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Can grassroots organizations affect high-level negotiations? Reflections from Rio+20

1 Peter Kostishack 11 July 2012

A telling image of the events surrounding Rio+20 appeared on the front page of the Brazilian newspaper Globo on 19 June. It’s a photo taken outside the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES), its shiny steel …

Rio+20: Key issues and outcomes and thoughts going forward

Mafruza Khan 22 June 2012

If one can accept that mega confabs such as Rio+20 are inevitably about more talks, then the text (outcome) of the negotiating document that was finalized at about 3am on Tuesday 19 June will not …

Rio+20: How philanthropy can support game-changers

Mafruza Khan 20 June 2012

As expected, the official Rio+20 conference and the People’s Summit are vast and challenging to navigate. In addition to these, there are over 500 side events to the official conference. That’s why the orientation webinar (on 11 …

Exciting times for philanthropy in Brazil

Barry Knight 20 April 2012

During the recent GIFE conference in Brazil (26-30 March), someone turned to me and said that the discussions at the conference reminded him of the United States during the 1960s: optimism, energy, openness to doing things …