (GED) project sponsored by the EU and UNDP in partnership with the …

Total transparency? Perfect privacy? Beneficial balance?

Vanessa Meachen and Philanthropy Australia 2 May 2012

As part of Australia’s current regulatory reforms, many charities which have not previously had to lodge financial reports will be required to report to the new Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Among these newly …

How impact reporting principles can help funders

Tris Lumley 21 October 2011

Funders today – whether established grantmaking trusts, family foundations or individual philanthropists – are keen to explore how they can offer charities more than money. Financial help is clearly central to grantmaking, but it’s often …